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Wisdom to Build Your Team, with Sammy Blindell

Brand Builders TV Build Your Team Sammy Blindell

Hello and welcome back to this article series on creating your best business, knowing how to build your team and attracting what you want in business and in life. In the first article, Create Your Best Business, Sammy told us about how she knew she wasn’t in the best business to support the lifestyle she wanted.

And as Sammy always does, she shared her personal story with the intention of saving us from the trouble, and the pain, that can happen when we’re not clear on what we want.

Now, she’s going to take you through an exercise to determine if the people you’re surrounded with are the people who are best for you. This will prove to be foundational as you build your team.

Do you prefer to watch and listen rather than read? Then feel free to watch the full Brand Builders TV episode, How to Build Your Brand without Burning Out, Part 2, below. Otherwise, carry on for article number two in this series.

First, let’s learn a bit more about Sammy.

More About Sammy Blindell

She’s a ripple maker, she’s a One Drop, she’s founder of the Brand Builders Club, she’s a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and so much more!

She’s Sammy Blindell, and she’s working with mission-driven business owners and brand builders to collaborate, strategise and achieve their business and life goals.

Brand Builders TV Build Your Team Sammy Blindell

The following visualisation is just one example of how Sammy is working with entrepreneurs to build business that support their lives—not the other way around.

So again, it’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

Build Your Team with a Visualisation

Feel the energy that you created in the first series. Picture your dream 10/10 life. Imagine where you are and whom you’re with. See the setting and feel the atmosphere around you. Feel the warmth or the cold on your face. Envision the weather outside.

You’ve got your perfect business. Everything is in flow. You’ve got all the money you want, security and certainty. Money’s coming in every month. You don’t have to worry about anything. You’re living your 10/10 life and you’ve got your 10/10 business. And that business is supporting you to have even more of the life you want, to be able to spend time doing the things you love with the people you love, whenever you want to do them. You never again have to save up in order to do the things you want. The money is there and you’re ready to just go to that next level.

You’ve been working your entire life for this moment. You feel so proud. Every cell in your body is full of vitality and energy. Everything is in flow and going well.

Really feel into where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with and what you can see around you.

Remember this perfect day.

Everything is abundant.

Everything is going well.

You’ve got the perfect power team around you. You’re surrounded by the most incredible people who love you and champion you.

They want you to do well, and you are the same with them.

Brand Builders TV Build Your Team Sammy Blindell

You’re part of a global family, supporting you in going where you want to go, at the level you want to reach. Your customers love what you’re doing. They can’t get enough of you. It’s like they’re throwing money at you, trying to get you to do something else for them because everything you’ve done is so effective.

You’re really in that flow, really in that space.

Hold that vision in your mind’s eye. Capture it.

How does it feel being in that energy? Write down a description of what you saw, or say it out loud. What did you see, feel and hear?

Build Your Team, to Grow Your Business

When you think about your perfect business, what do you see? Sammy took us through that fabulous visualisation to help you get clear, but there’s another piece of wisdom to leave you with.

First, define your ideal life. What do you want to do? What do you want to own? With whom do you want to spend your time? And how much money will you need to do it all?

Everything else comes after you define the life you want to live.

Now, what kind of business do you need to make that happen and how will you build your team to accomplish it?

Let’s keep this going with the final instalment in this article series, Attract What You Want in Business. In it, you will learn how you can BE who you want to attract, for your dream team, dream life and dream business.

The answers to these questions will guide you toward the life and business of your dreams. And you know what else? The Brand Builders Club will help you to answer these questions, ask more important ones and support you every step of the way. You can join on a monthly basis, with no obligation, so what are you waiting for? Check it out!