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Stop Bullying and T.H.R.I.V.E with Simon Benn

Brand Builders TV Stop Bullying Simon Benn

Hello and welcome to this first instalment in a three-part series about how to stop bullying of all types from childhood-happiness expert Simon Benn. He is working to empower parents and children with the notion that they can become bully-proof.

An adopted child who was bullied, Simon now teaches kids to T.H.R.I.V.E.

  • Trust (build it through better communication)
  • Happiness (choose it)
  • Resilience (to bounce back)
  • Identity (to be the best you can be)
  • Vision (create it and live it)
  • Energy (elevate it)

All of the information you’ll find here has been extracted from Simon’s Brand Builders TV episode, How to Make Your Child Bully Proof. You may wish to watch the entire episode below, or you can read on to learn what to do if your child is being bullied, in Simon Benn’s own words.

It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Simon Benn

Simon Benn is a coach who is empowering children to T.H.R.I.V.E. He holds school workshops for 8-to-11-year-olds, works directly with parents who are concerned about their children being bullied, and publishes educational materials to help kids feel happier and more confident—which makes them bully-proof.

He understands that your child means more to you than anything else, and that their happiness is your happiness. He also knows that children’s minds are more open and ready to change than ours, making the early years the prime time for bully-proofing.

Children can learn quickly that bullying is not about them. They can be taught about emotional issues and how they manifest in others. The more they learn about feelings, the more capable they will be of walking away from bullies, unscathed.

Without further ado, let’s hear what Simon has to say about how to stop bullying, in his own words.

How I Stumbled onto my Stop Bullying Message

Just imagine if your child were totally immune to bullying, so that nobody could upset them. How would that feel?

We hear so much in the media about how big of a problem bullying is, and everybody is focussed on trying to change the behaviour of the bullies. If parents have children who are bullied, they will relentlessly go after the schools to stop the bully (and they should do exactly that), but there’s another way of attacking this. You can build up your child’s immunity to bullying before it happens, or even whilst it’s happening.

That’s what I discovered seven years ago, when I woke up one sunny July morning with an idea about writing a kid’s book about happiness. That turned into conversations with kids about my concept and conversations with teachers in schools.

By November, 2013 I was going into schools and working with kids. In the thought session I was presenting, I was honing my message and trying it out to see what would work.

I was learning on the job, with kids as an audience. We learn by experimentation. We don’t learn with insight from books, etc…we learn from the job. Learning to be an entrepreneur is on-the-job training.

What I discovered is that we can make children bully-proof. I didn’t set out to do that. I set out to make them happy, but stumbled across a way to stop something that makes too many kids unhappy—bullying.

Being Bullied, but not for Long

I was working with kids, who were interviewing me about a comic I was writing. We got into an activity session about helping them make their dreams comes true. This is a way to engage any child in conversation…with what matters to them, not us.

What matters to them is getting into a school, making the football team, getting the part in the play…short-term or long-term goals. We start the conversation about that. We then move to their feelings and then onto ignoring the kids who say they can’t make their dreams come true. From that, we take a short hop to helping them realise that no other child can actually upset them.

I ran the session. I was testing my process. I wanted to find out what the children had learnt, so I asked them to write down what they’d discovered. At that time, I wasn’t sure if I was patronizing them or talking up to them, taking them beyond their abilities. I said, “I want you to write down what you’ve learnt so you can remember it.”

One little girl beckoned me over, “Mr. Benn, now I can go back to dance class.” That’s what she had learnt she could do.

We’d been talking and playing silly games (because kids learn more when they’re having fun). We spent 45 minutes on making dreams come true and ignoring those who tell them it’s not possible. This girl had an insight, a realization, had seen something new, a leap in her consciousness. Something had happened in her mind, and she was going back to dance class.

I didn’t fully know what was going on, but she said that she’d been bullied for being too good of a dancer. The others were probably jealous. She hadn’t told the teacher or her mum and dad, just quit. That had broken her heart, and it still breaks my heart to think about her going through that.

So that meant her dream was back in the cards, because she loved dancing. She wanted to be on Dancing with the Stars. The conviction in her voice still gives me chills after all these years.

Oh, what she had seen for herself! It’s not what I say, it’s what the kids hear. It’s what the parents I now work with hear. I train parents in my approach to make their children bully-proof. It’s what they hear from their children, what they pass on to me, that sets my world on fire. To hear the success stories; the changes that happen in young minds. Kids are so open to this stuff, it’s just absolutely fantastic.

