How Resilient People Work, with Loubna Zarrou

Hello and welcome back to this three-part articles series on resilient people, with Loubna Zarrou. In the first part, How to Increase Resilience, Loubna talked to us about the danger of always being positive. She also helped us to understand what resiliency means.

Now she’s going to talk about degrees of resilience, as well as how resilient people (and non-resilient people) can build their own resiliency over time.

If you’re more of a digital learner, you can watch her Brand Builders TV episode, How to Set Yourself up for Success (Part Two), here. Otherwise, let’s learn a bit more and Loubna and then keep reading!

More About Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Loubna Zarrou is a professional coach for executives, a consultant for business owners and managers, a corporate trainer, leadership development strategist and project manager. She is an international bestselling author, as well as a certified professional speaker.

Her goal is to help executives, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to make decisions effectively and take action with inspiration, focus and clarity.

Now it’s time to read about Loubna Zarrou’s view on resilient people—including you!

Degrees of Resilience

Every one of us is going through some level of stress right now.

Some are bouncing back and thriving, taking action and giving it one more go. They’re looking into the world and asking how they can influence it; asking what they can do.  And others are still not sure if they should go back to bed, cover themselves up and wait until it all blows over.

Whatever your response is, in this moment in time…it happens. And it’s a very natural response. So, I want you to be compassionate and don’t think, I’m not one of those resilient people. Instead, know that you can train and increase your resilience.

How Resilient are You Right Now?

It’s important to know how resilient you are right now. On a scale from one through ten, based on the definition that I shared earlier (the capacity to bounce back from adversity and grow stronger by overcoming negative events), how would you score your resiliency right now, in this very moment? There is no right or wrong answer to this.

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Now for an even more important question:  how happy are you with your score?  If you’re not happy with it, and would like it to be higher, stick with me because I’m about to share several ways you can build your resilience muscle.

I want to emphasize that you are already resilient. You have all the same abilities that resilient people have. You’ve already had hardships, adversities, stress, problems and challenges…so you are absolutely resilient.

Science has taught us that every single one of us is born with a certain level of resilience. For a very long time, it was believed that resilience was fixed—that whatever you were given at birth, that was it.

But because your brain in malleable (it’s called neuroplasticity), it can learn new things and can have influence on and through your actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Whatever it is right now that you’re not very happy with it, I’m going to be sharing ways you can boost your resilience. You can train it. I’m so sure of it that next time you go through this reflection exercise you’ll be able to write down a higher number.

No one will ever be a ten. There is no perfection in this. It’s a skill, a practice and a mastery. The more you go through it, the more you will learn.

My wish for you is that you take a step back and reflect on these foundations I’m teaching you. Because if we keep going day to day, without stopping to reflect, we can’t make change or decisions that will positively affect the foundational traits that are essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Here's How Resilient People do It

Consider this YOU time. Reflect so you can make intentional decisions about what you want to change in your life and business. Ask yourself if you’re happy. Think about some resilient people you know (or know of). What do they have that you admire? What example can you take from them?

Take some time to sit and think about that before we move on.

Count Yourself Among These Resilient People

Thank you for that, Loubna. I urge you to take the time to think about where you are in your life and business, how you would like it to change…and use resilient people as models for how you can field adversity and disappointment.

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Remember, even those people who always seem to have smiles on their faces do not live and work without difficulties. They, too, have hurdles to navigate. The difference is that they’ve learnt to manage those tough times and to be more resilient.

This is not even close to being finished! I hope you’ll join us for Loubna’s final instalment in this article series, How to Bounce BackIn it, she’s sharing the traits that resilient people all have in common.

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Sammy Blindell

Sammy Blindell