Discover Your ADDvantage Part 2 with Carol Vincie

In today’s article, which is part two of a two part series, Carol Vincie is going to take you further behind how ADHD can be a hugely positive and beneficial ADDvantage to your business. Want to find out which famous celebrities have ADD or ADHD? Keep reading!

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I will first start with the Olympians Simone Biles, the gymnast and Michael Phelps, the swimmer.

Both acknowledge their ADD and I’m not outing anybody here. These are people who have openly discussed it. Michael Phelps got into some inappropriate behavior when he did not have the opportunity to have this structure of a rigorous exercise routine. Everybody knows that it costs a significant amount of money. In terms of endorsements, let’s talk about athletes.

Pete Rose of baseball fame. He was a great player, but he got suspended from baseball for his gambling. He needed that thrill. So, we have to provide ourselves with some way of generating that extra dopamine that we need and hopefully we can find something that's more appropriate. Bubba Watson, if you've ever watched golf on TV, whenever the commentators have to make comments about how Bubba is going to attack the shot that he's about to hit, they are baffled. They have no clue of what he's about to do with the next ball. He is probably the most creative golfer in both the Men's and Women's Professional tour and he talks openly about how difficult it is for him to control the chaos that's going on in his brain at any given time.

Let's talk about performers, Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum. Both have spoken openly about their ADD.

And we have an astronaut, Scott Kelly, who has ADD and actually had very poor school skills, until he read a book about one of the other astronauts which motivated him to take school seriously. He achieved probably the highest level of flight on one of the trips to outer space with business owners.

Here we have a couple of recommendations. Paul is the founder of Kinkos. He offered school supplies to his college roommates and that was what launched his venture with Kinkos, which are now probably international supply stores around the world. David Needleman is the founder of JetBlue Airlines. He took the airline industry into a totally different direction. Long before charter flights, or more economical flight was part of the industry, he had the vision and he's been quoted to say he would not give up his ADHD because of the visionary insights that it gives him. He will put up with some of the other chaotic behaviors in exchange for that! He has also been quoted to say that if there was a magic wand, and I could eliminate that part of my life, I would choose to stay the same way I am right now.

We look at things differently and that is what distinguishes us and allows us to take on new ventures.

Here are some of the positive behaviors that are part of the ADD ADHD package…

Hyper Focus... 

I wrote the first draft of my first book in three weeks. The downside is the mail didn't get open for three weeks, which probably caused some challenges in terms of getting Bills paid!


The guy who started 800 junk comes up with hundreds of ideas in a week. Now that everybody is confined to home, with all of the efforts to entertain ourselves, we're cleaning the attic, the basement, the garage, etc. And at least in the US his commercials have a very entertaining, where you point at something and say make it disappear and his people come and pick it up. The reason that's a benefit, at least here in the US, is that the local trash services have declined taking that much trash because they're just overwhelmed with everybody going through all the accumulation in their household.


I've often been referred to as the Energizer Bunny by some of my colleagues!.


Now I'm going to go back in history a little bit. This is probably before people understood or even had any awareness of ADD or ADHD and that's Thomas Edison. He was quoted as saying ‘I didn't fail 10,000 times. I just found 10,000 solutions that didn't work!’ He had the tenacity to keep at it until he was able to invent an electric light bulb that would work. We're all the beneficiary of that in current society.  

Risk Taker... 

I've already spoken about Pete Rose and his gambling problems. And I mentioned earlier the fact that the life expectancy of males is shorter when you're diagnosed with ADHD by 13 years compared to typical A population with the same demographics. That is frightening and very scary.


​I'm going to refer to Steve Jobs here. How many people have waited in line for days in rain or cold weather, so that they can be the first one on their blog with the latest something or other? Strong leadership and reform are the example I'm going to use here. He repeatedly sent his design team back to the drawing boards when they said the engine that he envisioned was not possible. And now we're all the beneficiary of those vehicles.

During my corporate life, I undertook as many Mission Impossible projects as I could, without understanding my driving force. I was sitting in a briefing at one of the international financial management companies, where all of the top executives were told that they needed to understand the characteristics of ADD and ADHD, so that they could manage the people on their staffs who might have those characteristics. The host of the meeting said, “If you don't understand how to manage these people and keep them content despite their failure to conform, conform to the normal nine to five schedule and they will go work for one of our competitors and we will never catch up”. His comment was that each of us, each one of those people will come up with more great ideas than their entire remaining staff in a lifetime. And that was the moment that I sat in the room and said, ‘Oh my God’.

That's my challenge. That's what's been driving me partially to prove I wasn't stupid, but partially to just use the energy that I had, and the creativity that my deficit provided me.