Kids’ Minds are Open to Stopping Bullying

We’re brought up to believe that changing our mind is a bad thing; I think it’s a fantastic thing. So many of us, as adults, still have the bully from the playground in our heads. They’re still telling us we can’t achieve what we want in life and business.

Changing your mind means ignoring that bully. Kids take to it like ducks to water; the change happens in a minute and there’s less rubbish in their head. It’s absolutely stupendous to me when I hear parents say what I’ve shared has changed their child’s trajectory.

You Can Stop Bullying, with the Help of Simon Benn

In this first article in the series, we have learnt that we don’t have to change the bully’s behaviour; we simply have to fortify ourselves (and our children) against it. As humans, we manifest our emotions in different ways, but one thing is certain: Negative emotions have negative results. And in the case of bullying, the bully is suffering. The doesn’t mean you (or your child) has to suffer at their hand, or along with them.

You won’t want to miss Simon’s next instalment, How to Stop Cyberbullies and More. In it, he will be sharing his own traumatic experiences with bullies from his childhood, and using them to teach us how we can stop bullying in its tracks. Then we’ll wrap it all up with Help! My Child is Being Bullied, which contains some practical knowledge for stopping bullies.

I hope you will join us for all that! And if you or your child are suffering the ravages of bullying, or if you know someone who is, please share the video or this series with them. Simon has both the first-hand and the empirical awareness necessary for helping people through this.

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Create Your Living Legacy, with Dr Alan Chong

Create Your Living Legacy_Alan Chong

This article is being brought to you by Brand Builders TV, and more specifically, the episode recorded with Dr. Alan Chong, chiropractor and proprietor of the podcast Practice Mastery, his living legacy project. He is working with other thought leaders in the Brand Builders Club to bring you strategies you can use to move ahead with ease and flow, to benefit you in every area of your business and your life.

In his podcast, Alan shares how chiropractors and natural health practitioners can become masters of their personal and professional lives—but there’s more. He also shares tips, tricks and wisdom that anyone can use to become more successful and get shit done!

Forever an entrepreneur, Alan Chong has embraced creative solutions as a superpower for success, and he’s showing us how we can do it too. Today, Alan will be sharing with us how he is creating his living legacy through his podcast, and he will surely give you some food for thought regarding your own legacy, too.

This article has been taken from an episode of Brand Builders TV, How to Achieve Practice Mastery, and you may view that here. Or scroll down to read the content in Alan’s own words.

Meet Alan Chong

Dr. Alan Chong has been practicing chiropractic medicine for more than 33 years. He operates two offices in Calgary, Alberta Canada, specializing in chronic and challenging cases. He is also the host of Practice Mastery, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with renowned international chiropractors, natural health practitioners and industry experts.

Alan calls the Practice Mastery podcast his living legacy, and aims to inspire, educate, motivate…and then provide practical advice for taking the next steps. He wants Practice Mastery to be Your Call to Greatness and invites you to download the podcast and invite any practitioners you may know to do the same.

Let’s hear more about Practice Mastery in Alan’s own words…

Alan Chong talks Living Legacy and Practice Mastery

Hello! I’m so glad to be with you! My topic today is all about building your living legacy. I met Sammy a number of years ago, and we’ve kept in touch. She is building her legacy, which is being a brand-building expert. That’s not new, but as part of building her legacy, she is creating more and more stuff that supports that brand.

Sammy has inspired me and has invited me to be on Brand Builders TV. This is going to be an episode about my podcast, Practice Mastery, which is my living legacy. I am creating great and valuable content, which is something you can do too—and it can be your legacy project. No matter the project you choose, I want to share some things that will help you to begin to (or continue to) build your legacy.

What is a Living Legacy?

What I mean by a living legacy is that you’re building something of value and creating a lot of value that can be added to your brand, to make your brand something that represents you in a very authentic way. A living legacy can help people, serve people, create real value, and actually begin to change their lives.

Practice Mastery is a live podcast now. This came to be because I knew for several years that I wanted to create a living legacy. I had been thinking about mastering my practice as a chiropractor in many different ways. I knew it would be multi-faceted: there are the hands-on skills, the technical skills, the knowledge, experience, etc. You can relate this to any industry.

