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How to Bounce Back, with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV how to bounce back Loubna Zarrou

Here we are again! I’m so glad you’ve joined us for the final instalment in this article series about resiliency and how to bounce back, with Loubna Zarrou. If you haven’t already, please catch up by reading How to Increase Resilience and How Resilient People Work. By doing so, you’ll have the foundation to really absorb everything Loubna has to tell us in this, the third and final article.

Do you prefer to watch and listen, rather than read? Then please, enjoy the Brand Builders TV episode, How to Set Yourself up for Success (Part Two). Otherwise, read on to learn a little more about Loubna, then all about how to bounce back.

A Moment with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV how to bounce back Loubna Zarrou

Loubna Zarrou is The Exponential Hero—but that’s not all. She's making her mark in the business world as an executive coach, business and management consultant, leadership developer, project manager, business strategist and corporate trainer. Loubna is also an international bestselling author and professional public speaker.

Loubna has so much wisdom to share with us, so let’s get to it. It’s time to learn it, model it and get shit done!

Learn How to Bounce Back

In the previous article in this series, you reflected on your life and determined whether or not you’re happy. Now it’s time to dive a bit deeper into the factors that contribute to resilience, or bouncing back.


Optimism is a contributing factor to resilience, and one of the best ways to build optimism is with social support. People you surround yourself with, and the support you can get from those people, is essential. Whether it’s your family, your friends or others...it can even be complete strangers.

Resilient people know whom they can turn to for support. That could be as simple as just hearing someone out while they make sense of what has happened to them.

Brand Builders TV how to bounce back Loubna Zarrou

How is your social support system? What communities or relationships do you have that you can turn to when you are faced with adversity or challenges? For those of you in the Brand Builders Club, the BBC is one of those support communities you can tap in to anytime you want.

Cultivate good, quality relationships with family, friends…even people you don’t know. Pay attention to the quality of those relationships. You want to know that when you hit a wall, you have someone to call.

Who is that one person or group of people you can call when you face a challenge? Who will listen to you and support you because they care about you? Who will want to be there on your path to bouncing back?

Another important part with this (and that I’ve struggled with personally) is accepting the help. Accepting help and support from those who actually care about you can be a challenge. It took me a very long time to learn to do this. I thought I could self-support, but I learned I couldn’t do it alone. When you’re an entrepreneur, especially, you’ll need other people and their support.

Make quality connections. Invest time and call a family member or friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Make a commitment to do that once a week. It could be a ten-minute conversation on the phone, Zoom…or as soon as we're allowed back into the world, a cup of coffee or lunch.


Do you have a purpose? Whether that’s in business or in life? It’s common knowledge that if you have a purpose, it’s far easier to respond to adversity.

You have to really believe in this purpose. It’s not something at the top level; it’s something that you truly believe in that you want to achieve in your life. When you are faced with tragedy, loss or any other difficulty, you have to absolutely believe in this purpose. It’s what will move you forward and what will get you back into action. It will not pause or paralyze you in your tracks.

If you’ve read Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and thought, How did he survive that?, I can answer that question. Frankl, who was held in prison for many years, tells us that he survived by making meaning out of what he was going through.

He found meaning in the fact that they could take everything from him, but they couldn’t take his mind. That’s how he survived the hardship of being in that prison.

Meaning and purpose are really important. They give you something that’s bigger than you. You know you’re contributing something that propels you forward. It can’t keep you stuck.

If you’re reading this and thinking you don’t have something bigger, then maybe one of the practices and decisions you can make at the end of this session is to discover your purpose. It’s a crucial factor in learning how to bounce back.

Move toward goal-setting. Goal setting is a skill that not a lot of people have mastered, but it’s very important that you do. Whenever something hits you that seems unachievable or difficult, you can flip the switch and ask yourself, “What’s one thing I know I can accomplish today that will help me to move in the direction I want to go?”

Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

I’m so excited about these contributing factors to resilience. I have seen a lot of people who have invested in both of these.  

Resilient people know themselves, know their behaviors, know how they respond to other people and know how they react to certain situations. Whenever something happens, they have awareness of their reaction patterns and coping mechanisms.

In adversity or challenges, they can lean into it and face it head on. And with self-confidence, they believe in their abilities instead of whenever something happens, feeling like a victim because of their circumstances. Both of these are very important to focus on.

Brand Builders TV how to bounce back Loubna Zarrou

Look for opportunities for self-discovery. This goes back to self-awareness. The more you know about YOU and what makes you tick, the more resilient you will become. Then you’ll be able to tap into your personal power as a resource when facing adversity and challenges.

Nurturing a positive view of yourself. You already have strengths—things you’re really good at. They may be cultivated strengths; they might not be. But it’s always good to focus on them.


The last contributing factor is the compacity to make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out. Every time I meet an entrepreneur, I ask them what their direction or plan is.

Some of them do have a plan of action; they know their vision and goals. Most of them don’t. In fact, most people do not have goals or do not have any written goals. Whether that’s in work, career, health, or broadly in life.

