Getting Started in Business Part 3 with Lashai Ben Salmi

Hello and welcome back! By now, you’ve probably read Getting Started in Business Part 1 and Part 2 with Lashai Ben Salmi. If you haven’t I strongly recommend you go back and catch up with this dynamic young entrepreneur who is breaking boundaries and stereotypes simply by being herself and following her passions.

Brand Builders TV has had the pleasure of featuring Lashai in one of our episodes, Getting Started in Business with Lashai Ben Salmi, and we’ve used the transcripts from that episode to put this 3-part series together for you. In it, she talks about the power and importance of having a Why, about being yourself even if you’re pressured to be something else, about the freedom to be a multi-faceted person, and about how you can use YouTube to monetise your business.

If you haven’t viewed the entire Brand Builders TV episode, you may do so below. Or scroll down a bit farther to read more about Lashai and to enjoy the conclusion to this enlightening series.

The Dynamic Lashai Ben Salmi

Lashai Ben Salmi is an entrepreneur from the UK who is also a published author, content creator and public speaker. She is passionate about Korean culture, language and music, and has channelled that interest to create THE K-WAY, a website and online society she’s using to entertain, inform and empower young people to come together and to be themselves.

Today, Lashai is talking about how difficult it was to juggle school and her entrepreneurial dreams, some of the obstacles she came up against, and how she found the strength to move forward and live her passion…with a profit. Let’s hear from Lashai, in her own


Getting Started in Business at any Age

One of the most significant points along my journey occurred while I was in school. On weekends I was going to business and personal development events and being surrounded by really amazing people—thought leaders who were making an impact on the world.

But I still had to go to school, where they didn’t support my vision and what I knew I could do in this world. I wanted to share with the school and its students, but they were not supportive of it, so I had to be two very different people.

School isn’t necessarily an environment you can control. You might have to attend a school because it’s local to you, or because it’s the choice your parents have made or because there aren’t any other options. So that was a difficult time for me.

But as I got older, around the age of 16, I came into myself and was able to settle into who I am today—unapologetically me. Sometimes school drills into you that you can only be one thing, do one thing or choose one subject. But there were so many things I loved, and I wanted to equally try and do them all. So I grew as a person, thanks to the resources and people I was exposed to.

The discovery of your Why can be about what excites you, for instance. What could you do every day without thinking about it? Why Today or Why Now? Why do people need and deserve to hear my message right now? Why is the impact I could have so important right now?

When we get scared, that can be a very selfish energy. We’re thinking about ourselves: Will I look bad? What will people think about me? But if you do it unapologetically, and you’re just there to serve, it won’t matter.

Fear will always be there. There are good kinds of fear. There’s the kind of fear you get before jumping onstage or before getting on a Zoom call with new people. That is completely normal.

Imagine there’s someone out there right now who needs to hear your message or who just needs to hear a little bit about what you have to share, and it will completely change your trajectory. Everything will start to fit into place, it will start to make sense and you can propel off of that.

Just share and be you. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone doesn’t like it? That’s one person out of more than seven billion people in this world. There will be people who are part of your tribe, and who love and resonate with what you have to share.

On your journey of self-discovery, appreciate the support you have and also try to do things on your own so you can see how comfortable you are with trying new things, and so you’re not only relying on that protective blanket. Just put yourself out there, be vulnerable and try something new.

When you’re Young, Getting Started in Business can be Challenging

It was quite different for a school to have a student who was doing all the crazy things I was doing. I had accolades and qualifications from the time I was 14 years old.

It wasn’t an ego thing. I wasn’t going to school and saying I was important. But it was an interesting environment for me and my family to navigate, because we’re all very share-friendly people. We love to share any knowledge we have, to help people and really pour into them. It would be amazing if schools and education were more open to different types of learning and embracing people who want to make positive change.

A community and a team can be so important when embarking on your journey. If you’re the only one who embraces your vision, and you’re trying to do 101 things alone, that can be very daunting and difficult to maintain. You won’t be able to give 100%. I would recommend finding friends who share the same vision as you or creating a team with members who have similar visions. Sometimes it’s just about talking to people in your network and making connections with those who have similar aspirations.

We need to redefine what education looks like. My siblings and I were very different—not your everyday kids. We were exposed to different things and our potential was tapped into a bit differently, and we want all young people to have access to the same resources and opportunities that we did.

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