Think about your industry and about all the expertise you’re developing or have developed. If you could just share that, and monetize it to add value to people’s businesses and/or lives, they will pay for it…whether they’re getting it remotely, one-on-one, or live and in-person at the top level.

Getting Started with Practice Mastery

As a practicing chiropractor, I have developed a high degree of mastery in certain areas. How could I share that with the masses in a practical way? How could I help a lot of people? In other words, how could I best leverage my time, my efforts and my reach?

An opportunity came up with a friend of mine to take a course called Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula. With it, I created a podcast in six weeks. It’s a crash course that teaches people to create podcasts. I had been thinking about creating one, or at least being on one, for about five years. I had participated in a number of interviews, but I hadn’t taken the big leap to get started. 

So how to get started? Before the action is the thought and the inspiration. Most people stop after the inspiration or the thought. I thought having a podcast would be cool, I was interviewed on a few, and I enjoyed that. But it would be a big leap to go from that to actually publishing my own podcast. The action point in creating a legacy is actually moving forward. That sounds like a simple concept, but it’s not always a simple process. But it can be if you take the leap.

Take the Leap

I took the leap. I took the course, went in full-bore, and even won a prize in one of the categories. If you’re also the kind of person who does what they say they’re going to, be careful what you say yes to, and be very targeted. Say no to lots of things that can distract you.

Plan it Out and Get Help

I had to get help. This podcast concept was brewing for the better part of five years and I didn’t do it until I had the specific action steps mapped out. I didn’t know what to do, but I got expert coaching on getting that done.

Your Very Own Living Legacy

Whatever your legacy project is, getting started begins with inspiration and thoughts, then the decision to dive in, then making plans and steps. This leads to actions upon actions in the right direction, which lead to results. That’s what you really want. My result is that I’ve launched Practice Mastery podcast, available on Apple, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio and numerous others. I’m almost at 100 downloads, and I’ve just started it eight weeks ago. It’s hard to believe I have a live, launched podcast.

I invite you to search Practice Mastery. It’s designed for chiropractors and natural healthcare practitioners, but all kinds of people from all kinds of fields have already listened and said there’s great insight and value in there. That’s the result of communicating mastery and adding value with content. People can listen over and over. I have one listener who’s a non-chiropractor who loved the podcast and says she listened to Episode 3 five times because she thought so much of it.

If you think about what you’re doing in business and life right now, shift that thinking to What can I pass down as a living legacy, to serve and help? Just imagine if you go forward in your business with that level of importance. If it’s part of your major legacy, then that’s phenomenal; it’s not just another project or another chore. It’s something you’re passionate about, something people have to know about and something you have to share. That’s part of how I define a living legacy. To me, Practice Mastery podcast for chiropractors is a call to greatness for its listeners. In fact, that’s in the tagline: Your Call to Greatness.

Practice Mastery, Even in Strange Times

In Covid times, a global pandemic, there’s lots of firefighting in clinics. I own two clinics in Calgary. Fortunately, we are open for business, but under all kinds of challenges, including reduced hours and reduced clients per hour. There are staffing issues.

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you know that staff and clients are real people with things that need to be looked after. Life was very busy and this opportunity to create the podcast came up in a very distinct way. It came knocking at my door. I had a choice to go for it, put it on pause or think about.

If a man is not sure, he might say, “I’ll think about it”—and he really will mull it over. For women, the decision is often more emotional. When it’s a combination of yes/yes or Hell Yes, that’s ideally what you want. But then where does buyer’s remorse come in? Have you had that lately? Or has your mind started to interfere with an emotional decision?

There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you make a legacy decision, even if it’s a small one, you may end up not deciding at all. A confused person tends not to decide, or to decide rationally, not using their intuition.

My decision-making matrix is “let me think about it.” Usually, that means no.

Whichever type of decision maker you are, when you’re moving toward a legacy project, whether it’s a program, a business, a family decision, when you really jump in 100% that’s when things get done.

I remember being up until 3 a.m. on a work night, hammering out details for the podcast. When I was working on coaching materials and working with spine clients, I pulled some late nights. That’s how you know you’re working on a legacy, or really important stuff.

