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Build Strengths not Weaknesses, with Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Build Strengths

If outsourcing is something you want to work on, you’re going to love this series about how to build strengths while hiring others to cover gaps created by your weaknesses. Carol Vincie is known as The A-Game Accelerator, supporting business owners just like you to operate productively, increase their performance and grow their profit.

This is Brand Builders TV, deep-dive topics, tools and resources brought to you by global thought leaders from within the Brand Builders Club. We’re giving you access to strategies you can use to move forward with ease and flow in every area of your life and business.

In this series, Carol is sharing the strategies she uses to get shit done in her business, to hire...and most importantly, to grow her business.

If you’d like to view the entire video (Build Your Strengths and Hire for Your Weaknesses) from which this has all been taken, you can do that below. Or, just keep reading for article one in this fascinating three-part series.

Learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Meet Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Build Strengths

Carol Vincie carried her ADD around for years before she found the courage to acknowledge it to herself and the people in her life.

It turns out that her ADD had been responsible for much of her impressive 25 years of corporate success. You see, along with Attention Deficit Disorder come the attributes of Hyper Focus, High Energy, Creativity and Leadership.

Carol is a public speaker, a published author, entrepreneur and the developer of Productivity Tools & Insights, through which she delivers online classes and coaching.

Now, let’s hear about how to build strengths and grow your business from Carol, in her own words.

How to Build Strengths:  My First Encounter

Welcome to the Brand Builders TV series. Today we’re going to be discussing building your strengths and hiring for your weaknesses. I am Carol Vincie, the founder of Productivity Tools & Insights, as well as a speaker, author and venture capitalist.

I am going to go back into my family’s history, to make some of the points I want to discuss further on in this series.

My sister is a natural athlete. There are no amounts of lessons and practice that can close the gap between anyone who has a special gift and a particular skill to those of us normal mortals who need to replicate their abilities.

I can personally speak to that, because I’ve tried in both tennis and golf, with dismal failure.

Those of us with limited economic resources in the late 50s and early 60s had no opportunities for organized girls’ sports. It turned out that my sister, in a practice, could hit a baseball over the fence, but could not play in any games.

This led to a very uncomfortable relationship between my sister and our brother—because my dad repeatedly asked, “Why can’t you play like her?” And in addition to my sister being a female, she was younger than my brother.

Let me go back to my sophomore year in high school. I scored a 100%, a perfect score, on the New York State’s Geometry exam. I also got a 76% in Spanish.

The school program I participated in did not allow for any sort of out-of-the-mold programs. So for the next two years, I was restricted from taking any math tests.

I struggle with phonics to this day. I’ve researched as to whether or not that’s related to my dyslexia, but I could spend a lifetime with a book on any foreign language with dismal results.

On the other hand, when my brother was sick for a week during the school year, he learned to speak Hungarian by reading a dictionary. Obviously, his natural adaptation is languages.

Many of us carry the scars from these initial conflicts or reactions to our weaknesses—all the way through our lives, until death. I’m trying to get you to focus on your strengths.

Learning to Build Strengths in Spite of Negativity

I have struggled with a lot of negative impact on my life. It’s like carrying a 20-pound sack of bricks on my back. I want you to take the time to uncover the gifts, talents and magic you have. If you’re a parent, take the time to do that for your child. Everyone has them—professionally and personally.

Brand Builders TV Build Strengths Carol Vincie

These stories may be outdated, but there are still restrictive environments and I encourage you to fight every system, whether it’s for your kids in their school programs or for yourself in your work environment—to allow you to excel where your gifts reside.

In my first job as a manager in 1981, I was encouraged to work with my staff to strengthen their weaknesses. This is a topic that I discuss in my book on goal-setting. If you have a 20% skill level in any activity, and you double it, it’s still an unsatisfactory performance.

On the other hand, if you have a 70% skill level and you double that, now we’re talking about serious productivity. This is where I want you to spend all your time and energy.

Build Strengths Instead of Improving Weaknesses

The pace of business in this era is so fast that there’s no time to work on our weaknesses.

You may say, “I just started my business and I don’t have the cash flow to invest in hiring anyone. What should I do?”

Here are a few solutions:


Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Build Strengths


Brand Builders TV Build Strengths Carol Vincie

This is the system where no cash is exchanged. Maybe one of your services is worth two of their services, and you negotiate that ahead of time. What does this do for you? It gives you an opportunity to expose your products and services to an audience you normally wouldn’t have access to. It gives your audience an opportunity to provide feedback to maybe tweak the products or services you already have. They may love your services and say, “Where have you been all my life? This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” The barter arrangement allows you to make contact with people outside your normal focus.

Posting through Organizations

Brand Builders TV Build Strengths Carol Vincie

If you’re a member of any type of religious organization or you do any type of volunteer work, you will find people who already share your values. You’re not making connections with a totally new person. You already have some common issues to work with.

Start Small with Outsourcing

You can even start thinking about outsourcing household chores. Include the kids in this. It gives them the opportunity to build some decision-making processes and some self-confidence in terms of what they might do in the future.

Or if you enjoy the serenity that a colorful garden provides, but you have no interest in the maintenance of that space, there might a neighbor who wants or needs the physical activity that gardening provides. This way, you’ll get the beauty without the broken and dirty fingernails.

If you value quality, highly nutritious foods, but you have no intention of spending any time in the kitchen, there might be someone nearby who enjoys cooking and would not mind the addition of a few portions to feed your household, in exchange for you paying for the food and adding a fee for their service.

This way, meals will arrive hot and you can eat them for dinner. Or you may pop them in the microwave to warm them up later. You’ll know that your family is getting the high-quality food that you would like them to have, without you having to spend hours on a task you don’t enjoy.

Outsource Weaknesses so You can Build Strengths

Thanks to Carol, many of us will never see outsourcing the same way again. If you have viewed outsourcing as a kind of cop-out or white-flag wave in the past, it’s time to change the way you look at it.

By outsourcing, you’ve giving another person the chance to build their strength so that you can simultaneously pay more attention to yours. It’s that simple. If you spend too much time on your shortcomings, you’ll never have the time to really experience all the visibility and profit your strengths can build for you.

That’s the end of the first instalment in this series about outsourcing. For article number two, head straight to Hiring an Assistant and Other Outsourcing Wisdom, and next you’ll go to How to Hire for Your Business for the finale.

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