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Find Hope to Enrich Your Life, with Greg Garrity

Brand Builders TV Greg Garrity Find Hope

Welcome to another Brand Builders TV series in which we’re bringing you deep-dive topics, tools and resources from leaders within the Brand Builders Club. Today, Greg Garrity is going to teach us how to find hope and then use that hope to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

In these troubling times, it’s getting harder and harder for people to find the hope necessary for living a fulfilled and purposeful life. We all deserve to find that hope for ourselves—and we also have a duty to help our fellow human beings discover hope in the midst of sorrow, loneliness and despair.

Greg has created the HUMANITY model as part of his upcoming manifesto, and he’s sharing parts of it with us in this intriguing and very important series of three articles.

Communication became more complex for all of us during Covid19 lockdown. Even today, many of us have to strive for our limited daily interactions to have more positive impact on ourselves and others.

If you’d like to watch the entire 30-minute Brand Builders TV episode, How Can You Drive Change for Good? (Part One), you may do so below. Or simply keep reading for part one of this three-part series.

Let’s learn a bit about Greg and then we’ll dive right into how to find hope, in his own words.

Meet Greg Garrity

Brand Builders TV Find Hope Greg Garrity

Greg Garrity is an international coach, public speaker and pioneering entrepreneur. He’s on a mission to demonstrate to our government that social goals can be achieved in alternative ways, for the benefit of humanity.

Greg spent more than a decade on boards for various care companies. While in those positions, he presented countless coaching, training and support programs and then managed staff to deliver those programs across Northern England.

He recognises the need for high-quality caregivers, as well as sufficient housing for those being cared for. He now uses what he’s learnt in the care sector to train CEOs in established businesses to reach their next level of success.

Now let’s hear from Greg Garrity, in his own words, about the importance of hope for every human being.

We’re going to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let’s go!

How to Find Hope on a Daily Basis

Hello and welcome! My name is Greg Garrity and I am founder of the movement Drive Change For Good. I’m going to be talking through some of the things I find that make me normal, and ask questions about whether it’s your normal…or whether or not normal is normal.

First let’s talk about hope. I find on a day-to-day basis that my level of hope—my ability to hope—is something that enriches my life. Even in the small things. For instance, when I wake up in the morning, I like to have fresh coffee. I know every morning I get to grind the beans. I get to listen to the noise. I get to anticipate the taste and smell of the crushed beans. When I add the water, it’s absolutely fabulous. I get to sit outside on the boat or on the pontoon in the sun and drink my coffee.

Brand Builders TV Greg Garrity Find Hope

It’s anticipation of the experience and whom I’m going to have that experience with that makes hope such an important part of life. I expect that as I get older, I’m going to have that same level of hope in regard to moving forward.

It has occurred to me that a lot of people we know (or more importantly, don’t know) are struggling with the idea of how to maintain hope. If they’re ill or socially isolated, if they’re people who prior to Covid-19 had no close friends, or didn’t see people on a daily basis…where’s the hope? How can we give them hope? How can we maintain hope for those who are socially isolated in the current paradigm?

That’s the question, and that’s what I’m working to figure out.

That’s the reason I started the Drive Change For Good movement: to redesign the way we deliver social care. It’s got to be done, and I’m more than happy to take any ideas you have and work with them. If they’re outside the box, but I can make them work, I will look at them. I don’t care how crazy they sound. We need to totally redesign.

If We Don’t Find Hope: an Unfavourable Forecast

If we fail parents now because we don’t have the services they need, and we fail the children who have become more anxious, and who are struggling with education and wondering if they should be spending time with friends…then what?

In ten years’ time, we’re going to be working with those children as adults. And we’re going to be saying that society is going down the drain because we have all these people without jobs and without purpose. We’ll be putting them in detention centres because they’ve got mental health issues and they’re unable to live in society. That will be our problem. We either try to resolve it now, or we reap the whirlwind in another decade.

Brand Builders TV Find Hope Greg Garrity

The only way around this is to take action, through purposeful behaviour.

Find Hope Through Action

A lot of people get action and behaviour mixed up. They’ll say they take action all the time. They cook breakfast, go to work. But is that action or just the reflexive behaviour of normal life?

I’m talking about purposeful action; about you making a conscious decision to change your circumstances. Whether it’s your mental state, your physical state or your physical environment. You have to take purposeful action to ensure that you maintain your mental wellness.

There are lots of people out there wondering if they have a future in their job. Do they have a career anymore? How can they ensure that if Covid happens again (or something similar) that their income is future-proof? How can they make sure they never go through this stress again?

It’s usually the people at the lowest end of the scale asking these questions. People who are fretting because they can only make their wage last for the month and then they’re back to square one.

You have to consider, seriously, how you can change your life. It might be as simple as getting a different job. I understand that’s not that simple, but it’s about being decisive. It might be that you say, “At this moment in time, this is making me ill. I need to take time for myself.” That might be sick time or whatever you have available. During that time, you might re-educate yourself. If you’ve got valuable skills, you might think about doing consultation work, rather than being employed by someone who can control your life by saying, “Don’t come in tomorrow. You no longer have a job.”

Brand Builders TV Greg Garrity Find Hope

Even if you just think these things through, it will change the way you perceive yourself and your position. Taking control is the action you need to make your life better. While you’re taking control, please ask yourself what it would be like if, whether because of mental un-wellness, physical condition or injury, you were unable to take this action.

Most of you are very lucky, because with a change in mindset you can take action. But think about all the people out there who were socially isolated before Covid and who are still unable to take that action.

When you’re out and about, if you see someone who looks like they’re struggling, go and talk to them. Ask them how they are. Do that terribly non-British thing. Don’t ask and then disappear, but ask them like you mean it. Give them the time. Allow them to talk to you because you’re making a difference.

We are in a time where lots of the old systems we’ve discovered are unsuitable for our purposes long-term. It’s our time to rewrite them. Let’s not waste it. Let’s rewrite the hell out of them and make them the best they can be.

Find That Glimmer of Hope...and Then What?

That concludes part one of this three-part series. Greg’s words really ring true, don’t they? If we can all find hope in the smallest of things, and then spread that hope to others, what a wonderful world it could be!

So let’s keep moving forward. Next up, Greg is talking about what tolerance looks like, especially in the current state of the world. He’s going to talk to us about how each one of us deserves tolerance, and therefore should pass it along to others as well.

Not sure how to do that? You’re not alone! Join us in part two, The New Meaning of Tolerance, with Greg Garrity. Then, move on to part three, Redefine your Needs to Make a Difference. It’s just one more step in improving the current social situation for ourselves and everyone we affect.

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