How to Relieve Stress, with Caroline Purvey

Today, we’re bringing you the first in a series of three articles from Caroline Purvey of The Total Release Experience, where she’s taking people through a five-step programme that works to relieve stress, as well as the symptoms of overwhelm and trauma.

Caroline is going to talk to us about understanding the stress bucket concept. She’s also going to take us through a process that will enable you to redefine your truth and then shine like never before.

I hope you’ll join us to discover who the true YOU really is, to learn how to empty that stress bucket and refill it with all the things that make you shine.

This article’s content has been taken from Caroline’s Brand Builders TV episode, Understanding Buckets and Diamonds to Find Your Truth. You may watch the entire episode here, or you may wish to read on to learn about the stress bucket illustration, as well as stress relief, in Caroline’s own words.

It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Caroline Purvey

Brand Builders TV Relieve Stress Caroline Purvey

TRE (Total Release Experience) was unheard of in the UK before Caroline Purvey introduced it. She studied TRE in South Africa under Dr. David Berceli, found herself inspired by its people and stories and is now an independent TRE Practitioner, as well as the CEO of TRE UK.

She continues to enhance and develop the program in the UK, with the utmost respect for the integrity of the originator’s work.

Caroline is also a teacher, yoga instructor, reflexologist, trainer, Indian head massage practitioner, holistic therapist and coach specializing in practices that relieve stress and anxiety while teaching us about work/life balance.

Now let’s hear all about how to relieve stress, in Caroline’s own words.

Relieve Stress, with Caroline Purvey

Hello, I’m Caroline Purvey and we’re going to be talking about buckets, diamonds and finding your truth. How do you find your truth? You have to redefine your truth.

I’m an author three times this year. I was privileged to write a chapter for two books and when you write a story, whether it’s a chapter or a book, you’re taking yourself out of your comfort zone—and that’s necessary in order to discover your truth. This series is about getting you curious about how that happens and how you can get to experience the true YOU.

“The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” That’s from my own book, Feel it to Heal it, which was launched in October, 2020.

I teach yoga as well. And constantly, I encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone. Sitting with old habits and not noticing, we don’t get to understand who we really are and how we should move forward. This is about resetting that reset button.

Did you know you had a reset button? In order to reset, we have to redefine ourselves. We have to go a little deeper, in a comfortable way.

The Reset Button

Brand Builders TV Relieve Stress Caroline Purvey

Let’s think about the reset button.

Reset buttons always remind me of computers. And I’d like to make that analogy.

I’ve gone through more computers in my life than people go through dinners in a week. Why? Probably like most, I’ve had to use computers and rely on technology over the years. Isn’t it great when you buy that new laptop or computer, it’s moving fast, you can feed it with what you like, and it keeps going?

Computers are hard-wired, complex things and yet seem so simple to use, don’t they? We hit the keys, we load things up, we download things…and then one day, you start to notice it’s slowing down, it’s not firing on all cylinders, and we keep saying “I must get somebody to look at this.” “I must take off some of the stuff I’ve overloaded this with.” Unfortunately, we don’t do that. We try, but then we’re always afraid to hit a button that will cause something to happen we don’t like.

Then one day you’re sitting in front of that computer and it won’t open. It’s got no life. You hit a key and get the option to use the reset button to take it back to factory settings. How about that? We know in our minds that if we take it back to factory settings, it will be clean and shiny and functional, and come back to life.

But no, we keep ignoring the signs and keep hoping the problems will go away. We do a little tweak here and there. We delete some files and wish we hadn’t. Wished we’d stored them somewhere else. And then that day comes when you hit the button and nothing…the whole thing’s just died because it’s been overloaded.

Do you have that picture? Have you been there?

Now think of the human body. Your human body. It’s amazing, isn’t it? If you’re sitting there reading this, what’s your body doing? Chugging away, keeping you going? Wonderful. You don’t have to think much about it.

Brand Builders TV Relieve Stress Caroline Purvey

And yet, just like the computer, you’re arriving to the world, shiny and new; and over the years, you’re fed data. You receive information and you start to fill up. You take in images and conversations, experiences…and as we all know, life is like a game of snakes and ladders. You’re up, you’re down, good times, bad times…but you take it all in. And then what happens?

Your bucket fills up, that’s what.

Your Body is a Stress Bucket

Let’s put this into context. Imagine your body as a bucket. Psychologist in the 70s said that human beings were stress buckets. There’s no denying that because stress is part of life. There’s good stress and there’s bad stress, but we’re concerned with the bad stress.

You fill that stress bucket up with all the information you put in it—all the images, all the experiences…and suddenly it gets so full that your wiring gets knocked out. You start to notice that you’re not functioning on all levels. Then something’s knocking from inside. Hello? Are you hearing me? Got pain? Neck pain? Shoulder pain? Hip pain? This is your butt-kick saying, “Take notice!” But we don’t. We ignore it.

Brand Builders TV Relieve Stress Caroline Purvey

So many people come to my yoga class and say, “I hope this sorts my back out tonight.” I know it will help, but it won’t sort it because it’s something else.

Got problems? IBS…another signal from the bucket. Can’t sleep? Headaches? Mood swings? Maybe panic attacks, stress and anxiety? These are all little signs that the bucket is getting rather full and needs some attention. Just like the computer.

What happens if we ignore the signals? It leads to something worse. Before we know it, we’re either going to the doctor for surgery or being taken into the hospital. And for many, who have completely ignored those signals, it results in heart attack, stroke, cancer, suicide.

If we think of life in a bucket, that’s what happens. But it’s not all bad because we can do something about it. To do that, we have to redefine ourselves.

The Next Step to Relieve Stress

Sammy here! I hope you feel as intrigued as I did the first time I heard Caroline Purvey speak about stress relief. She is a master of illustrations that shine new light on the ways in which we take on new stresses every day, and how our buckets can end up overflowing with information.

In the next article, Gambling as a Way of Life, Caroline will be talking about the signals those full buckets are giving us and the gambles we’re obligated to take.

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Sammy Blindell

Sammy Blindell