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Decide to Take License, with Sally DiCesare

Brand Builders TV Decide Sally DiCesare

Welcome back to this series all about finding your bliss with Sally DiCesare. First, we covered how to breathe, then getting organized and making lists. And now, for the final three steps in the BOLDLY acronym, we have Decide, License and Yes.

If you missed part one (Just Breathe) and part two (How to be More Organized), I suggest you read them before continuing to read here.

Or, you may watch the entire Brand Builders TV episode (Want to be Satisfied with your Life?) below.

Let’s learn a bit more about Sally and then we’ll get right to it.

More About Sally DiCesare

Brand Builders TV Decide Sally DiCesare

While working as a dental hygienist, Sally DiCesare experienced the physical pain that exhaustion and stress can bring. Today, she’s helping other dental professionals to live their best life as the Pain-Free Practitioner.

Also known as The Bliss Alchemist, Sally is the owner and curator of Your Blissful Journey, practicing energetic chelation, SomatoEmotional Release, CranioSacral therapy…as well as psychic readings.

Now it’s time to hear from Sally, in her own words, about how you can Decide, take License and say Yes!

Over to Sally…

Decide What's Important Today

Decide:  What is most important today? As a business owner, decide what you need to have. Do you want more clients or more connections? Do you want to be on more podcasts? What do you want? And then reach out to those appropriate parties. You’re creating a stronger bridge every time you reach out.

Think about how many times you haven’t responded to an email, or it’s taken you months to get back to it. You weren’t dissing them; you were not disregarding the importance of that email. It just went to the wayside, down to the bottom of the pile.

Brand Builders TV Decide Sally DiCesare

The same thing is happening on the other side. Reach out again. Add humor, but decide that you’re going to do what you know how to do.

How many times do we sign up for something because it sounds like a great thing to do—like a webinar—learn tips, walk away with them, and don’t implement them? That’s called Edutainment. It’s not education.

I’m asking you to learn it and decide to practice it. Give it a good try. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Move on. You’re good. You’re only moving forward.

Decide to Take License, Now

License:  I’m giving you permission to set out to do what you want. Give yourself permission to really show up, to reach out to people. Because you can’t show up too big or too bright. That’s what you’re here for. Marianne Williamson is famous for saying, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

And I’ll continue with that writing of hers, because we don’t always hear the rest. Just let these words wash over you. “It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I  to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won’t feel insecure around you. You are meant to shine, as children do. We are born to manifest the glory of God within each of us. It is not just in some of us. It is in everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do that same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Who are you not to show up? You’re here to be you, to march to a different drummer; to be yourself. Who are you to hold back? Because you may be the one that one person is looking to—to guide them and open their eyes to possibilities.

Decide to Say Yes!

Yes:  I want you to say Yes Yes Yes!

Anchor your celebration of life with a resounding Yes. Whether that means taking a day of self-care, throwing yourself 100% into a project or giving yourself permission to be you. If it’s important for you to do, do it without feeling the draining emotions of guilt or unworthiness. Let each cell of your body feel your commitment to boldly living your blissful life, your blissful journey.

So today you heard my suggestions on how to live boldly, and you can have your own. This is something to get you thinking and creating.

We went over Breathe, Organize, List, Decide, License and Yes.

If you are looking for a  community of women stepping boldly into their future, I’d love for you to join me in yourblissfuljourney.com/membership. Because your journey can be brighter if you walk with friends.

You Can Decide to Live a Blissful Life

Sammy here! Much of living a blissful life is deciding to find your own bliss. Sally DiCesare is helping us to do just that, with the BOLDLY acronym:  Breathe, Organize, List, Decide, License and Yes!

By following her advice, you can live a more fulfilling, blissful life. And there’s something else you can do. You can view more episodes of Brand Builders TV, then Like and Follow the Brand Builders TV Facebook page. There, you will find everything you need to live and do business with more ease and flow. Who couldn’t use more of that?

How to be More Organized, with Sally DiCesare

Brand Builders TV How to be More Organized Sally DiCesare

Welcome back to this intriguing series about finding your bliss. In part one, Just Breathe, Sally DiCesare taught us what bliss means, how to live boldly…as well as how to breathe for best results in all areas of life.

