Part 1: A Visibility Strategy with Mark Stephen Pooler

Today’s article comes to us from Mark Stephen Pooler, visibility strategy and public relations expert and founder of TMSP Agency and MSP News Global. In it, he’s sharing how be beat the odds, going from dead drug addict—yes, literally dead—to founder and editor-in-chief of his own global PR firm. Since starting out in the world of PR, Mark has gone on to host his own radio show and specialises in getting his clients featured on expert-positioned radio interviews, plus online press in major media outlets and publications, including Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more.

How does he build that level of visibility strategy? You’re about to find out.

Learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Mark Stephen Pooler

Known as The Global Profile Builder, Mark Stephen Pooler offers support to high-value, high-profile individuals who wish to go from Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility.

Mark owns TMSP Agency (a media and PR firm) and MSP News Global (premium business magazine website), and is a best-selling author, radio host, public speaker and PR specialist.

We were beyond thrilled when Mark Stephen Pooler agreed to film the episode of Brand Builders TV from which this article has been taken. Like our other guests, he is sharing deep-dive topics, tools and resources brought to you by global thought leaders from within the Brand Builders Club. The goal? To give you strategies you can use to move forward with ease and flow in every area of your business and life.

So without further ado…

Mark Stephen Pooler’s Story, Starting with Zero Visibility

Early in his life, Mark felt as though he was invisible…or maybe he wished he had been invisible. A victim of bullying, a drug addict and more, he has applied his life’s struggles to the wisdom he shares with others.

You may view the entire Brand Builders TV episode, From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler, below. Or, if you prefer to read Mark’s words, you may do so a bit farther down. Then move on to learn more about visibility strategy in Up to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler (Part 2) and From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler (Part 3).


A Visibility Strategy, in Mark Stephen Pooler’s Own Words

Hello everyone, and welcome to Brand Builders TV. I’m Mark Stephen Pooler and today we’re covering how to go from zero visibility to hero credibility. How to transform your life, and how I transformed my life and built a global media and PR firm.

I have lots to cover today and I’m really looking forward to sharing my story, along with tips, wisdom and skills you can use in your business right now.

I can show you what rock bottom is. Rock bottom is being on your hands and knees, picking up fluff from the carpet, thinking it’s a crack cocaine rock you’ve dropped. That’s rock bottom—an old reality.

I was always the guy at primary school who got bullied about the way I looked and about my sexuality, before I knew it myself. Big Chin, Big Ears, Gay, Poof…you name it, I was called it.

That was really hard in primary school; it led to me having low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I purposely went to a secondary school that no one I knew was going to. It was great at first. I didn’t get bullied. But that didn’t last long. The bullying was a lot worse. I remember when one of the hard lads of class kicked me in the back and I had to run the three miles home.

I have suffered with stress, anxiety and depression. As you can imagine, when I left secondary school, I had really bad GCSE results. And I have to joke…if you add all of my GCSC results together, they would spell the word FUDGE. That’s no exaggeration.

It was definitely challenging, but that’s one of my tips today: Persistence. You keep going no matter what; even when things go wrong.

I left school with a really bad education.

What were some of your challenges in your younger years? Challenges really can make you stronger if you direct your thoughts in the right way. They can make you a stronger and better person. Think about the challenges and obstacles that have led to you becoming the person you are today.

My first tip has to be never let anyone tell you what your value is, or what you are worth. Know your values. I stand for honesty, trust, loyalty and love. And I stand by those values every single day.

If you ever enter into a partnership, joint venture, collaboration…make sure your values resonate with each other before you do business or friendship—or any kind of relationship.

When you are going into a business relationship or any kind of joint venture with anyone, use your values to create questions, to see if you should be working with that person. For instance, if I were going into business with someone, some of the questions I could ask are:

Is that person coming from a place of love? Are they loving toward others?

Is this person trusting? Are they building trusting relationships?

Is this person honest? Do they come from an honest place?

As you can see, using your values to make decisions will create a recipe for success. So create questions around your values. Know what you stand for, and when you enter into agreements and relationships with people, it will be a better and easier process because you’ll resonate. It will also get rid of a lot of people whom you shouldn’t be having relationships or business partnerships with.

I allowed those kids to label me and now I am on a mission to make sure people choose the label they want to have; to be the brand they want to see in the world and stand by that.

Sammy Blindell is an inspiration to so many. She’s a true example of how to use values in a good way and she stands by her values. I really admire her.

My next tip is about collaboration. I have built my business on collaboration—collaborating with others.

You cannot build success on your own. Make sure you collaborate with the right kind of people, because it makes the journey so much better. Join a community group, like Brand Builders Club (an amazing community to grow, learn, scale your business and to build relationships and partnerships), to make sure you have some sort of support system around you. This has helped me go from zero visibility to hero credibility.

Mark’s Visibility Strategy: Just the Beginning

As an adolescent in primary school, Mark Stephen Pooler felt like he had zero visibility, but as you’ll see in Part 2 (Up to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler), that was just the beginning of his struggle as he built a visibility strategy. Join me there, to see what happened next to form the foundation of Mark’s wisdom in life and business.

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So let’s keep building that visibility strategy! Hop on over to the Part 2, and I’ll see you in our brand building places soon!