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ONLINE Membership

**Perfect if you are self motivated**
and prefer to work on your own

This option includes:

Access to our growing Closed Facebook community,
filled with hundreds of Brand Builders all over the
world who are waiting to experience what you do,
share ideas with you, collaborate with you,
partner with you, give you valuable feedback, test
your products and services before they go live,
recommend you and do business with you!

All of the online Sprints, online Zoom Masterclasses,
Challenges and Online Mini-Courses that we run
twice monthly in the closed Facebook group during
the first and third week of every month. Each Sprint
comes with a 90 minute masterclass to ensure you
receive all of the ‘How To’ steps you need to start
and complete each Mini-Course or Sprint in just
15-30 minutes of consistent action every day.

Full access to the online learning centre, filled with
hundreds of Sprints, Mini-Courses, Challenges and
Masterclasses that we’ve delivered so far. Each one
will give you the step-by-step ‘HOW TO’ training you
need to exponentially grow your business by working
ON your business for just 15-30 minutes each day.

Access to all of the recordings of every members
only training day we’ve ever delivered so far. Each
day has been broken down into all the topics we
have covered at each event, so you can go straight
to the heart of the topic you want to learn most.

Quarterly online one-day Zoom version of our LIVE
members training day. This is where all of the
speakers for that event get together on Zoom for
7 hours to deliver exactly the same members only
training day as the live events, but it is delivered on
Zoom instead of at a physical location for all our
members who cannot get to a live event.

Weekly Get Sh[it] Done group Zoom calls every
Monday with the Brand Builders Club Sales &
Marketing Experts. If you ever get stuck, join one
of these calls and you’ll receive the support you
need to move forward with clarity.

Global masterminding, feedback and networking in the Closed Brand Builders Club Facebook group. Some members use the group to receive feedback, get ideas, market research, test their products or have members go through their programs before they launch. Others use it to build relationships, product partnerships and do business with each other. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here!

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FULL VIP Membership

**Perfect if you thrive with hands on**
support and love working with a team

This option includes:

Everything in Online Membership (left), PLUS all
of the LIVE in person support you need to receive
step-by-step guidance on every step of your journey...

Unlimited access to all our live (in person) quarterly
members only training days that are run globally to
give you instantly actionable ‘How To’ training that will
take your business to the next level. At each event you get clear on your next business growth goals and plan out your next three months of activity. These events have birthed many new business ideas, established great new partnerships between members and seen the creation of hundreds of successful businesses that are making BIG waves around the world 🙂

Your very own mastermind and accountability group
of six Brand Builders from around the world to give
you ongoing daily, weekly and monthly support. Your
mastermind group changes every twelve weeks, giving you added exposure to different levels of experience, new perspectives and feedback as you grow your business, plus introductions to other networks that will increase your exposure and impact.

Access to any and all of our monthly regional and online ThinkubatorsTM, run by our Brand Builders all over the world AND via Zoom. These 3 hour intensive brainstorming sessions are held LIVE every month and include expert training, followed by 2.5 hours of action focused masterminding. You bring one pain, idea or challenge to the table that you want support with, then everyone in your team gives you instant feedback, resources, ideas, tips, recommendations and contacts to dramatically accelerate your impact, income and business growth goals.

Access to any and all of our weekly Zoom calls that are delivered by our Global team of Brand Builders Club Ambassadors to get you super clear on your next best business growth steps.

Monthly group Zoom session with Sammy to continually shape your products, services, messaging and brand positioning as you build your business.

Access to the Brand Builders Clinic, which is a team of 25 different experts from around the world who Sammy has personally invested her own money with to build her businesses. Sammy calls them her ‘25 to Thrive Team’, as it’s taken the support of these experts to build her thriving businesses without having to employ in-house staff. This team has dramatically reduced the amount of stress, anxiety, time, money and energy that our Brand Builders have previously wasted and gives you access to a suite of experts who can support you to create first time success.

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“Let’s work together on this intensive 12 month program to
transform lives together, making your next year in business
the most easy, enjoyable and profitable of your
entrepreneurial journey so far”

Sammy Blindell
Chief Visionary Officer of How To Build A Brand & The Brand Builders Club