The more you know what you want to do—what your direction is—the more likely you are to have a plan and know where to direct your focus. You are less likely to be thrown off your axis.

Take decisive actions. You’ll want to be able to make a decision and take action immediately—to flip the switch on any adversity or difficulty. This is a skill you may need to master or invest a little bit more in—but as you know, as entrepreneurs, we are fast learners and action-takers. We make good decisions, we make them fast, we experiment. If something doesn’t work, we think about what we need to change next time.

You Can Learn How to Bounce Back

There are many methods and strategies for boosting resilience. I’ve shared a few here so you can get started developing more of it.

The development of that resilience is a personal journey. Any one strategy that works for me might not work for you or another person. So choose a strategy that’s in alignment with you, your personality and your values. If you do that, you will enjoy all the benefits of learning how to bounce back.

As we wrap up and think back to the second instalment of this series (How Resilient People Work), when I asked how you would rate your resilience on a scale of one through ten…how do you feel now?

I’ve mentioned five different ways to boost your resilience. Take some time to make an intentional decision regarding which strategy you’ll choose and then grade your resilience.

Make an intentional decision and take action on it. You can watch or read a hundred things on resilience, but until you take action, nothing will ever change.

Until next time, this is Loubna Zarrou with Brand Builders TV, inviting you to be more resilient and to bounce back!

Knowing how to Bounce Back is a Life Skill

Can you feel your potential for resilience building? Do you think you can take the advice offered by Loubna and learn to bounce back from adversity?

Of course you can! We all can. No matter how resilient you are in this moment, you can become even more so in the next.

When I think of resilience, I think of the members of the Brand Builders Club, as well our guests in RippleFest Quest. Each one has a unique story, unique talents and gifts, unique messages…and they’re sharing it all freely and with the intention of helping others. Join us, won’t you?

How to Increase Resilience, with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

In Loubna Zarrou’s first article series, she focussed on the first foundational skill for success—optimism. You now know what optimism is and how you can build your optimism muscle.

Life is not about staying positive all the time. We do face stressors and problems. How you respond to that depends on your resilience. In this series, Loubna is going to focus on this topic and how you can grow your resilience.

Loubna is going to take you through the first steps in this journey, bringing more fun, flow, and freedom into your business, whilst stepping into the strategic action zone!

This is the first in a series of three articles. If you’re happy to read all three, great. If you’d rather watch the Brand Builders TV episode from which they were taken, How to Set Yourself up for Success, Part Two, you may do so below.

Meet Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

Loubna is the Founder and CEO of The Exponential Hero, a multiple international bestselling author and certified professional speaker. As a dynamic and powerful strategic mentor, she works with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to make effective decisions and take inspired action with clarity and focus.

Services provided by Loubna include executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, business consulting, life coaching, management consulting, corporate training and project management.

So without further ado, let’s read about how Loubna Zarrou recommends you increase your resilience, in her own words.

An Introduction by Loubna

Hello and welcome to another Brand Builders TV series.

Whatever state you are in right now, take a deep breath. This is YOU time. Time YOU are investing in your personal development. Time IS your most valuable asset, EVER.

You will want to get the most out of our time together. Get rid of any distractions. Commit to focussing and let’s get this started.

My name is Loubna—also known as The Action Accelerator. I mentor entrepreneurs so they can gain clarity, focus and momentum with lightning speed.

I am so passionate about busting a very, very strong myth that still exists in the world. That myth says that the only way to success is working hard—usually working too hard and too long.

As I’ve said in my first Brand Builders TV episode, that only leads to burnout and other negative impacts in your life and your business. I don’t wish that for you in any way, shape or form.

Loubna Talks About How to Increase Resilience

I’m sharing with you some of the foundational traits and skills to set yourself up for success. All of these are rooted in science, because I’m a very big believer in looking at what science has to teach us. It has been part of my practice for many, many years.

In the first article series, I focussed on optimism. It’s about how we interpret the world, and it has two parts.

First is your own positive outlook. And second is how you interpret the events you encounter.

Now it’s time for the next leg of this journey. I am going to cover the topic of resilience.

Life is not about staying positive ALL of the time. No one can. We all face stresses and problems. And how well you respond to them is what determines your level of resilience.

Maybe this isn’t a topic you’ve thought about, talked about, reflected on…but that’s exactly what I’m going to ask you to do.

I am going to share a couple of strategies to boost your resilience because you CAN.

The Danger in Chronic Positivity

One of the things I hear a lot is, “You must be happy/positive all the time!” I regularly share that I am NOT positive all the time. We are human beings who experience a wide range of emotions:  negative, neutral, positive…the list goes on.

I experience those emotions, too, but I have trained my resilience. I’m practicing resilience in every situation. I don’t stay in a negative state for very long—and that’s what I want you to master, as well. I want you to start on the journey to increase resilience.

Brand Builders TV increase resilience Loubna Zarrou

Increase Resilience, but Understand it First

What comes to mind when you hear the word resilience? What are your associations with that term? Take a minute and think about it.

