How to be Resilient, with Joké Hoetmer

Hello, and welcome back to instalment number two in this series about how to be resilient with Joké Hoetmer. In part one, Find Your Emotional Resilience, Joké talked about how natural, inborn resilience in inside all of us. We just have to revisit our inner child and remember what it felt like to get up and try again.

Now, we’re about to learn about adaptive resilience—or what Joké likes to call your Bounce-Back Muscle. It’s fascinating subject matter, and I hope you’ll stay with us as she shares her wisdom.

If you’d like to view the entire Brand Builders TV episode (How to Put your Inner Resilience into Overdrive) from which this article series is derived, you may do so below. Or, simply keep reading for more from Joké.

More About Joké Hoetmer

Brand Builders TV How to be Resilient Joke Hoetmer

Joké Hoetmer is The Path to Purpose Mentor, working as a life coach and entrepreneur. She’s also a global best-selling author and social media influencer who has real conversations that are raw and life-enhancing.

Now it’s time to hear more about how to be resilient with Joké Hoetmer, in her own words.

It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done!

How to be Resilient through Adaptation

The next type of resilience is adaptive resilience. With this, you’ll find that you have a bit more of a challenge. People have different ways of responding to stress and things that are happening in their lives. And that’s okay.

You’re going to learn how to build up that bounce-back muscle. You’re also going to learn that you’re born with resilience and that it’s going to be okay. You can manage to do whatever you have to do because it’s there.

Brand Builders TV How to be Resilient Joke Hoetmer

Just think about it. I would love to sing, but I can’t sing. But when I’m in the shower, and nobody’s listening, I can sing. That means it’s there, but through life, through someone saying “you haven’t got a nice voice or “you sound like a crow”…whatever it is, you have stopped something that is naturally inside of you.

When I was singing in the shower, my sister (who was an opera singer in her younger days) heard me and thought it was the radio. Again, it’s there. You just have to find it.

The Journey to How to be Resilient

This journey I’m going to take with you is all about getting you to find your resilience. You’ll find how you’re going to get there, even if you feel you haven’t got it.

I used to have a brother-in-law who said to me, “I wish I had your fight and your will to live.”

I told him, “You have it, you just need to exercise it.”

He died at a very young age because he just didn’t find it. You’ve got to fight back with your will to live, to do, and to live again after life hits you. Whatever’s happened, whether it’s losing your job, getting divorced, losing financial security, being depressed, finding your marriage isn’t what it should be…just get up. You’re alive. There is another side. Life has a silver lining. You just have to get up.

This has been my life. I have had such a lot of adventure in my life, but every time I’ve gotten up.

I’ve got a son-in-law who is always even-keeled. It doesn’t seem to matter what happens. The other day, it was raining and wind and water were coming into the house. All the windows were shaking. My daughter found it very difficult because every room in the house was upside down. It was hard, and she had to find her way around that, find her happy place and adapt to that. He, on the other hand, was naturally calm.

Joké Hoetmer Teaches us How to be Resilient

And there was Joké with more examples of what being resilient looks like. As we learnt in part one, emotional resilience is the type of resiliency we’re born with (we just have to go back access it again). Now, we’ve learnt about adaptive resilience, which is the type we use as it applies to life as it changes.

Next, in the third and final instalment in this series, we’re going to discover learnt resilience. Be sure to experience that last article at Finding your Resilience, with Joké Hoetmer.

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