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How to Hire for Your Business, with Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV How To Hire Carol Vincie

Wondering how to hire for your business? Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing a few tasks or bringing in an entire team, we have some sound pieces of advice from Carol Vincie that will ensure you bring in the right people.

“Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly” is one of Carol’s mantras, and she’s going to show you the formula for getting that done in your business. This is article number three in a three-part series, so if you missed parts one and two, I highly recommend reading them first at Build Strengths not Weaknesses and Hiring an Assistant and Other Outsourcing Wisdom.

Of course, you are welcomed to watch the entire Brand Builders TV episode, Build Your Strengths and Hire for Your Weakness, below. Or just keep on reading.

We're going to learn it, model it and get shit done. Let's go!

Get to Know Carol Vincie

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie How To Hire

Carol Vincie has Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, and she has learned to use it to her ADDvantage. In particular, she attributes the leadership ability, creative thinking, hyper-focus, high energy levels and intense focus that come with it to her 25 years of profound success in corporate America.

Productivity Tools & Insights is Carol’s undertaking today. With it, she’s delivering invaluable advice to those with ADD and those who love them and work with them. She’s teaching people to use exercise, sleep and nutrition to function more effectively. She’s working with women, an underserved ADD demographic. And she’s teaching people with ADD how to thrive in the workplace.

Carol is a solopreneur, published author, public speaker, coach and curator of online courses.

Join me as we hear from Carol, in her own words, about how to hire for business success.

How to Hire to Fill Your Specific Needs

Let me give you a peek into how you might be able to bring people into your business. The first place you start is with yourself. What are the three things you need to work effectively with someone?

I’ll use myself as an example. The person I hire must be someone who is…

A Self-Starter

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie How To Hire

I have none of the patience required to create a detailed, step-by-step description of every activity required in a task. If I bring someone onboard to help me, I expect they’ll put a plan together, bring it in for a quick review and then go execute it. That is essential.

Completely Accurate

Brand Builders TV How To Hire Carol Vincie

I still struggle with dyslexia, and spellcheck software programs often do not identify incorrectly spelled words, or words used in the wrong context. I am very concerned about my written presentation to the world. I don’t want to be embarrassed. So the person who works with me must be able to fill that gap with accurate editing.


Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie How To Hire

I was blessed during my corporate days by having a phenomenal secretary. She would come into my office at the end of the day and put order to the chaos, so my desk looked like one that belonged to a professional. I can’t ever admit to having just one piece of paper on my desk…that’s not my work style. In the morning, I’d come in to find an organized office, and in a couple of hours, there’d be three inches of paper on my desk again. So we kept a semblance of organization at least—for part of the day. And that is essential, since I still have not developed that skill.

My contribution to being organized is when I started in business, I hired a professional organizer because I do multiple things at the same time. The recommendation she made in 1994 (and I have abided by it ever since) is colored folders. The Staples office supply store in my area loves me. I don’t just buy the four-color pack with 25 folders in it. I buy 100 of every color they’ve ever made. And when they come out with a new color, I’m there, stocking up, because every part of my business has a different color and nothing gets misfiled.

For example, when I do an assessment for a client, my copy goes in a gray folder and their copy goes in a black folder. If there is a black folder on my desk, it means it hasn’t been sent off to the client. That’s a quick way for me to stay organized. So while I’m plowing through the three inches of paper on my desk, I don’t have to open every folder. I only have to open the ones that are the color for that particular subject. And I have been religious about that behavior. That has saved a lot of time and things are a little less chaotic than they would be with my normal behavior.

How to Hire and Make it Work

When you bring somebody in, don’t give them more than three activities. This is not the time to take the six months of stuff that’s been accumulating in your business and dump it on their desk. There is no way to evaluate if they’re doing a good job. They will be totally overwhelmed and won’t even know where to start.

This gives them time to learn your business, know your work style and come up with suggestions (because if they’re the right person, they will have suggestions for the tasks you’ve given them). Then, in a few weeks, sit down with them, ask for their recommendations and chat with them about your feedback. And if they’re able to do more, add a few more tasks. But again, you’re not dumping six months of unattended activities on them. Even at that point, it’s still premature.

If they’re really aggressive and come back asking for more, give them a little at a time until they reach the level where they cry, “Uncle!”—which everyone will. You want them to be able to use their skills as effectively as possible.

Brand Builders TV Carol Vincie How To Hire

Knowing How to Hire is Just the Beginning

I will be doing a few more Brand Builders TV episodes, and the next one will be Three Secrets to Turn Your Mission Impossible Dream into Reality (Using Your Core Strengths to Stay in Your A-Game). I will give you a quick exercise you can do at home. You’ll look at a process to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. I encourage you to follow these episodes, and want to let you know that I do work with a series of web-based assessment tools that will identify your strengths and the strengths of anyone you want to bring into the business. The expression is, “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly.” The time and expense it takes to extract somebody who was the wrong choice from a business is overwhelming, so we definitely don’t want to rush decisions because there’s an emergency. You may be thinking you can put a finger in the dyke and solve a problem, but you could be creating a bigger problem.

Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, offers these two comments:

  • “Get the right people on the bus.”
  • “Put them in the right seats.”

...and I’m here to work with you, to help you achieve that objective.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Outsourcing and How to Hire…That’s a Wrap

Wow! Are you ready to go out and hire the person who will fill in the gaps in your business? Someone who isn’t your friend, but rather your complete opposite? Somebody who’s brilliant at the things you have difficulty with?

As you've read above, Carol Vincie is available to help you with any and all of that. Plus, you’re never alone in building your brand or running your business. That’s because the professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in the Brand Builders Club are there to help you make it work. You can join right now, without a stitch of obligation. Try it for the first month and if you don’t find the support, advice and accountability you need to take your business to the next level, you can leave the club.

Now that you know how to hire the perfect person for your business, may I suggest you go give that a try? Feel confident in knowing that you’ve got this, because no one knows your strengths and your business better than you. Now let’s get shit done!