Transformational Leadership, with Mary Gregory

Welcome to another article series, brought to you by Brand Builders TV. This sequence is quite timely, considering how much our world needs transformational leadership. Mary Gregory will be sharing her decades’ worth of wisdom and advice so each one of us can be the Future Fit Leader we were meant to be.

Mary will delve into the elements that contribute to being a Future Fit Leader. She will explore questions like, “What sort of leaders does the world need now?” and, “Why does being Future-Fit matter?”

As always, we are bringing you deep-dive topics, tools and resources from global thought leaders in the Brand Builders Club. The strategies you’ll learn will help you move forward with ease and flow in every area of your life and business.

If you’d prefer to watch the entire Brand Builders TV episode (Unlock your Future Fit Leader Potential, Part One), you are welcomed to do so here. Or, just keep reading for article one of this three-part series.

Together, let's learn it, model it and get shit done!

Meet Mary Gregory

Brand Builders TV Transformational Leadership Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory, also known as The Future Fit Leader, is empowering purpose-driven leaders to maximise their impact.

Mary is the best-selling author of Ego: Get Over Yourself and Lead, international speaker, senior executive leadership coach and consultant. She works with purposeful present and future leaders to navigate uncertainty with confidence, develop skills and personal resources, engage strategic thought processes and achieve more desirable outcomes.

Mary Gregory has accomplished these things for numerous prestigious organisations, such as Ralph Lauren, Tesco and O2.

Now let’s hear from Mary, in her own words, about what transformational leadership means in this day and age.

Learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Transformational Leadership, with The Future Fit Leader

Hello! My name is Mary Gregory and I’m very excited to be delivering this series to you. I am The Future Fit Leader and I’m committed to supporting others to be Future Fit Leaders as well. This is all about unlocking your Future Fit Leader potential.

I would imagine there are a few Future Fit Leaders in the Brand Builders TV community already. I have come across a number of Brand Builders whom I would say are Future Fit Leaders—and there are many on the journey. You may be just starting out, or getting clear about your purpose…and whatever that is, you’ll be on your way.

This series is about me sharing some of my thoughts around Future Fit Leadership with you. And also inviting you to look into yourself and figure out where you are on your own journey, or the ways you can grow and develop in order to become even more Future Fit for the world we live in.

Brand Builders TV Transformational Leadership Mary Gregory

Rapid Change Calls for Transformational Leadership

I want us to think about how the world has changed over the last few years, is changing and continues to change. In the last 15 or more years, we’ve seen rapid change.

My passion (in my day job) is about empowering people and leaders to create great places of work where people thrive. I’m committed to help build a collaborative learning space, to share our freshest thinking. My intention is to start opening up enquiry about what Future Fit Leadership is. We can start growing together as a Future Fit learning community.

There have been lots of things going on in the world over the last year (and the last 20), especially. That requires something different from leaders. I don’t want to focus on what our current leaders are doing wrong, but rather on the positive. I want to focus on what’s being done right—and I’ll be asking some questions around that.

Brand Builders TV Transformational Leadership Mary Gregroy

No matter what stage you’re at in your journey, you may feel you’re very clear on your purpose as a leader. I have come across a number of leaders within the Brand Builders Club who are absolutely on-purpose. They know what they want, know what they’re causing in the world and they know the difference they’re making. I know other leaders who are just in the formation of their purpose, getting clearer about themselves. I hope that whatever stage you’re at in your journey, this will be a valid series for you and that you’ll take value from it.

Some Questions for Future Fit Leaders

For this series, I want you to suspend judgement. Put away criticism and put on your curiosity hat. Be really curious about the topics and reflect on how they relate to your own leadership, as well as the leadership you encounter out there in the world, in your organisation and in your family.

This is an enquiry into leadership and into what Future Fit Leadership is. First, let’s talk about what we think Future Fit Leaders are, and why we think the world needs them. I’d also like you to look into yourself and where you are as a Future Fit Leader.

Future Fit isn’t necessarily about being physically fit, but being holistically fit to lead and navigate the constant terrain of change we’re facing in the world today.

I want to explore some important questions and ideas about leadership—what elements contribute to it and then do some reflection around it.

Let’s start really big. I’ve already mentioned how much the terrain of the world is about constant change and challenges. The last 15 to 20 years, we’ve seen cataclysmic change. And within the last year, we’ve seen massive challenges due to the pandemic we’ve been experiencing.

When you think about the world today, what does the world need from leaders? What sort of leaders does the world need now? What have you seen from leaders over the last year (or five)? Those leaders could be close by, within your family, within your organisation or across the globe. What qualities have really worked—in the current circumstances and in a world of constant change? What positive quality does the world need now? This can include your own leadership.

Brand Builders TV Transformational Leadership Mary Gregroy

That quality could be confidence, or the ability to show the way by shining a light. It might be truth, clarity or honesty (or all of the above).

Authenticity is really valuable, as well, but we don’t always find it easy to be authentic…so it’s rare.

Another important leadership quality might be the empowerment of others, to have an impact.

True leadership is not self-serving. If you’re in it just for yourself, you won’t get very far. There must be something bigger at play.

Leaders say what they’re going to do, and do what they say they will (consistency, congruency, showing up with values, actions aligning with words).

They make a contribution.

Leaders know the difference between managing and leading. Management is about tasks and getting the job done. Leading is about interaction, inspiration, empowerment and the co-creative process.

It can be tricky to separate our egos (self) from what we’re trying to create or contribute. Sometimes the two do get merged. In doing a good deed or making a difference, you may find that fulfilling.

If you’re purely serving yourself as a leader, then you’re not taking care of the people who may be following you. It’s not about status. If it is, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. It’s about making a difference that will go beyond your lifetime. It’s about making a legacy difference.

We all have our blind spots, but it’s important to take a step back and have a look so we can keep developing and keep growing.

Don’t stop here! Move ahead to the second instalment, Essential Leadership Skills, where I will get into the Six Cs of Leadership.

Just the Beginning of Transformational Leadership

Mary is so right about the past few years being filled with change, isn’t she? Sometimes I feel like we’ve seen more change—in technology, society, etc.—than our forefathers and mothers did in their entire lifetimes.

And those rough waters mean that we need leaders who are ready to navigate the unknown, to lead us through with confidence and a willingness to try new things. Are you that leader? Are you Future Fit? Or would you like to be?

Then I suggest that you check into the Brand Builders Club, where entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, professionals…gather to share experiences, give and receive feedback, learn together, network and hold one another accountable for achieving their goals. There is no long-term commitment, so you have nothing to lose.

Transformational leadership is a common theme among our Brand Builders, and we welcome you to join us today!

Sammy Blindell

Sammy Blindell