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Hiring an Assistant and Other Outsourcing Wisdom, with Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Hiring Assistant

I trust that you were convinced of the value of outsourcing in the first instalment of this series, Build Strengths not Weaknesses, with Carol Vincie. And now that you know how futile weakness-building can be in business, it’s time to get down to tacks. What can hiring an assistant do for your business? And where should you start?

Carol is going to give up some stellar examples of the best outsourcing practices and you’ll come away with an entirely new view about when and whom you should hire.

If you haven’t read the first article in this series, please do so using the link above. Or, if you’d prefer to watch the video instead of read, you can view the entire Build Your Strengths and Hire for Your Weaknesses video below. Otherwise, it’s time to learn a bit more about Carol and get on with part two of this series.

It's time to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let's go!

More About Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV Hiring Assistant Carol Vincie

Carol Vincie has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). She used it to her ADDvantage during her 25 years in the corporate world. It was difficult for Carol to acknowledge the 20-pound sack of ADD on her shoulders, but once she did, she could credit it with the focus, creativity, high energy and leadership abilities that advanced her in her career.

Carol is on a mission to help people with ADD to thrive at work; to use sleep, nutrition and exercise to their advantage…and to serve the historically underserved community of women with ADD.

Today, Carol is an author, public speaker, solopreneur and curator of Productivity Tools & Insights, delivering valuable information to those with ADD (and to those who interact with them) with coaching and online courses.

I can’t wait for you to read this brilliant content, taken straight from Carol’s Brand Builders TV episode, in her own words.

Let’s get on with it!

Time to Think about Hiring and Assistant

If your business grows, you have consistent cash flow and you can commit to a paid staff, there are a number of options available to you. VA (Virtual Assistant) services will put together a group of people they have vetted who have the skills you’re looking for. Bookkeeping is a typical one. Data entry of gas, office supplies, travel expenses, etc. will require very little of your best skills and can easily be outsourced.

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Hiring Assistant

VA services will also work with you to help you define your job requirements, and will assist with any disputes that may arise.

Advice from Other Experts when Hiring an Assistant

Timothy Ferriss has written a book called The 4-Hour Workweek. It gives a very detailed description of his effort to describe the process that works for him. He chose a company from the Philippines. When he returns from his workday, he dispatches a number of work requests over the internet to the people who are in a time zone that’s 12 hours behind his. When he returns to his office in the morning, the work is done. Then, he’s prepared to carry that information back to his clients in a very timely manner.

Brand Builders TV Hire Assistant Carol Vincie Timothy Ferriss

This impresses his clients and eliminates the need to work through the night to finish research for a particular project.

You may wish to outsource locally. That is an option and it’s your choice.

This is not instant soup, but it is worth the effort. I think it took Tim Ferriss three or four tries to find the organization that he now maintains a relationship with.

Michael Gerber, in his book The E-Myth Revisited, encourages you to track your time in all the areas related to your business. When one category reaches the point where it can be outsourced, he then suggests that you make that disposition.

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Hiring Assistant Michael Gerber

I also address this process in my online time-management course.

Job Sharing, Opposite Skills and Barbara Corcoran

There are people who cannot or do not wish to work a full schedule, but have the skills to support your business. This provides you with the opportunity to get the perspective of more than one person. If you put together a co-working team, they can bounce ideas around among themselves, and then only present you with the consolidated results.

I can see this working when you’re doing graphic design, website development or blog posts. If you’re trying to reach different markets, each person may be best suited to target the message to a specific avatar. This reduces your time and involvement because you’re not going back and forth in the decision process. You’re waiting for your team to present solutions, then you choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

The key to each of these options is to connect with people who have opposite skills. This is not the time to hire your best friends. The definition of a best friend is someone who shares your values, skills and interests. You are looking for someone who’s your opposite, to cover your weaknesses.

Barbara Corcoran (regular panelist and investor on The Shark Tank) is a good example of someone who went from “Oh my God, get her out of my office,” to, “Oh my God, we have a system in place!” Barbara was the owner of a large real estate company in Manhattan. New York City has a very competitive real estate market—particularly in Manhattan.

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie Hiring Assistant Barbara Corcoran

When she started her company, she hired people who were just like her, super salespeople. After the group was assembled, there were some issues. When listings were brought into the office, nobody tracked who the responsible party was. So when sales closed, there were fights about who was entitled to shares of the commission.

At one point, Barbara was interviewing a woman, thinking How do I get this woman out of my office as quickly as possible? In a few more minutes, Barbara is able to end the meeting. The woman takes Barbara’s business card and puts it into a filing system in her purse—and she’s hired on the spot.

Within weeks, there are no files laying around the office. There is a system to track listings. There is a system to pay commissions. And when Barbara sold her business, this woman got a 7-figure check, in excess of 1.5 million dollars. It was the result of her contribution to the business.

The Importance of Hiring an Assistant Who's Your Opposite

Barbara Corcoran would never have been able to reach the sales volume she did with just a group of super salespeople. She needed someone who could put a system in place, execute that system and demand that everybody participate…in order for that business to reach the multi-million-dollar status it did.

That’s why you need to hire your opposite.

Now You're Closer to Hiring an Assistant

That Barbara Corcoran story is something special, right? And there’s no one better-equipped to deliver it than Carol Vincie. She truly is a powerhouse in the areas of finding your strengths, identifying your weaknesses and hiring an assistant to create a profitable business.

Now it’s time to finish up this series with article number three, How to Hire for Your Business, with Carol Vincie. In it, you’ll learn how Carol found balance by hiring her opposite, and the benefits she enjoyed because of it.

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