Getting Started in Business Part 1 with Lashai Ben Salmi

In today’s article, which is Part 1 of a three-part series, Lashai Ben Salmi will be talking to us about getting started in business. She’ll tell us how she went from start-up to successful global business at just 15 years of age. She will share the power and importance of starting with your Why, and how you can begin to share your uniqueness with the world by building an online presence.

The content contained here has been taken from the full Brand Builders TV episode, Getting Started in Business with Lashai Ben Salmi. You may wish to view the entire episode, below. Or, you may want to read this article, in Lashai’s own words, and then move onto Part 2 and Part 3.

It’s time to learn it, model and get shit done. Let’s go!

​Meet Lashai Ben Salmi

Lashai Ben Salmi is a UK entrepreneur, public speaker, author and online content creator who is also the founder and creative director of THE K-WAY, where she publishes creative, interactive and engaging content for fans around the world. She aims to both entertain and inform, and uses her passion for Korean music, culture and language to bring people together.

Let’s learn more about how Lashai got her start, at a very young age, in her own words…

The Importance of WHY when Getting Started in Business

Today, we’re going to be talking about the power and importance of starting with your Why and how you can use your online presence to empower yourself to achieve anything you desire in life.

My name is Lashai Ben Salmi. I am 20 years old and a multi-award-winning speaker, coach, mentor, author, YouTuber and publisher.

I got started on my journey when I was about 9 by going to business and personal development events with my mother. I was so inspired when I heard all these people sharing their stories about how they had overcome adversity—and even turned their adversity into empowerment.

I really wanted to create something similar, with events, public speaking opportunities, books and resources for young people. At the age of 11, I wrote and published my very first book, called Kids That Dream Big. I wrote that book to share my journey, because I went through a really horrid bullying experience in primary school, which left me without confidence, not knowing how to communicate…just being really scared in the world. And then going to those events and seeing all those inspirational older people unapologetically being themselves, sharing what they had gone through and going forward to share something nice, making it a teaching experience for others…made me feel so inspired. Ever since, I have been wanting to do the same (and more) for others, especially young people.

Starting with your Why and having a reason for doing what you do, or having a reason to wake up in the morning, is so important. Sometimes we have to “adult” and do the right thing, or we have to complete tasks we don’t enjoy—things that don’t resonate with our purpose and who we are on the inside.

When I work with my younger clients, I love to talk to them about their Why. What are their goals in life? Do they want to have a huge impact and speak in front of millions every day? Or is their absolute dream to just be financially free and maybe help other people? Discovering and understanding your Why is super important. It can allow you to propel and achieve things that you never pictured or dreamed of.

The Difficulties of Getting Started in Business, at a Young Age

Because I got started at such a young age, I went through a number of stages where I had to reinvent myself. I was still in school. There was the personal development Shai; the one who loved public speaking and positively impacting people’s lives, helping them to transform, enact immense change and propel forward in life. And then there was the school Shai, who needed to be like the other kids.

My school didn’t support what I was doing in my free time. Having to find a middle ground was quite challenging, but what was really important to me was understanding my Why and that I needed to be unapologetically myself, because when you’re stuck in a place where you can’t fully be yourself, it can really hold you back. Understanding your Why will give you the confidence and perseverance to be your authentic self.

Another element that really helped me along my journey was getting onto social media. One of my favourite platforms, where I have grown the most, is YouTube. I have a YouTube channel called THE K-WAY. It’s quite different from the other things I do, but I believe when you’re authentically being yourself you can be multi-faceted, have multiple interests and multiple things you like. That can allow you to have reach in different ways. We might have things we like to do during the week that don’t seem like work to us, but that are completely different from what we like to do on the weekends. That’s another thing I like to share and teach to young people: the power and importance of being multi-faceted. You can be one thing and also be another, and combine all those things.

If you don’t know why you’re doing something, or what motivates you to do what you do, or what motivates you to achieve a certain thing…you might be just aimlessly walking or aimlessly building someone else’s dream.

Without a Why, you might not be who you can be, and you might not reach your full potential. Stepping out of the norm can be one of the most difficult things because going against the grain can be such a daunting and scary experience.

As humans, we love to fit in and be together. We don’t want to step too far outside the box, and we want to be accepted. Being outcast or neglected is a natural human fear.

Going against the norm is a journey of self-discovery. So take some time to understand who you are and the power you hold. I believe that the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard. There you’ll find books that weren’t written, chances that weren’t taken, stories that weren’t told, and tricks and tips that weren’t shared.

I challenge you to show your uniqueness to the world, because once you’re gone, so is your story…unless you share it with the world and let someone have the experience of understanding you. Maybe they’ll be able to grow. It can be scary, but as long as your Why is powerful enough, the How, the When, the Where and the With Whom become easy and seamless. You will naturally attract your tribe once you step out of your comfort zone and just be you. It’s boring to be someone else who already exists.

The journey of self-discovery and starting from within is powerful and important, and may be the most difficult part of fulfilling your true potential. As humans, we typically want to fit in and be accepted, be part of the group or the herd. But we’re not all built the same way. We all have a story, and when you’re brave enough to share your story with someone, that will allow them to enact immense change.

I’ve had times when I was so nervous to speak onstage and share my message that I was close to not even doing it. But then I’ve come off stage and been told that I changed someone’s life, or that I inspired someone to take a first step or speak about something near and dear to their heart—something they haven’t spoken to anyone about. If I can have that kind of impact, as a kid with a dream, imagine all the amazing things you can do.

​Getting Started in Business, the Next Steps

How about Lashai? She is wise beyond her years, for sure.

Before you think about financing, branding, strategy…it’s crucial that you know your Why and follow your passion. Then, all of the other facets will fall into place. The courage to step out of your comfort zone will be rewarded with the support of people who have similar aspirations, and who want you to succeed.

In the next instalment, Getting Started in Business Part 2 with Lashai Ben Salmi, Lashai will be sharing some of her top YouTube tips and tell you how she started to monetise her presence there.

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