Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 3 with Angi Reid

If you’ve been with us for the first two parts of this three-part series, your heart has broken and then soared for Angi Reid, Reflexologist, essential oils educator and the owner of FLŌ (Feet Love Oils). She built a highly successful business, sold it, and then found herself wondering what was next—which is a position many passionate business owners have found themselves in. What she did is what makes her story such an inspiring one.

If you haven’t read the first two instalments, please catch up with Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 1 with Angi Reid AND Help! I’ve Started My Business! What Do I Do Now? Part 2 with Angi Reid. Then, move through this final article, where Angi is showing us how she triumphed, with the help of The Universe, with prayers, and with a willingness to follow her intuition.

You may also wish to view the entire Brand Builders TV episode, from which the article series was drawn, here:

Get to Know Angi Reid

With a corporate background spanning nearly two decades, Angi Reid purchased a family catering business and used it as a springboard to create a banquet and event empire. Out of the blue, she was presented with an opportunity to sell the business and she accepted. The change came fast, though, and she found herself struggling with depression and loneliness. She struggled to determine what should be next, and felt lost after selling that business.

Angi did some real work to discover what her true passions were. She followed her intuition, as well as nudges from The Universe, to earn her Reflexology certification. She went on to educate herself on the many aspects of essential oils and used that knowledge to open FLŌ (Feet Love Oils), with four locations in the southeast United States. Angi Reid is a columnist, author and international speaker as well. Her mission is to help people positively influence their emotional, physical and financial health.

You have followed Angi along her business-building and business-selling journeys. Now it’s time to discover how she did it.

How I Started My Business—The Business of My Dreams

Grab a pencil and paper. You’re going to create a Universe To-Do List. This is a popular type of to-do list that you may have heard of, but it’s important to complete it often.

At the top of the paper, on the left side, write the word “Me.” On the top right side, write “God, Universe, Source”…or whatever you call your higher power. Draw a vertical line down the center of that paper.

On the left side, I want you to write your action steps. I wrote Go to School, Teach Classes, Create a Workshop, Call Someone, Make an Appointment, etc. On The Universe’s side, think as big as possible, because The Universe has no limit. I wrote Global Business, Touching Many Lives, Create a Brand Around FLO, etc.

Trust in those nudges. Let The Universe do its thing. After you write your list, take that paper and tear it down the middle. Burn The Universe’s side. Let The Universe have it. Do not take it back. Let The Universe know that you’re turning those requests over. Let those requests go and let The Universe do its job.

A problem is not really a problem if it can be solved with action. The things I had been labeling as problems weren’t really problems. Because it only took a few action steps to solve them.

I want to let you know about something that a friend shared with me, and that I in turn shared with someone else. I was told that I was being selfish for not sharing my gifts. If you have gifts you’re not sharing, don’t be selfish. Don’t keep them for just you or a close-knit group of people. I had been dimming my light to make everyone around me feel comfortable. Once I started letting that light shine, my comfort level changed and now I’m saying yes to more things. The fact that I said yes to that personal development workshop, said yes to Ecuador, yes to Brand Builders, yes to doing Who’s in the FLO Interviews, yes to writing that book…has all gotten me to the point where I’m on Brand Builders TV and connecting with you, talking about saying yes and trusting those nudges.

Be present. One of my favorite quotes that’s in my book is, “If I have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, I’m pissing all over the day I’m guaranteed.” I try not to live in yesterday and complain about what has happened because I can’t un-ring that bell. I really strive to stay out of tomorrow because I’m not guaranteed that moment. What I’m guaranteed is right now, right here with you.

I built my business by offering “fries with that order.” If you have “fries” to offer with your order, offer the “fries.” The challenges I’ve overcome are depression, loneliness, feeling unworthy, low self-confidence, self-doubt…but I learned that we’re never given a desire without being given the tools to make that desire come true.

Prayer really helped with my depression. It helped with my loneliness. Reframing my thoughts also helped. When I thought Woe is me, I’m not a mom. All these other women are moms, they have kids, it’s Mother’s Day…I realized that when I sold my business I didn’t stop throwing parties. I was throwing the biggest pity party in the world for myself. It was a private party, just for me. I stayed there for a while, until I took the action step to go to school. Reframing my thoughts really helped me to shut down the pity party. Doing the workshops and saying yes to things, listening to nudges and knowing my desires were sent just for me made me feel very special and like my gift was worthy of being shared with other people.

Angi Reid: “I Started My Business with a Nudge Planted by God and The Universe”

If you want to see what The Universe has in store for you, like Angi did, get to work on that Universe To-Do List and take action on those things you can do today. As for the rest (the items on The Universe’s side), place your intentions and give up control of those items. Follow your gut, listen to your intuition, pay attention to nudges…and watch as your passion takes shape.

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