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How to Increase Resilience, with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

In Loubna Zarrou’s first article series, she focussed on the first foundational skill for success—optimism. You now know what optimism is and how you can build your optimism muscle.

Life is not about staying positive all the time. We do face stressors and problems. How you respond to that depends on your resilience. In this series, Loubna is going to focus on this topic and how you can grow your resilience.

Loubna is going to take you through the first steps in this journey, bringing more fun, flow, and freedom into your business, whilst stepping into the strategic action zone!

This is the first in a series of three articles. If you’re happy to read all three, great. If you’d rather watch the Brand Builders TV episode from which they were taken, How to Set Yourself up for Success, Part Two, you may do so below.

Meet Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

Loubna is the Founder and CEO of The Exponential Hero, a multiple international bestselling author and certified professional speaker. As a dynamic and powerful strategic mentor, she works with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to make effective decisions and take inspired action with clarity and focus.

Services provided by Loubna include executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, business consulting, life coaching, management consulting, corporate training and project management.

So without further ado, let’s read about how Loubna Zarrou recommends you increase your resilience, in her own words.

An Introduction by Loubna

Hello and welcome to another Brand Builders TV series.

Whatever state you are in right now, take a deep breath. This is YOU time. Time YOU are investing in your personal development. Time IS your most valuable asset, EVER.

You will want to get the most out of our time together. Get rid of any distractions. Commit to focussing and let’s get this started.

My name is Loubna—also known as The Action Accelerator. I mentor entrepreneurs so they can gain clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed.

I am so passionate about busting a very, very strong myth that still exists in the world. That myth says that the only way to success is working hard—usually working too hard and too long.

As I’ve said in my first Brand Builders TV episode, that only leads to burnout and other negative impacts in your life and your business. I don’t wish that for you in any way, shape or form.

Loubna Talks About How to Increase Resilience

I’m sharing with you some of the foundational traits and skills to set yourself up for success. All of these are rooted in science, because I’m a very big believer in looking at what science has to teach us. It has been part of my practice for many, many years.

In the first article series, I focussed on optimism. It’s about how we interpret the world, and it has two parts.

First is your own positive outlook. And second is how you interpret the events you encounter.

Now it’s time for the next leg of this journey. I am going to cover the topic of resilience.

Life is not about staying positive ALL of the time. No one can. We all face stresses and problems. And how well you respond to them is what determines your level of resilience.

Maybe this isn’t a topic you’ve thought about, talked about, reflected on…but that’s exactly what I’m going to ask you to do.

I am going to share a couple of strategies to boost your resilience because you CAN.

The Danger in Chronic Positivity

One of the things I hear a lot is, “You must be happy/positive all the time!” I regularly share that I am NOT positive all the time. We are human beings who experience a wide range of emotions:  negative, neutral, positive…the list goes on.

I experience those emotions, too, but I have trained my resilience. I’m practicing resilience in every situation. I don’t stay in a negative state for very long—and that’s what I want you to master, as well. I want you to start on the journey to increase resilience.

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

Increase Resilience, but Understand it First

What comes to mind when you hear the word resilience? What are your associations with that term? Take a minute and think about it.

It might be you associating resilience with bouncing back, the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges, mental/physical toughness or endurance and leaning into challenges. Whatever it is to you, embrace that. There are so many different ways you can view resiliency.

If you ask different people, you will get different answers. Even in the scientific world, there is not ONE specific definition that most scientists have adopted. So, how you view resilience is very subjective.

I’m going to define resilience as the capacity to bounce back from adversity and grow stronger by overcoming negative events.

Each and every one of us has had struggles, adversities, hardships and even rejection in business and life. What makes each one of us special is not how adversities happen, but how we bounce back from them and  give them another go.

Brand Builders TV increase resiliency Loubna Zarrou

It’s not about something happening                to you and then deciding to give up.             No, resilient people accept that it                 has happened, lean into the challenge       and adversity, then determine how           they can bounce back. They look for         ways to thrive in the face of this adversity.

It's about learning to fall and getting back up again.

Another way I’ve explained resilience is how much impact a stressful event has on you. We live in unprecedented times—in a global pandemic. It’s the number-one crisis in the world at this moment in time. For a lot of people, it has had an enormous impact. It has challenged their resilience. There is a massive impact on mental health, as well.

Increase Resilience in Times of Impact

Isn’t Loubna terrific? She helps us navigate life and business, whilst being honest and realistic. It’s true—no one can have only positive emotions, all the time. Instead, the magic is in how we recover from those negative emotions. Are we going to let them hold us down, or will they be springboards for learning and growth?

Now it’s time to continue this important conversation in part two of this article series, How Resilient People Work, with Loubna Zarrou. Join us there, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Brand Builders TV YouTube channel, where you’ll find a massive library of helpful information from Brand Builders Club members. Plus, you can join the conversation about past and upcoming episodes on the Brand Builders TV Facebook page.