Where is the Practice Mastery podcast now? If you’re a chiropractor or know one that needs support and help, this is a worldwide free resource where they’ll get great content from a very experienced chiropractor with 33 years in practice. I host the show. Right now, the first episode is Quitting Chiropractic. I thought about quitting more than once. For natural health practitioners, episode 2 is more of a What Is Practice Mastery? Episode, in which I share my story. I will interview many different chiropractors, and I’ll also have guest experts in other episodes. Episode 3 includes the steps toward Practice Mastery. I introduce some ideas, and share my stories about achieving and failing at mastery.

Mastery is one of those things…you never really do truly master anything. That’s why this is a living legacy in my mind. That’s why I carefully constructed the name and the brand. What I want to do is work with a select number of chiropractors and natural health practitioners because there’s a common sense of needing community, needing support, needing coaching and needing mentorship.

I wanted to produce this podcast five years ago. It wasn’t until I truly decided to get started that I started. It took very specific action steps and a specific program. For you, it might be a specific practice coach. You might need someone to help organize you and your thoughts to move forward. That’s what it’s about.

If you’re going to get started, don’t start and then drop things. I have started things and dropped them, but typically not major things. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. For healthy business balance, say no more often than yes. That’s better than saying yes to everything and getting yourself totally bound up.

In these uncertain times, we need to support one another and help each other out. What better gift than podcast support? My podcast airs weekly from October 2020 to summer 2021. That’s an opportunity to learn, be inspired and entertained. I try to keep it lively.

Practice Mastery, Your Call to Greatness is my legacy. What’s your legacy going to be? As you do things and commit to moving forward (and then actually move forward), you get one step closer to practice mastery.

Your Living Legacy, with the Help of Alan Chong and Others

If you have a living legacy project in you, like Alan did, the most important thing you can do is take the first step. Remember that not deciding is a decision. Forward movement, achievement and success are only possible when you take one step, then another and another.

Has your forward movement been halted by a lack of accountability? Could you use some practice mastery to put you in achievement mode? Then be sure to subscribe to the Practice Mastery podcast by Alan Chong.

But then what? What can you do to keep yourself accountable, to build your network, to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to rise to the next level…and even create your living legacy project? Brand Builders Club is the answer. You don’t even need to make a long-term commitment. Simply join Brand Builders Club LITE, which involves a nominal monthly fee that you can cancel at any time. Just one Thinkubator and we think you’ll agree: You can take your life and business to the next level!

Part 3: From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional PR with Mark Stephen Pooler

We have already completed Parts 1 and 2 of this breath-taking series with Mark Stephen Pooler. If you missed them, please go back and quickly read through Up From Zero Visibility with Mark Stephen Pooler and Up To Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler. I promise that you will not be disappointed, and also that you’ll come back to this, Part 3, with a real motivation to improve your life and your business.

So without delay, let’s get to know a little bit more about Mark and then get straight into the conclusion of this three-part series

Meet Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler, The Global Profile Builder, has made a successful career of supporting his high-profile, high-value clients as they go from Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility.

Mark owns MSP News Global and TMSP Agency, and is a PR specialist, radio personality, public speaker and best-selling author.

When Mark Stephen Pooler agreed to deep-dive into his life story in the episode of Brand Builders TV from where these words originated, we could not have been happier. It’s chock-full of valuable tips, tricks and resources he’s been generous enough to share—every one of which you can use to enhance your business and your life.

Choose to devour the entire episode of From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler, below. Or choose to read Part 3, in Mark’s own words, farther down.

From Zero to Hero, in Mark’s Own Words

By the age of 30, I had slowly started to rebuild my life. I had had enough of working for other people, making them lots of money and not making lots of money for myself. I gave up a paid job, while having a mortgage, to become my own boss. I set up as a freelance hair stylist. That was the start of my entrepreneurship journey.

I then joined a network marketing company, which was amazing. It opened up the world of social media, entrepreneurship and building a network.

Fast forward a little bit. I was watching the speakers at the network marketing events sharing their stories. And I thought, that is what I want to do. I want to share my story to help and inspire others.

So that’s what I did. I left network marketing and jumped in the deep end to become a speaker. I built a successful coaching community, and had many one-to-one public speaking coaching clients. I published two books. One of my books, Step Into Your Brilliance, became a number-one best-seller in the USA, UK and Canada.