​And as I look back over the time that I had held this secret, and this pressure, I was amazed. I didn't understand the negative impact of keeping this secret though. My adrenal glands are completely shot. That was the stress and the impact it has had on me. If you asked the people that I first admitted it to, they'd tell you just exactly how in a moment, it was like taking a 20 pound bag of briquettes off my shoulders.

I was coaxed into writing an article for an anthology book about my ADD and the moment that I had to push the button to say publish, I almost deleted the article. My concern was once I let the genie out of the bottle, I would never be able to put it back. I wasn't sure how I would deal with the stress, the exposure, or the vulnerability. It turned out I got very positive response. So, I encourage you to think about that for yourself if you're in a similar situation. Once I got that positive feedback, that article was released for publication in November, the next month.

Between the Christmas and New Year holiday, I turned that article into the backbone of the book that is referred to here, Discover Your ADDVantage. Again, hyper focus. I was determined I wanted was going to get it done and I did still need some modifications, but it's in process and will be released shortly. As I was creating the book, and I look back over my life, two things popped up. One was diet, and the other was exercise.    

My nickname as a child was Bunny, even as a three or four-year-old. Given the choice between a piece of candy and a raw cucumber I chose the cucumber. Somehow or other I knew that my body reacted better with that. My college roommates would joke with me that they could order dinner for me because I was so consistent with very little high calorie sauces or sugar in my diet.

Physical activity was a big part of my childhood too. I played classical piano from the time I was five years old. Most people don't think about that, but it is a physical activity. When I started working, I had to be conscious of the fact that when I shook hands, my hands were so strong from all that exercise and doing scales, that I was crushing people's hands! I had to remember to back off.

I was always working on a mission impossible gardening project. I would drive my neighbours crazy by building dry walls, and stone walls with cement. I'd have these posts so that eventually the pieces would come together. One of my neighbours said, ‘Well, this is never gonna work, it's gonna be a mess’. But every morning when I worked locally to my house, I would be out in the yard at six o'clock in the morning, and I would work on building the drywall. I didn't have to worry about the cement drying out, so for an hour between six and seven, I made even more progress. Part of it was physical activity, which again, works on creating that dopamine so that I could handle the stress that occurred during the day. But I also needed to feel progress, so if I spent an hour I'd get maybe a foot and a half of the wall done. I had accomplishment checked off on my list and in my brain, regardless of the chaos that occurred when I showed up at the office.

​​Now I'm a golfer and I play 18 holes of golf twice a week. I walk and it is it goes on my calendar. It is not IF I can fit it in. It is planned. It is scheduled like any business meeting, because it's important to me. I enjoy it. I enjoy the competition. I haven't lost that segment from my corporate life and I very aggressively keep track of my score and my putts! The number of times I'm in the sand and the whole nine yards.

Doing the research for my book, I also stumbled upon some information that I personally haven't experienced and that is treatment in the medical profession and administration of medications. Doctors are reluctant to give adults medication for ADD. The first issue is most doctors only get between six and eight hours of training about ADD and ADHD and most of it is directed toward pediatric patients. So, they are totally unaware of adults and their challenges. And because doctors tend to have big egos, when they're not aware of something they deny it. When you show up in a doctor's office, even if you've self-diagnosed and have a whole list of suggested procedures, they don't want to hear it. They can't fit it into a 10-minute office visit which is what the medical procedures are now here in the US. So, you go undiagnosed.

The Statistics…

​It takes 2.3 doctors to even get anybody to listen to you and I don't know what a point three of a doctor is. But those are the averages. The other issue that is faced is as you age. Apparently, there is some negative interaction between ADD and ADHD medication and heart medication. The doctors are not prepared to take the liability risk of potentially aggravating the heart condition, so they basically say and one woman was quoted as saying this, “I was treated by a doctor for 30 years who allowed me to help my husband with the administrative side of his business. My doctor retired and my new doctor will not prescribe medication for me. His comment was at your age, why does it matter?”

This is horrifying to someone like me. I mean, I have enough grey hair to indicate that I've been around the block a couple times, but how dare a doctor say that. It doesn't matter whether you have nine years, 90 days or nine minutes left in your life. We don't have an expiration day. We don't know when it will end. But we are all entitled to live the most productive, effective, joyous life that we can. If medication is the way that you choose to deal with it, you are entitled to that and from what I understand, that is a real battle for you.

​I am going to be doing additional programs on Brand Builders TV, where I will be talking about Mission Impossible, or is it? Uncover your gifts, talents or magic that you and you alone possess to change the world.

I hope you enjoyed this article today as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!

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Oh, and if you want to watch my live Brand Builders TV Shows instead of the replay, simply like and subscribe to the Facebook page to receive notifications about when I go live.

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