Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 1 with Angi Reid

Today’s article is coming to you from Angi Reid, reflexology practitioner, essential oils educator, author, and owner of FLŌ Studios and creator of the FLŌ Technique. In this, the first of a three-part series, Angi is going to take us through how she built a successful catering business, sold it for more than she’d ever imagined and then went on to fulfill her life’s purpose.

In this series, you are going to gain access to strategies you can use to move forward with ease and flow in every area of life and business. Angi’s journey wasn’t an easy one; there were some bumps along the way. But you can learn from how she listened to ‘nudges’ and her intuition in order to let her light shine in the world. What did she do and how did she do it? How did she make the shift to something completely new? What challenges did she overcome?

Stay with us to find out. This article has been derived from the Brand Builders TV episode Help! I’ve Started my Business! What Do I Do Now? with Angi Reid. You may wish to watch the entire episode below, or scroll down a bit to read about how Angi did it, in her own words.

It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done! Let’s go!

Meet Angi Reid

With nearly two decades’ experience in corporate purchasing, sales and administration, Angi Reid purchased a catering business and turned it into a full-service banquet and event venue. Following an unexpected offer to sell that business, Angi did just that…and found herself lonely, depressed and lacking direction.

Angi followed her gut and explored the world of Reflexology, added a passion for essential oils, and ultimately combined the two to create FLŌ (Feet Love Oils). She is now a published author and columnist, essential oils educator, Reflexologist, international speaker, owner of four business locations…all with the goal of helping others to improve their physical, emotional and financial health.

So without further ado, let’s hear more about Angi’s journey, in her own words.

How I Started my Business, with Angi Reid

I am Angi Reid and I’m coming to you from FLŌ Studios just outside Atlanta, GA in the USA.

I really didn’t start my first business. I was in the corporate world and I had a car accident. While I was recuperating from the accident, I was hanging out at a banquet facility that my mom had started. She was cooking for church groups, football banquets, parties…those sorts of things in the 1990s.

I started getting these nudges that the business could be a lot bigger than her vision. So about two or three months after helping her out and marinating in my thoughts, I decided I wanted to buy the business from her. I made her an offer and she accepted. In 1993, I purchased Inviting Events. I knew nothing about catering. I knew nothing about banquets. But I did have some business sense, and I could see that they weren’t offering “fries with that order.”

 You know when you go to a fast-food restaurant and they ask if you want fries with that order? They are upselling. They want to make sure they sell everything they can provide for that customer.

Rather than just doing parties and events, I started offering flowers for weddings. I started offering DJ services, tuxedo rentals and invitations. I offered lots of “fries” for their orders. At one point, I even rented out my own wedding gown to a few different people. I provided everything but the ring.

I realized this was instant gratification for me and I absolutely loved it.

Fast forward a bit. I started seeing a reflexologist in 1995-1996 for my back issues that resulted from the car accident. The first day I went in, he said, “You have a gift. You need to be doing reflexology.”

I thought, What are you talking about? I have a banquet facility. It’s a very lucrative business. I love what I’m doing…

but that nudge stayed in the back of my brain.

In 1998, I had some health issues. My doctor, who was ahead of her time, suggested I use essential oils. In three days, my chronic sinusitis was gone. The candida that was in my system was gone. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was another nudge that was being planted by God and The Universe—a nudge that I would use later on.

I Started My Business, I Love My Business…Now What?

If you can identify with any of the feelings that Angi Reid went through with building her business, you’re going to want to continue on to Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 2 with Angi Reid. There, you will discover how Angi sold her business and then learned to move forward through loneliness, depression, and a lack of direction and purpose. Her journey is a story of loss, of wandering, of searching…and ultimately, of triumph.

After you’ve read Part 2, you’ll then want to move onto the final instalment in this series: Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 3 with Angi Reid.

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