Then I was interviewed on a radio show in the USA and they asked me if I would like to become a co-host of the show. Obviously, I said, “Yes, please!” That led me to where I am today. I am a fun-loving and focussed PR expert supporting high-profile, high-value individuals to be seen, heard and get noticed with worldwide digital media to become global superstars.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. It’s taken me longer than I had originally planned. My journey from social media entrepreneurship has taken five years—that’s five years of consistently taking action, while not always getting the results I wanted, and getting a lot of rejection. But I just carried on, and carried on and carried on.

In January 2020, I finally retired from my hairdressing business. I had lost passion for it. I had wanted to quit four or five years ago, but I had to persevere, taking action, failing…but I finally said, “I’m retired from my freelance hairdressing business.”

I have built a full-time business where I can work from anywhere in the world, earning a full-time income. I am pretty proud of that, especially considering the past that I’ve been through…from being just a mobile hairdresser (which is an amazing career, if that’s what you want to do, but it wasn’t my passion).

I had enough belief in myself to take action. Today, I am the founder and editor-in-chief of, where I publish features for all my amazing clients. I also publish global press releases all over the world for all my clients through MSP News Global.

I am also the founder of TMSP Agency, a premium media and PR firm.

I want to impress upon you that no matter where you are, even if it’s going to take you two to five years, stay focussed on your goals, keep those belief systems, make great choices…and with repetition, anything is possible. Five years ago, I was not doing any of the things I’m doing today, and I have built a global, international business with which I am earning a full-time income. Anything can be achieved.

I work with celebrities, some of the biggest names in personal development, six- and seven-figure earners, entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain exposure, real estate investors, best-selling authors…and I would not have believed any of this was possible five years ago. Again, anything can be achieved.

Mark Says, “Media and PR Move you from Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility”

Now I want to talk to you about media and PR, which I’m here to help and support you with. If you have a great product and a great service, and you want to earn more money, you’ll need to get more of your target market’s eyes on that product and service. This is what will help you to grow, scale and make progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

Another thing you’ll need in order to gain exposure is trust and credibility. You need to be the go-to, or the authority, in your niche. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Your brand needs to be on point. You’ll need a great website.

I’m not saying you have to spend fortunes. I bootstrapped my business in the beginning, too. But you will need to have a great social media presence, a great website…as well as a product and service.

When you are your own boss—your own entrepreneur—selling is so important. I wasn’t great at selling; I used to hate it. But now, I love sales. I love enrolment. It’s my journey to share how I can help and serve others.

I strongly advise that you get good at sales so you can make progress in your journey.

Reach out to your favourite shows and Google media outlets. Get in touch with me at and I will share my list with you. Networking to build relationships with media people is so important…before you approach them to feature you anywhere. Go in with the mindset of how you can serve them. How can you benefit their audience? What do you have to offer that will assist them? What will give their audience value? Never just think, I need to send a press release to this person, which is all about me, with the belief that they will just be interested in your story.

Once you are good at selling, you’ve got some basic social media skills, you’ve got your social media sorted, you’ve done some work on your branding, you’ve got a great website, you’ve got products and services ready for the world, you have your short and long bio prepared, you’ve got your professional image…now it’s time to build your business through media and PR.

Some advantages of media and PR include that it builds exposure, credibility and authority; it helps to attract clients. You will dominate Google.

If you’re looking for speaking opportunities, event organisers will be searching you on Google, so be sure that you’ve had interviews, magazine articles, you’ve been featured in press and you’ve been on podcasts. Your digital media presence, social media presence and media coverage are so important to being searchable on Google, because people will research you before doing business with you. Media will build trust.

Brand association is really important. When you’re connected to brands like Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance, it puts you on a higher level. It makes you stand out from the crowd, builds trust and gives you instant credibility. Brand association is so important.

How can you associate with brands? How can you collaborate with other entrepreneurs to lift your own credibility and authority? How can you take full advantage of any media coverage you get? For months of marketing on your social media pages?

These are marketing tools that will act and speak to your target market without you having to do anything. Once you have those interviews and articles, they are marketing tools for your target market. You will dominate Google and build trust.

There are just so many advantages to brand association. Being able to include logos from companies like Fox, NBC, ABC and Yahoo Finance on your website, for instance, builds instant credibility. I can help you with that. If that’s something you’re interested in, go to and schedule a free get-together with me.

Also, we can’t forget about celebrity endorsements. If you have a product or service that would be great for a celebrity, and you can collaborate and create images with that person, you will instantly boost your own celebrity status and credibility.