Now it’s time to move on with steps two and three in the BOLDLY acronym, Organized and List. You’re about to learn how to be more organized—and who couldn’t use more of that?

You may continue reading, or you may wish to watch the Brand Builders TV episode from which this series was taken, Want to be Satisfied with your Life? below. Whatever you prefer…you be you!

Let’s quickly meet Sally again, then we’ll get on with it.

Meet Sally DiCesare, Again

Brand Builders TV How to be More Organized Sally DiCesare

Sally DiCesare is The Bliss Alchemist, as well as the owner of Your Blissful Journey. Once a dental hygienist, Sally is also known as the Pain-Free Practitioner. She helps dental professionals to reduce exhaustion, stress and physical pain so they can increase their quality of life. She practices CranioSacral therapy, delivers psychic readings, and practices SomatoEmotional Release and energetic chelation.

And now Sally is going to tell us, in her own words, how to be more organized.

Let’s learn it, model and get shit done!

Learning How to be More Organized

Organize:  This is a struggle for me—to be organized. I now see a huge benefit with planning my week in advance. When my children were at home, I did this in a limited way by getting the meals together on Sunday. I planned the week’s menus, shopped, cooked…to have all the meals ready to roll. No matter what was coming up, we could pull out dinner.

Brand Builders TV How to be More Organized Sally DiCesare

We didn’t have to rush around, stop at a fast-food restaurant or a grocery store.

If I’d known then what I know now, I would have also asked everyone to bring their calendars to Sunday dinner so we could plan the week. Because everyone, no matter how young, has something going on that week. Even the youngest might have a birthday party to attend that week. And how many of us have found ourselves racing around a store, trying to find a gift for that child 15 minutes before your kid has to be at the party?

It makes a big difference when everyone is on the same page. How are we going to get to your sporting event? “I’ve got this meeting. I can’t be there for this. You guys are going to have to pick up. How can we make this all work?”

How to be More Organized in All Areas

If we’re talking about work, business or life, be organized in what you want to create. Start with a vision you have for five years from now and work your way back. Look at your life from an eagle’s perspective and then bring in mouse energy to help with the minutia.

For example, I start to see clients at 10:30 a.m., so early morning is my best time to focus. With my business, as well as my job, I must plan my month, week and day in advance…not to mention this five-year plan.

For me, the easiest thing is to focus on one goal at a time. So on Mondays, I might be looking at what can bring more money into my business. What do I have coming up that I need to invite people to? Tuesday can be creative time—content, blogs, Facebook posts, multi-purposing—organizing that and getting that together. On Wednesday, I can post what I created.

Notice my jobs are small. I’m not moving a mountain.

On Thursday, I like to call my previous clients. I aim for five. Five phone calls. And I learned a tip from my Women’s Prosperity Network tip: text first with something like, “Hey, I’m thinking about you. Do you have time for a chat?”

This not a sales call. It’s a connection call. If you happen to have something to help them, or if they have a problem that you have a solution to, you can ask, “May I offer a suggestion?” Or, “I may be able to help you with that.”

But don’t expect anything from this call except connection. You do not know how many people have scheduled with me after I just reached out to say hi. It opens the lines of communication. Maybe they were thinking of you, too. Who knows?

On Friday, I tie up loose ends. I finish those things I wanted to do, but never did.

The List

List: Now that you’re organized with your days’ plans, make a list with all the things you need to do. Make a list of your priorities, including your top three. If you get three done, that is cause for a ginormous celebration. Don’t worry about the rest.

Getting one thing done is an event. Take the time to celebrate that one accomplishment. Cross it off. Put stars by it. That’s why you write it down. Otherwise, it’s like cleaning a closet without stepping back to look and say, “Wow! That really looks nice. I’d forgotten about that outfit. Now I have all these ‘new’ clothes!”

Brand Builders TV How to be More Organized Sally DiCesare

Take the time to make a list and check it off. Your body and your spirit need to know that you’ve accomplished something, and that you appreciate the effort that went into it. Don’t fret if there’s only one thing you check off because that’s more than had gotten done before.

Now I Know How to be More Organized

With Sally’s help, I know how to be more organized in my own life and business. I can also see how lists can help me to accomplish it all. How about you?

