Leadership Qualities for Future Fit Leaders

Hello and welcome to the final instalment in this three-part series about transformational leadership, leadership skills and leadership qualities. In the first article, Transformational Leadership, Mary Gregory talked about how much the world has changed in such a short period of time—and how we need Future Fit Leaders to navigate that change.

In part two, Essential Leadership Skills, she introduced and explained the first three Cs of Leadership (COMFORT with Ambiguity, CONSCIOUSNESS and CREATING a Positive Legacy).

Now it’s time to look at the final three Cs of Leadership.

If you have not seen the full Brand Builders TV episode from which this series is taken, you may watch it here. Or, just keep reading for part three.

So without further ado, let’s learn a bit more about Mary Gregory, and then read about the final three leadership qualities you’ll need to advance in your leadership journey.

More About Mary Gregory

Brand Builders TV Leadership Qualities Mary Gregory

A leadership skills consultant, international speaker, author (Ego: Get Over Yourself and Lead) and executive leadership coach, Mary Gregory is known in the leadership realm as The Future Fit Leader.

Her clients are purpose-driven leaders with all types of skill levels. She works with them to develop their leadership skills, navigate uncertain areas, think strategically, maximise their impact, increase their confidence and achieve the outcomes they want most. She has done this type of work with companies like O2, Ralph Lauren and Tesco.

Now, in Mary’s own words:

The Final Three Leadership Qualities


You will take the action, even though it may frighten you.

I’m reminded of The Wizard of Oz. The lion wanted to find his courage. When he found the Wizard, he was given some type of gruel to eat, which was meant to give him courage.

I don’t think that’s how you get courage. I don’t think courage is acting without fear. I think it’s about acting with fear. You might feel frightened, but the idea is to still take the action and step forward despite it. It’s the willingness to take fear with you.

To develop that muscle, you should do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s the way to keep stretching and strengthening that muscle.

Brand Builders TV Leadership Qualities Mary Gregory

If you feel there are things holding you back, do small things that will stretch your leadership qualities at first. Then move onto the bigger things. Courageous steps help leaders become Future Fit.

5. Have Compassion Toward Yourself

I know a lot of people who are massively compassionate toward others, but leave themselves out. As a Future Fit Leader, it’s so important that you look after yourself. You’re going to need all the resources you’ve got to make all the differences you want to make in the world.

Self-care and self-compassion are so valuable. Having a variety of ways to refill yourself when needed is also important. You must speak kindly to yourself, with a compassionate voice, acknowledging the successes you’re achieving rather than focussing on the gaps.

How often do you hug yourself? Acknowledge the progress you’re making? Recognise the leadership qualities you’re developing? How often are you compassionate with yourself when things don’t go as planned?

Brand Builders TV Leadership Qualities Mary Gregory

6. CONTINUOUS Learning and Growth

Commit to learning from every experience you have. Be aware that you’re an open book. Be open to the experiences you have, rather than closing yourself off to them.

There are times when you’ll feel more open than others. When you’re feeling sensitive or defensive, or don’t want to take feedback, that’s also a great learning opportunity. There’s a chance you’ve been triggered by something that’s important to look at. Maybe it’s time to do some work on that.

The more you can maintain that open-book approach, keeping your mind and your approach open, the better.

Brand Builders TV Leadership Qualities Mary Gregory

A great lady named Carol Dweck has written a book called Mindset. In it, she talks about the power of Yet. “I haven’t done that YET.” “I’m not a Future Fit Leader YET.” “I’m not as assertive as I want to be YET.”

Whatever your development area might be, using the power of YET can help to maintain an open mind.

We are on the journey together, and we will develop.

Your Own Leadership Qualities

I’d like to invite you to grab a pen and paper. Draw a big circle and divide it into six segments. You can use this as a self-assessment against those six elements of leadership. Rate yourself. The outer edge of the circle will be 10, and the center of the circle will be 0. Draw a line and colour in the most central portion of the slice. Repeat for the other five Cs. Then you’ll have a sense for which ones you have strengths in and which ones you’re not so strong in. It will give you an idea of how smooth your wheel is.

Are you having a bumpy ride or a smooth ride? It will give you an indication of which elements of being a Future Fit Leader are your strengths and which ones need some attention and development.

Developing Your Leadership Qualities

Sammy again! I hope this three-part series about leadership has helped you to see your own potential, as well as the potential differences you can make for others.

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There will be more series and Brand Builders TV episodes coming, so until then, keep developing those leadership qualities. Find your purpose. Decide on the difference you want to make. Use the Six Cs of Leadership for guidance. And join the Brand Builders Club to rub elbows with some of the most influential leaders on the planet!

Sammy Blindell

Sammy Blindell