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How to Build a Brand from Scratch, with Sammy Blindell

Brand Builders TV Sammy Blindell How to Build a Brand from Scratch

To make something from scratch: That means to take raw ingredients and create something that none of them could be on their own. And just like that, I’m going to show you how to build a brand from scratch—to take the glimmer of an idea and work with people who need what you’re offering to create something completely unique, marketable and money-making!

This article is the first in a series of three, taken directly from the Brand Builders TV episode How to Build a Brand from Scratch. I’m going to take you through a seven-step, twelve-week process that will turn a loosely organised idea into something you can use to make a difference and change lives in ways you’ve never imagined.

I have designed this strategy with my own trial-and-error, so you don’t have to. It took me from being number 437,000,000 in Google results to third (on the first page). It can do the same for you.

You may wish to watch the entire Brand Builders TV episode here, or read on to experience it in my own words.

It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Sammy Blindell

Brand Builders TV Sammy Blindell How to Build a Brand from Scratch

Sammy is a brand visibility expert, multi-award-winning international speaker, best-selling author, founder of the One Drop Movement, Chief Visionary Officer at the Brand Builders Club and CEO of How to Build a Brand.

With a following of more than 46K business owners and entrepreneurs, Sammy is working with businesses of all sizes and stages to make them more visible, credible, trustworthy, relevant and memorable. This is branding, and she’s teaching us all how to do it from the ground up.

Now let’s hear about Sammy’s strategy for building a brand, in her own words.

Sammy is Sharing How to Build a Brand from Scratch

Hello and welcome! I’m going to share with you a strategy I used when I really didn’t know any different. I’d been building big companies, marketing campaigns and brand strategies for many, many people. But I had been doing that for them. All of a sudden, it really meant something because it was my stuff I was putting out there. I was in the position to start something from scratch and it was suddenly more important.

It became an overwhelming task.

I had walked away from an £8M company and I was never going to go into business again. And presto, the creative streak in me couldn’t help it. I was compelled to start another project, which went on to be How to Build a Brand. We’re now eight years into that. It’s taken us all over the world, we’ve launched over a thousand minicourses and masterclasses, we’ve done loads of great things…but that’s now. Looking back at when I was first starting that, I felt like I was learning everything for the first time.

I don't want you to have to build your brand that way. That’s why I’m sharing what I know with you now.

What I’ve Learnt About Building a Brand

What I’m going to share with you will help you to cut out a load of the marketing crap and funnels. Those things are great once you’ve tested them and know they work, but you can hemorrhage time, money and energy trying to do everything perfectly the first time. That’s the worst way to do it. Maybe you’ve heard me talk about how Perfection Is Poverty.

There’s throwing jelly at the wall and hoping it sticks, which is Brandalism (brand vandalism)…puking everything out at people. But then there’s creating a strategy, testing it first and taking it to market to make sure it changes a lot of lives.

The first step to building a brand-new brand from scratch is to create the brand in the way you want it to be remembered. You might recall from other content that your brand is what other people say it is when you’re not there. This isn’t how to create a logo from scratch. It’s how to create a brand from scratch—a reputation from scratch.

The way you help people to remember you is the ways in which they’ll share you. And how they share you is going to make dramatic differences in your marketing costs. If you’ve got a word-of-mouth strategy, that’s going to drive the cost of your marketing down. The more people who are talking about you when you’re not there, the less it will cost to reach the lives you would have never reached if it hadn’t been for those people sharing your name.

Brand Builders TV Sammy Blindell How to Build a Brand from Scratch

There’s a quote by Simon Sinek I love: “We all die. The goal is not to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.”

By doing that, you will not only create a product or service, you will also create your legacy. When you’re getting your message out, and other people are getting your message out for you, you are creating a legacy. You may not want to grow a global business; just make your mark on your corner of the earth. But I think there’s a different way of thinking on the horizon. The world is looking for a new style of leader now. It’s looking for legacy leaders—those who aren’t in it for the quick win and who want to make a conscious impact.

There’s an energy that comes from a leader like that. You can tell instantly if someone is in it for the long game or they just want to get in, get their money and get out.

There was a time when people could go into business like that, but that time has gone. The new level and style of leader people are craving is the one who’s on a mission to make a difference in a bigger way than just for themselves. They’re doing it for other people.

Most Brands are Global Brands

We’ve got to think more globally about the ways we’re building our brands. We’re not just living in one corner with other people just like us anymore. For instance, I live on a boat in a marina and there are approximately 24 other families who live here too. Only one-third of us are English. The rest are from Poland, France, Italy, Brazil and more. That’s just in one marina in England.

If I create my brand just for a specific person, I will soon find out that it needs to be bigger than that. If you’re going to create a product, that’s where niche comes in. You need to sell that product to the person who needs that product. But when it comes to building your brand, that first three to twelve months should be dedicated to choosing your direction, setting your vision and getting totally focussed on the difference you want to make. Then you can start making an impact.

Brand Builders TV Sammy Blindell How to Build a Brand from Scratch

The vision will start to shape itself as you begin to grow. What I see too often is people creating the branding, website, funnel…getting everything “perfect” and then they have to change it because they outgrow it.

The key, if you want to do those things, is to go through the process I’m about to introduce in the next article, How to Start a Business with Sammy Blindell. It will get you to think in terms of branding yourself and your business as it’s going to be in the future.

Where is your brand now and where do you want it land in ten years, or even a hundred years from now? I have a hundred-year vision, and you can too. I want to create something that lasts way beyond me, whether the person next door or somebody on the other side of the world is impacted by it. I want to create as many One Drops and as many Ripples as I can, while I’m still here.

Brand Builders TV Sammy Blindell How to Build a Brand from Scratch

To me, legacy is something you create in every moment. It doesn’t have to wait until you’ve died.

That’s How to Build a Brand from Scratch

…but it’s also only the beginning of making it happen for you. In the instalments that follow (How to Start a Business and Start a New Business), I’m going to take you through the Movement Maker System, a seven-step strategy for building your brand without having to be perfect, without making mistakes on a public stage and without having to risk losing lots of time, money and effort in the process. Don’t miss this!

How would you like to go through this entire journey with support, accountability and a network that will offer feedback and spread the word about your business? That’s the Brand Builders Club and you can get a taste for it by joining a Thinkubator, where you’ll put your business in the hot seat for reactions from seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners. Register today!