Find Your Emotional Resilience, with Joké Hoetmer

In this series, Joké Hoetmer is going to help you discover that you have more emotional resilience than you think, as well as give you steps to help you weather any storm. She’s going to use her effervescent personality to prove that no matter what storm you’re enduring, you can find the resilience to not only weather that storm, but come out of it stronger and even more resilient than before.

You will learn what getting through tough times looks like, learn about the three different types of resiliency, and even get some examples of what resiliency looks and feels like in different situations.

As with other Brand Builders TV article series, this one is taken directly from Joké’s episode, How to Put your Inner Resilience into Overdrive. You may choose to watch the entire episode below, or simply keep reading as we bring you this content in Joké’s own words.

So no matter what storm you’re currently caught up in, it’s now time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Joké Hoetmer

Brand Builders TV Emotional Resilience Joke Hoetmer

Joké Hoetmer, also known as The Path to Purpose Mentor, is an entrepreneur, life coach and global best-selling author who loves to have raw and real conversations to help others grow and thrive.

Originally from South Africa, Joké now lives in the UK. From there, she’s helping all of us to accept our failures, get back up and walk again!

So without further ado, let’s hear from Joké Hoetmer in her own words.

Put Your Emotional Resilience into Overdrive

Hello! This is Joké Hoetmer and I’m teaching you how to put your resilience into overdrive. Today, we’re going to talk about how you have more resilience than you know.

Resilience isn’t only for the strong. You are stronger than what you thought.

This is something that I’m very passionate about. In the years that I’ve had in my life, I’ve always been very resilient. There are certain things you need to have in order to get to that place of resilience.

I am currently on a houseboat. Last Tuesday, I learnt that there would be a lockdown and I that I’d have to move within a day. I left at 9:30 in the evening with my bag containing everything I thought I’d need. I had to think on my feet, because I didn’t know how long this lockdown would last. I just landed here. Here I am, in this boat. It’s amazing and so homey.

That was a bit about me, but now I want to talk about you—about how you have that inner resilience. Do you know when life hits you? And you’ve got to make changes? Because life does happen, and it changes so much. I had to change overnight—within one day. I realised I could not stay where I was. I had to make a move.

And now, Sammy is just five boats away from me!

We’ve got to make decisions, and quickly. And then stand on our own two feet after we make those decisions.

Natural Emotional Resilience

Now we’re going to talk about the resilience you’re born with. It’s initiated inside you.

When you’re born with resilience, it’s natural emotional resilience. Think about children when they’re learning to walk, fall and get up again. I was just watching my granddaughter. Every time she cries, or falls, she goes to her mum, gets reassurance and gets back to it again. That proves that it’s something we have inside of us from the start—to just get up and keep on trying.

Brand Builders TV Emotional Resilience Joke Hoetmer

You might have that natural, inborn resilience that a child has, to experience things and to never be afraid. I was watching Sir Richard Branson talking about his grandmother teaching him to swim at the age of six. She took away the tube and whatever else could help him to stay afloat, then told him to go swim in the river. And he did. He doggie paddled, but he swam. He had such resilience and self-pride within himself. He coped and did what he had to do.

That’s exactly what we all have. We have inherited, natural resilience. We are all natural survivors.

We All Have Emotional Resilience

Sammy again. Wow! Have you ever thought about resilience in that way?

When you were a little child, you didn’t give up. No matter what happened to you, you got up and tried again. But somewhere along the line, many of us lose our trust in our own natural, inborn, emotional resilience.

It’s in there. You just have to find it again. So take yourself back to the child you once were. Ask yourself what ‘little you’ would have done. Would they have given up? Or kept moving forward?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

That also means you’re going to keep going by reading the next instalment in this series, How to be Resilient, with Joké Hoetmer. I’ll see you there…and maybe I’ll also see you in the Brand Builders Club. There, you will find a safe place designed just for entrepreneurs like you. There’s  personal and professional guidance, accountability and wisdom to help you achieve the income level of your dreams! Join us, won’t you?

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