Should I Change Careers? with Carol Vincie

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n this particular series, Carol Vincie is putting you on a path that gets you totally focussed on your core strengths. You’ll be taken through a guided exercise you can do yourself, with your team and your family to ensure you’re staying in true alignment with who you are.

Carol is known as the A Game Accelerator, supporting business owners like you in operating productively, increasing performance and growing profit.

If you’d rather watch and listen as Carol delivers her Brand Builders TV episode, you’re welcomed to do that right here, in Using Your Core Strengths to Stay in You’re a Game. Otherwise, just keep on reading for instalment number one!

Meet Carol Vincie

Carol Vincie is founder of Productivity Tools and Insights, speaker, author and player in the venture capital arena during the Dot-Com craze of the 90s. She very specifically uses the term “play” when referring to her venture capitalism—and you’ll discover why as we move through this article series.

Carol has established a stellar reputation for herself by devising unique solutions to the challenges faced by her clients. Her experience lies in corporate, entrepreneurial and venture capitalism.

Carol has specialized in start-ups seeking outside investments. She demonstrates superior listening skills, for guiding strategy and uncovering reasons for high turnover. She advises during the hiring of employee number one all the way through franchise operations and filling CFO positions in NASDAQ-listed organizations.

Now, let’s not waste one more moment. It’s time for Carol to answer your question, “Should I change careers?” in her own words.

Are You Wondering, “Should I Change Careers?”

Many of us have discovered the need to find a different role in today’s chaotic environment.

Remember the Mission Impossible movies? They had the ability to combine nerve-shattering and exhilarating experiences.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to uncover the gifts, talents—and maybe even a little magic—that you (and you alone) possess, to change the world.

Brand Builders TV Should I Change Careers Carol Vincie

I mentioned the term “nerve-shattering” because you’re standing on a precipice and you might feel frightened about leaving the security of your existing environment. I’m here to help with that process.

You might say, “That’s truly mission impossible.” “I’m the primary bread winner for my household.” “They depend on my regular paycheck.” “I don’t have the education, skill or time to take on anything else.” “I’m taking care of my family.” “I’m too busy.”

Maybe you’ve heard about The Sandwich Generation.

“My children or significant other will not tolerate a change in our relationship.” “He leaves his clothes all over the house and assumes I’ll pick up after him.” “She demands an unlimited spending budget.” If any of these things sound familiar, make a note as we move through this process.

The Mission Impossible Project

You may ask, “Why is Carol willing to take on The Mission Impossible Project, to uncover my passion and help me discover what I’m here to accomplish?”

Brand Builders TV Should I Change Careers Carol Vincie

I want to accelerate your process. My own discovery took a very long time. I want you to be able to make a contribution and have a significant impact as quickly as possible.

Let me share a little bit about my journey. I am dyslexic, and when I was in school, very little was known about it. My parents were not prepared to admit that they had a defective child.

When words are a challenge, reading is not your favorite activity. As a matter of fact, I avoided it at all costs. I thought I was the only one in the world who suffered with this challenge.

When I went through a job assessment, the top profession recommended for me was trial attorney. If you know me well, you know that my decisive, direct and aggressive behavior is a good fit for that—except my poor reading skills eliminated that option.

In school, mathematics and music were easy choices for me, because I didn’t have to deal with those confusing, frightening letters. When I entered the job market, the computer field was just beginning to explode. There were limited opportunities for women, but programming presented some of the same dyslexic challenges I had encountered in other areas.

I discovered my magic when I came upon project design. I could work across industries. I worked in the brokerage industry on Wall Street, the healthcare industry for a project with Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago, with claims processing, retail for Sears when they had 860 stores, and distributed computing when that became the burgeoning technology in the late 80s.

All of these positions used the same core skills.

My Attention Deficit Disorder

Along that journey, I also realized I had another challenge. I have ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. That doesn’t necessarily show up in school for females, since women don’t typically exhibit the hyperactivity associated with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Boys show more of the hyperactivity and can be very disruptive in class—so that’s where the teacher is focused.

Women tend to be shy daydreamers. We sit quietly in the classroom. We’re not disruptive, and the teachers are glad to have us there—but they also tend to pass over what else might be going on.

The strengths that come with ADD and ADHD aren’t often highlighted. Some of those strengths are:


I wrote the first draft of my first book in three weeks. The mail didn’t get opened, but I had a draft.

High Energy

Some of my colleagues referred to me as The Energizer Bunny, because I am always going, always coming up with new ideas and ventures.


I do not give up. I am a risk-taker, sometimes to my own detriment.


If you know anyone with ADD or ADHD, you have undoubtedly witnessed their inborn leadership capabilities.

Why I'm Interested in Your Journey

I’m sharing this because I wanted to give you a little bit of background. I want you to understand that even if you’re saying, “I don’t have the education, skill or time…” know that they’re not barriers. We each have something that is truly a gift that we alone possess—that we can implement to make an impact on the world. And that’s what I’m trying to help you accomplish.

Brand Builders TV Should I Change Careers Carol Vincie

Still Wondering, "Should I Change Careers?"

Thank you, Carol.

Has she changed the way you view your strengths? Have you been focussing on your weaknesses, to the detriment of your strengths?

Carol has a unique gift for affecting the way you view what you have to offer—as well as how you round out your team. Learn more about that and answer more questions in Should I Quit my Job? with Carol Vincie.

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