I feel there’s a lot of value for you to go away with today. Whether it’s belief systems, choices, personal development or business you need support with, I feel I’ve shared some great wisdom with you. If you do take action, you will go out and get the results you’re looking for in your business.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with me, with absolutely no pressure, we can have a coffee over Zoom and talk about your media and PR needs. Maybe you need help with your branding, maybe you just need some guidance on how to scale up a little bit using media, PR, branding…just schedule a free consultation at I would love to have a conversation with you.

I come from a past of bullying, severe drug addiction, collapsing and dying from drug abuse. Who would have thought I could transform my life? But let me tell you that if I can do it, anybody can do it. It just takes having belief in yourself, and taking small, consistent steps every single day. With repetition, you can create any reality you wish.

Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark and Brand Builders TV

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Part 2: A Publicity Strategy with Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional PR with Mark Stephen Pooler

In Part 1 with Mark Stephen Pooler (Up From Zero Visibility with Mark Stephen Pooler), you learnt about his struggles in primary school. Mark was bullied, called names, kicked…and it’s time to hear about where his life’s journey led him from there. It’s time to learn more about how he used his publicity strategy to rise to hero credibility (and how he can help you do the same).

Meet Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler, The Global Profile Builder, supports high-value, high-profile individuals in their journeys from Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility.

Mark owns MSP News Global (a premium business magazine website) and TMSP Agency (a media and PR firm) and is a public-relations specialist, best-selling author, radio host and public speaker.

When Mark Stephen Pooler agreed to film the episode of Brand Builders TV from where these words were taken, we were beyond thrilled. He is deep-diving into hot topics and he’s generously sharing his story, resources, tips and tools so you may move forward with ease and flow in all areas of your business and your life.

You may wish to watch the entire episode of From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler, below. Or, you may wish to scroll down a bit to read Part 2 of this riveting series, all about creating a publicity strategy. Just getting started? Then you must go back to Part 1, Up From Zero Visibility with Mark Stephen Pooler, and then come back here.

So without delay, here’s Part 2.

A Publicity Strategy that Started with Rock Bottom, in Mark’s Own Words

The next part of my journey? I left school with really bad GCSE results. At the age of 15, I left school. That was when my drug-taking started. I started with soft drugs, like speed and weed. But I started partying heavily, clubbing, numbing away years of pain of not knowing who I was and having no direction for my future. Making people laugh and playing up helped to take the emphasis off my own insecurities and low self-esteem.

I did have a job straight after school. I started working for one of the biggest-name hair salons in the UK at the time, a celebrity hair stylist. The owner appeared on television, on GMTV. It was great. It did build my confidence. It taught me customer-service skills, how to deal with the public, how to grow my self-esteem.

But my partying got out of control. I had an addictive personality.

By the age of 21, I had hit rock bottom. I was living the bad life, and I was going nowhere. I was addicted to crack cocaine and heroin.

I went out on a party night with friends and tried a new clubbing drug. I was having the time of my life one minute, and the next minute I woke up in the hospital. I collapsed and died. There were bruises up and down my arm, where adrenaline had been pumped into me to bring me back to life. My chest had been shaven, where shock pads had been used on me.

You would think that collapsing, cardiac arrest and dying would be enough to make me see the light and change my ways, wouldn’t you? That should have been a wake-up call. But no. My life was out of control. I didn’t know who I was. I was living a crazy life, with no direction for my future. I went straight out from the hospital, with the sticky pads still on my chest, back to partying, clubbing and taking ecstasy on the same day I had collapsed and died.

I am so lucky to be alive and I’m so blessed that now I can help others say that it doesn’t matter what past you come from, you can create any future reality you want to. If you would have told me back then that I would be achieving what I’m achieving now, and that I’d be surrounded by the people I’m with, I would not have believed you.

A few days after I’d collapsed, I was in my bedroom in my mum’s house taking crack cocaine. My mum came in my bedroom and found me doing this. She grabbed the crack pipe, dumped its contents down the drain, and did one of the best things she could have ever done for me. She chucked me out of the family home.

At the time, I hated her for it. But my mum is a strong woman, and I have a lot of respect for her.

I moved away from the people who were dragging me down. It really is true that you are like the people you’re surrounded by. People will either lift you up or they will drag you down. Have a look at your circle and ask yourself, “Would I swap places with those people?” If the answer is NO, you need to change your circle.

