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Stress and Anxiety Released with Love, with Caroline Purvey

Brand Builders TV Caroline Purvey Stress and Anxiety

Hello and welcome back to this three-part series with Caroline Purvey, all about a concept called buckets and diamonds, an alternate look at gambling…and now how to turn your stress and anxiety into something positive with TRE (Total Release Experience).

If you haven’t read the first two instalments, I highly recommend doing that now at How to Relieve Stress and Gambling as a Way of Life. They set the stage perfectly for this, the final segment.

All of the content here is presented in Caroline’s own words, as taken from her Brand Builders TV episode, Understanding Buckets and Diamonds to Find your Truth, with Caroline Purvey. Feel free to keep on reading, or watch the entire video here.

So without further ado, let’s continue to learn it, model it and get shit done!

More About Caroline Purvey

Brand Builders TV Caroline Purvey Stress and Anxiety

What is TRE (Total Release Experience)? It’s a chief teaching in Caroline Purvey’s curriculum, in which she helps people to work through the negative, lasting effects of overwhelm, trauma, stress and anxiety. To accomplish this, she uses yoga, books, proprietary teachings and so much more.

Caroline works as a coach, practitioner, entrepreneur, instructor, author and teacher. She’s empowering all types of people to take their well-being into their own hands—and she’s about to do that for us, in her own words.

Stress and Anxiety, in Buckets

Buckets are part of life. We all live in a bucket world and we all have different degrees of content in our buckets. And for all that content, we have to choose whether to ignore it or move forward with it and do something to support it.

In our world, we call it Bucket Love. For many, their chips are down and they don’t love themselves for who they are. And that’s not a good place to be because if you can't love yourself, how can you be supportive and helpful to others? 

So many wear a painted smile, covering up the struggle of the bucket they have to carry around. It’s not good. It’s not a happy world because deep in that bucket, guess what’s buried? Yes, the diamond!

Brand Builders TV Stress and Anxiety Caroline Purvey

Every baby born into this world (and that includes you) has a little diamond inside looking to shine. You are an amazing person. Are you as amazing as you can be? I’m going to say no, you’re not.

Nurture Yourself, to Release Stress and Anxiety

Every little thing we do that is nurturing (and we all deserve to be nurtured) gives us a little bit of a feel-good factor, and Bucket Love Cards are one way to do that.

Bucket Love Cards are fun for one or the whole family. Shuffle the cards at the beginning of the day, and with good intention, close your eyes and ask for the card that’s meant for you.

Brand Builders TV Stress and Anxiety Caroline Purvey

Someone got in touch with me to say, “I pulled the Talk card today and I went for a walk with friends and found myself talking more than I normally would.” That made them feel good.

Someone else pulled out the Kindness card and she said, “For the first time ever, I bought my friend a cup of coffee.” That was kind and I’m sure her friend was very pleased, but just that little act probably left her with a great feel-good factor.

Someone else was troubled and bought a pack of cards. I said, “Come on, shuffle the cards.” One dropped on the floor, and it was the Freedom card. Freedom is what we all need. Freedom from any physical, mental or emotional pain. I said, “That’s the one for you.” It said, Your bucket can choose whatever it needs today to give it love. How apt is that?

I was pulling cards earlier for my group (Regular Releases Group), and introducing the cards to them, and funny enough, the card I pulled was Learn. That was so appropriate for me at this time. In the age of technology, sometimes we have a struggle with it. I have learned so much in the last 24 hours, I cannot tell you! But that card was exactly what I needed.

Let’s go through and pick a card for you. Although it may not be appropriate for you in this moment, it may give you an idea. Can we please all the people all the time? I don’t know. But with good intention….

Your Bucket Love Card

The card is Music. What a lovely image. The images on the cards, by the way, were done by Jennifer Garrity, a very talented young lady. On the back of the card is a quote. “Buckets enjoy music and the activity. Play a musical instrument or listen to the music that feels exactly right for your bucket and enjoy it.”

Find some music you haven’t listened to in a long time. Tune in to some music that makes you feel good. Whether that’s calm and relaxing, or upbeat, rocky, dancey. I don’t know about you, but I love all sorts of music. Eclectic, I think they call it. Different music suits different moods.

Some of the other cards include Gratitude and Dream. That’s good Bucket Love.

Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety with the Bucket Concept

I hope you find the bucket concept interesting. You’re a bucket—a nearly empty bucket, a half-full bucket, or a very full bucket. Start to redefine yourself. Think about those things in life that you’re gambling with, that you have gambled with. Ask yourself Why have I made those decisions?

Was it pressure? Was it because you thought that was all you deserved? Was it because you thought you had no other choice? Was it because of fear?

It’s interesting isn’t it? Why do we make those choices? And if our bucket, like the computer, is full and not functioning or the memory’s going…that’s what happens with us.

As we start the journey of redefining, reflect on the answers to those questions, and then visit www.treuk.com. Message me with your concerns about stress and anxiety, or any other wellness concerns. I’d be happy to address them.

Go have a lovely day and have an experience with playing music. Enjoy!

Take Control of Your Stress and Anxiety

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