There are still three more steps to cover in Sally’s BOLDLY acronym. They are Decide, License and Yes. If you’re intrigued (and you should be), join us for the final instalment in this series, Decide to Take License.

How will you move forward boldly? How will you organize your life and business in order to experience more bliss…and more success? If you’re not sure how to get started, then allow me to suggest RippleFest Quest. It’s filled with Global Changemakers, history in the making, tools to catapult your business and so much more. Join us today, won’t you?

Just Breathe, with Sally DiCesare

Brand Builders TV Just Breathe Sally DiCesare

Hello, and welcome to another article series taken from the popular Brand Builders TV episodes. Today, we’re going to start with part one by Sally DiCesare, all about the six steps to finding your bliss.

This first instalment will cover what happens when you know how to just breathe. The two subsequent articles will delve into the remaining five steps for finding your bliss. You won’t want to miss a single one.

You may view the entire Brand Builder TV episode, Want to be Satisfied with your Life?, from which this series is derived, below. Or, just keep reading for part one.

Meet Sally DiCesare

Brand Builders TV Just Breathe Sally DiCesare

Sally DiCesare, known as The Bliss Alchemist, is the owner and curator of Your Blissful Journey, where she uses CranioSacral therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, energetic chelation and psychic readings to help people connect with clarity and their truth.

She also works as the Pain-Free Practitioner to help dental professionals enhance their quality of life, with less stress, exhaustion and physical pain.

Now without further ado, let’s hand it over to Sally. She’s going to start telling us about finding our bliss, in her own words.

Find Your Bliss

Hello! My name is Sally DiCesare, and I’m known as the Bliss Alchemist. I’m a conduit for self-mastery. I guide you and support you so you can create a healthy, happy life. One of satisfaction that is totally yours. Today I’m going to talk about the importance of reminding yourself to just breathe. But before we dive into that, let’s talk about bliss.

I define Bliss with the acronym Boldly Living In a Safe Space.

You’re going to walk away with six steps to build a foundation creating your bliss. And you will be invited to join a community because a journey is more fun with friends.

As you know, to me, Bliss means Boldly Living in a Safe Space. So first, we’re going to look at Boldly.

Boldly is an acronym in itself. The B stands for Breathe.

Just Breathe

Breathe:  Let’s talk about a Luna Breath. I know in yoga, it’s a little different. They’ve got a different name for it, but it sounds like air passing over your soft palate and out through your nose. It’s a powerful grounding breath, and it’s a calming way to breathe. You breathe in through your nose and out through your nose while you open your throat.

Brand Builders TV Just Breathe Sally DiCesare

My dog breathes this way. I think of it as her purring. When I learned this breath, I noticed that it sounded like putting a conch shell to your ear.

I was told the story of woman walking home alone at night. It was dark and not many porch lights were on.

She saw someone approaching and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. There was nowhere for her to go. She didn’t want to knock on anyone’s door and wake them. She remembered this breath and started to breathe it.

The man walked by. She didn’t give it a second thought until the next day when she heard about an assault that had taken place in her neighborhood.

When You Just Breathe, Here's What Happens

She called the police and said, “I don’t know if this is appropriate, but last night around 10 p.m. I was walking home and I have a description of a man I saw.”

They sent her through all the channels she needed to go through. They got his description and arrested the man. He was shocked. He said, “How did you find me? There was nobody around.”

They found him using the woman’s description of him. He never saw her because she was on a different vibrational level than him. He was jazzed and she was calm and grounded. Those two energies did not connect.

So breathe before any engagement and before moving on to the next step. You can continue breathing in through your nose and out through your nose.

The Power is Yours When you Just Breathe

Sammy here! Were you aware of just how powerful a simple breathing exercise could be? And how important vibration is, for attracting what you want and repelling what you don’t?

I hope you learnt something like I did, and now it’s time to move onto the next two steps in the BOLDLY acronym, Organized and List. Find them in part two, How to be More Organized.

And now for your reminder to just breathe. As you move through life keeping your vibration high, please consider joining us in the Brand Builders Club. There, you will discover a safe space for entrepreneurs to get the guidance and accountability you’ll need to achieve your goals.

And you’re also invited to take part in a Thinkubator, where you’ll learn to take your life and your business to the next level. Join us, won’t you?