I slowly started to rebuild my life from the age of 21. I read my first Law of Attraction book…well before The Secret came out. This is part of the reason why where I am today is so amazing. I was such a Law of Attraction fan at age 21, and one of the first people to grab a copy of The Secret movie. Who would have believed, fast forward 15 years or so, that I would be working with the original cast members of The Secret? That is how you can create your own reality.

I slowly started to rebuild my life, carried on working in hair salons. I wasn’t perfect. I still went out partying, still took softer drugs. But I quit heroin and crack cocaine without medical assistance. I didn’t see a doctor. I went cold turkey; went through the hot and cold shivers, went through the pain—and I did it by using the power of my mind.

I want to share some tips and wisdom about how to move forward and start making progress in your journey.

Have a Belief System

You must have a positive, empowering belief system. Everything starts in the mind. If you have a look around the room you’re in now, know that everything was created twice, because it was first created in the mind.

That is the power of thought. When you’re a drug addict, or have low self-esteem and low self-confidence, it’s really hard to have positive, empowering belief systems. Personal development and making progress are parts of an ongoing journey. I still work on all of these things now. But you have to take that first step.

Make Better Choices

When you work on positive, empowering belief systems, that leads to making better, wiser choices that will lead you into a better, newer reality over time.

Practice Repetition

Nothing happens without repeating, repeating, repeating. That is how the subconscious minds works and it’s how you can program your mind to move into a better reality. I find things like NLP and self-hypnosis audios work really well for programming the subconscious mind and getting better results.

Hero Credibility: A Four-Step Process

My four-step process for attaining Hero Credibility includes Gratitude, Visualisation, Meditation and Action.


It doesn’t matter what problems you’re going through, there is always something to be grateful for. You have a shirt on your back, you’re breathing fresh air, you can look up at the stars, the moon, the sun, this amazing universe we live in. You can drink fresh water. You can eat food. You may have a car, a phone, you may have great family around you.

There is always something to be grateful of. When you focus on gratitude every single day, more and more things will come into your life to be grateful for.


Visualisation is so important. I do it just before going to bed. You have to visualise the future that you want to attract. You don’t have to spend too much time there…just 5 or 10 minutes visualising your new reality.

If you can picture an Olympic gold medallist, you can be sure they have visualised themself winning the race before race day. In their mind, they have already won that race.

But don’t spend too much time there because everything happens in the present moment.


Meditation is so, so important. It’s medically and scientifically proven to improve brain function. You think better with a minimum of 5 minutes of meditation per day.

I do 30 minutes of meditation every morning while listening to an audio. This is what keeps me active. It keeps me thinking clearly and making better choices.


For anything in your life to change, you have to take massive action. As soon as you get an inspired thought, take action on it.

Also, a little bit of exercise daily…even if it’s just a 10- or 15-minute walk…will keep you feeling happy. Don’t forget to drink fresh, clean water. And just watching what you eat is important. Make sure you eat plenty of greens and put the right things in your body.

Good Things Happen when you Have a Publicity Strategy

As a young adult, Mark Stephen Pooler hit rock bottom. But from there, he pulled himself up with a publicity strategy and rose to hero credibility…and so can you!

Mark’s story doesn’t end here. Follow along on his journey to hero credibility in Part 3, From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler.

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Part 1: A Visibility Strategy with Mark Stephen Pooler

Professional PR with Mark Stephen Pooler

Today’s article comes to us from Mark Stephen Pooler, visibility strategy and public relations expert and founder of TMSP Agency and MSP News Global. In it, he’s sharing how be beat the odds, going from dead drug addict—yes, literally dead—to founder and editor-in-chief of his own global PR firm. Since starting out in the world of PR, Mark has gone on to host his own radio show and specialises in getting his clients featured on expert-positioned radio interviews, plus online press in major media outlets and publications, including Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more.

How does he build that level of visibility strategy? You’re about to find out.

Learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Mark Stephen Pooler

Known as The Global Profile Builder, Mark Stephen Pooler offers support to high-value, high-profile individuals who wish to go from Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility.

Mark owns TMSP Agency (a media and PR firm) and MSP News Global (premium business magazine website), and is a best-selling author, radio host, public speaker and PR specialist.

