Discover Your ADDvantage Part 1 with Carol Vincie

In today’s article, which is part one of a two part series, Carol is going to take you behind how many businesses see ADD and ADHD as detrimental to the growth of their business. However, ADHD can be a hugely beneficial. Want to find out how? Keep reading!

If you would like to read the second part of this two-part article at any point, head over to Discover Your ADDvantage Part 2 at the end of this one.

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In today’s article Carol Vincie is going to take you behind how she carried her ADD secret for years before she had the courage to admit it to herself and the people in her life. In reality, ADD was responsible for her success in her corporate career. The characteristics of Hyper Focus, Creativity, High Energy, and Leadership all contributed to the roles she played in all major projects.  Carol spent 25 years in the corporate world. She is the founder of Productivity Tools and Insights, a Solopreneur, Speaker and Author.  So, settle in as Carol will also be sharing with you a list of the positive and negative characteristics many people with ADD / ADHD exhibit and how you can use this to your advantage when building your team or outsourcing.   Learn it, model it and get shit done.   Let’s go!  Hi, I’m Carol Vincie and I am going to take you through the process that I used to uncover my ADDvantages. How do I know so much about this topic? Well here’s a little bit about my history =and the research I did that I want to share with you, because so many people are not aware of the qualities and characteristics of an ADD or ADHD person. The fact that it is talked about as a deficit disorder is frustrating to the entire medical and counselling community. Just as an aside if anybody has a better suggestion, I know the field is open to that!

Since you may not know who I am, I thought I would take a moment to share a little bit about my background, so you can catch up.

I have been a part time solopreneur from the time I was a junior in high school. I was teaching piano lessons to young students so that I could pay for my college tuition.

During my corporate life, where my work week was typically 60 hours a week, I also managed rental real estate properties that I had accumulated and was no longer living in but continued to maintain them for the rental income.

After I started working, and I could afford it, I played tennis both during the winter and in the summer. I'm an avid downhill skier, loving the powder of the Utah snow. My job took me on airplanes on a regular basis, so I spent 25 to 30 days a year skiing west of the Mississippi.

When I became a full-time entrepreneur, I ended up planting 200 ornamental grasses on the property I lived in at the time. Now you may say ‘how does this information relate to the time slot of achieving balance?’ Don’t worry, all will be revealed as we progress through this article!

My topic of discovering your ADDvantage is focused on a couple of the myths that are in the field of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder.

The first one is that it is a male oriented challenge.

The second one is you grow out of it, and it's not an issue as an adult.

And the third one is good parenting will reduce the symptoms.

Now, before you jump out of your chair, let me take a moment to discuss some of the issues in these three subjects. In Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, the hyper is more prevalent in males. Therefore, the male student who's pounding on the desk is more disruptive in the classroom environment. So, the boys get all the attention.

Females tend not to exhibit the hyperactivity. We tend to be shy and daydreamers. So, we make great students. I remember in grammar school sitting next to a boy who would draw during all the classes, and he had exquisite renderings of various automobiles at the time. I'm sure some of his designs have made it into the automobile industry. I on the other hand, would sit there daydreaming looking out of the window. Ideal student, quiet and reserved, not a challenge. What I noticed when I grew up, there was little known about ADD and ADHD. So, it was not a surprise that it wasn't a point of contention or interest by most of the teachers.

A percentage of children do show less symptoms as they age through the teenage years. Risk taking behavior though, is prevalent in both males and females. But primarily the studies, as in most medical studies are 90 plus percent males. And a recent study has revealed that males with ADD and ADHD have a 13-year shorter lifespan. I think there was one woman in the study that I reviewed when I was a volunteer EMT and taught CPR. I would share with the participants that heart disease studies are 91% male, and I made the offhanded comment that always got a chuckle that women outlive men. The parent side of ADD In ADHD is hereditary. So, it is very likely that one or both of your parents, or a close relative like a grandparent or uncle has the characteristics of ADD or ADHD.

The role that parents can play in feeding their children a healthy ADHD diet is really significant in reducing sugar intake. It's part of the diet and I know that's hard, but the symptoms are significantly mitigated as you reduce your sugar intake and increase exercise. You need to make it mandatory and I know that's hard.

We're all in shutdown around the world currently and kids spend a phenomenal amount of time on their cell phones and their tablets. But exercise secretes additional dopamine and brain scans (with the help of current science), have confirmed that our brains are in fact different.

It's not a weakness, the brain structure is actually different, and we secrete less dopamine than the average person. So, exercise secretes additional dopamine. It's why without being aware of the fact that I had ADD, or any of the science behind it, when I had the opportunity and the resources, I was compulsive about the exercise that I included in my schedule. This helped with a lot of relief of the symptoms.

I chose not to take medication; I don't take medication for anything. I chose to use diet and exercise as an alternative and it worked effectively. I had a young man working for me who did some care of an autistic child on weekends to give the parents some relief and he mentioned that he had bought a large bottle of soda and I suggested that maybe he use something else as the drink of choice. The next weekend he came back after spending the weekend with the child and indicated that the behavior was much less erratic, which was a verification on a simple single change, but certainly verification that it's appropriate.

In my next article, I am going to take you through a couple of names that are well known in various industries to help you appreciate the benefits if we focus on the part that are ours. Strengths are significant in achieving outstanding behavior in a cross section of fields and the people I’m going to talk about are excellent role models that we can all learn a lot from.

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