We were beyond thrilled when Mark Stephen Pooler agreed to film the episode of Brand Builders TV from which this article has been taken. Like our other guests, he is sharing deep-dive topics, tools and resources brought to you by global thought leaders from within the Brand Builders Club. The goal? To give you strategies you can use to move forward with ease and flow in every area of your business and life.

So without further ado…

Mark Stephen Pooler’s Story, Starting with Zero Visibility

Early in his life, Mark felt as though he was invisible…or maybe he wished he had been invisible. A victim of bullying, a drug addict and more, he has applied his life’s struggles to the wisdom he shares with others.

You may view the entire Brand Builders TV episode, From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler, below. Or, if you prefer to read Mark’s words, you may do so a bit farther down. Then move on to learn more about visibility strategy in Up to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler (Part 2) and From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler (Part 3).


A Visibility Strategy, in Mark Stephen Pooler’s Own Words

Hello everyone, and welcome to Brand Builders TV. I’m Mark Stephen Pooler and today we’re covering how to go from zero visibility to hero credibility. How to transform your life, and how I transformed my life and built a global media and PR firm.

I have lots to cover today and I’m really looking forward to sharing my story, along with tips, wisdom and skills you can use in your business right now.

I can show you what rock bottom is. Rock bottom is being on your hands and knees, picking up fluff from the carpet, thinking it’s a crack cocaine rock you’ve dropped. That’s rock bottom—an old reality.

I was always the guy at primary school who got bullied about the way I looked and about my sexuality, before I knew it myself. Big Chin, Big Ears, Gay, Poof…you name it, I was called it.

That was really hard in primary school; it led to me having low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I purposely went to a secondary school that no one I knew was going to. It was great at first. I didn’t get bullied. But that didn’t last long. The bullying was a lot worse. I remember when one of the hard lads of class kicked me in the back and I had to run the three miles home.

I have suffered with stress, anxiety and depression. As you can imagine, when I left secondary school, I had really bad GCSE results. And I have to joke…if you add all of my GCSC results together, they would spell the word FUDGE. That’s no exaggeration.

It was definitely challenging, but that’s one of my tips today: Persistence. You keep going no matter what; even when things go wrong.

I left school with a really bad education.

What were some of your challenges in your younger years? Challenges really can make you stronger if you direct your thoughts in the right way. They can make you a stronger and better person. Think about the challenges and obstacles that have led to you becoming the person you are today.

My first tip has to be never let anyone tell you what your value is, or what you are worth. Know your values. I stand for honesty, trust, loyalty and love. And I stand by those values every single day.

If you ever enter into a partnership, joint venture, collaboration…make sure your values resonate with each other before you do business or friendship—or any kind of relationship.

When you are going into a business relationship or any kind of joint venture with anyone, use your values to create questions, to see if you should be working with that person. For instance, if I were going into business with someone, some of the questions I could ask are:

Is that person coming from a place of love? Are they loving toward others?

Is this person trusting? Are they building trusting relationships?

Is this person honest? Do they come from an honest place?

As you can see, using your values to make decisions will create a recipe for success. So create questions around your values. Know what you stand for, and when you enter into agreements and relationships with people, it will be a better and easier process because you’ll resonate. It will also get rid of a lot of people whom you shouldn’t be having relationships or business partnerships with.

I allowed those kids to label me and now I am on a mission to make sure people choose the label they want to have; to be the brand they want to see in the world and stand by that.

Sammy Blindell is an inspiration to so many. She’s a true example of how to use values in a good way and she stands by her values. I really admire her.

My next tip is about collaboration. I have built my business on collaboration—collaborating with others.

You cannot build success on your own. Make sure you collaborate with the right kind of people, because it makes the journey so much better. Join a community group, like Brand Builders Club (an amazing community to grow, learn, scale your business and to build relationships and partnerships), to make sure you have some sort of support system around you. This has helped me go from zero visibility to hero credibility.

Mark’s Visibility Strategy: Just the Beginning

As an adolescent in primary school, Mark Stephen Pooler felt like he had zero visibility, but as you’ll see in Part 2 (Up to Hero Credibility with Mark Stephen Pooler), that was just the beginning of his struggle as he built a visibility strategy. Join me there, to see what happened next to form the foundation of Mark’s wisdom in life and business.

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So let’s keep building that visibility strategy! Hop on over to the Part 2, and I’ll see you in our brand building places soon!