It might be you associating resilience with bouncing back, the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges, mental/physical toughness or endurance and leaning into challenges. Whatever it is to you, embrace that. There are so many different ways you can view resiliency.

If you ask different people, you will get different answers. Even in the scientific world, there is not ONE specific definition that most scientists have adopted. So, how you view resilience is very subjective.

I’m going to define resilience as the capacity to bounce back from adversity and grow stronger by overcoming negative events.

Each and every one of us has had struggles, adversities, hardships and even rejection in business and life. What makes each one of us special is not how adversities happen, but how we bounce back from them and  give them another go.

Brand Builders TV increase resiliency Loubna Zarrou

It’s not about something happening                to you and then deciding to give up.             No, resilient people accept that it                 has happened, lean into the challenge       and adversity, then determine how           they can bounce back. They look for         ways to thrive in the face of this adversity.

It's about learning to fall and getting back up again.

Another way I’ve explained resilience is how much impact a stressful event has on you. We live in unprecedented times—in a global pandemic. It’s the number-one crisis in the world at this moment in time. For a lot of people, it has had an enormous impact. It has challenged their resilience. There is a massive impact on mental health, as well.

Increase Resilience in Times of Impact

Isn’t Loubna terrific? She helps us navigate life and business, whilst being honest and realistic. It’s true—no one can have only positive emotions, all the time. Instead, the magic is in how we recover from those negative emotions. Are we going to let them hold us down, or will they be springboards for learning and growth?

Now it’s time to continue this important conversation in part two of this article series, How Resilient People Work, with Loubna Zarrou. Join us there, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Brand Builders TV YouTube channel, where you’ll find a massive library of helpful information from Brand Builders Club members. Plus, you can join the conversation about past and upcoming episodes on the Brand Builders TV Facebook page.

How Resilient People Work, with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Hello and welcome back to this three-part articles series on resilient people, with Loubna Zarrou. In the first part, How to Increase Resilience, Loubna talked to us about the danger of always being positive. She also helped us to understand what resiliency means.

Now she’s going to talk about degrees of resilience, as well as how resilient people (and non-resilient people) can build their own resiliency over time.

If you’re more of a digital learner, you can watch her Brand Builders TV episode, How to Set Yourself up for Success (Part Two), here. Otherwise, let’s learn a bit more and Loubna and then keep reading!

More About Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Loubna Zarrou is a professional coach for executives, a consultant for business owners and managers, a corporate trainer, leadership development strategist and project manager. She is an international bestselling author, as well as a certified professional speaker.

Her goal is to help executives, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to make decisions effectively and take action with inspiration, focus and clarity.

Now it’s time to read about Loubna Zarrou’s view on resilient people—including you!

Degrees of Resilience

Every one of us is going through some level of stress right now.

Some are bouncing back and thriving, taking action and giving it one more go. They’re looking into the world and asking how they can influence it; asking what they can do.  And others are still not sure if they should go back to bed, cover themselves up and wait until it all blows over.

Whatever your response is, in this moment in time…it happens. And it’s a very natural response. So, I want you to be compassionate and don’t think, I’m not one of those resilient people. Instead, know that you can train and increase your resilience.

How Resilient are You Right Now?

It’s important to know how resilient you are right now. On a scale from one through ten, based on the definition that I shared earlier (the capacity to bounce back from adversity and grow stronger by overcoming negative events), how would you score your resiliency right now, in this very moment? There is no right or wrong answer to this.

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Now for an even more important question:  how happy are you with your score?  If you’re not happy with it, and would like it to be higher, stick with me because I’m about to share several ways you can build your resilience muscle.

I want to emphasize that you are already resilient. You have all the same abilities that resilient people have. You’ve already had hardships, adversities, stress, problems and challenges…so you are absolutely resilient.

Science has taught us that every single one of us is born with a certain level of resilience. For a very long time, it was believed that resilience was fixed—that whatever you were given at birth, that was it.

But because your brain in malleable (it’s called neuroplasticity), it can learn new things and can have influence on and through your actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Whatever it is right now that you’re not very happy with it, I’m going to be sharing ways you can boost your resilience. You can train it. I’m so sure of it that next time you go through this reflection exercise you’ll be able to write down a higher number.

No one will ever be a ten. There is no perfection in this. It’s a skill, a practice and a mastery. The more you go through it, the more you will learn.

My wish for you is that you take a step back and reflect on these foundations I’m teaching you. Because if we keep going day to day, without stopping to reflect, we can’t make change or decisions that will positively affect the foundational traits that are essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Here's How Resilient People do It

Consider this YOU time. Reflect so you can make intentional decisions about what you want to change in your life and business. Ask yourself if you’re happy. Think about some resilient people you know (or know of). What do they have that you admire? What example can you take from them?

Take some time to sit and think about that before we move on.

Count Yourself Among These Resilient People

Thank you for that, Loubna. I urge you to take the time to think about where you are in your life and business, how you would like it to change…and use resilient people as models for how you can field adversity and disappointment.

Brand Builders TV resilient people Loubna Zarrou

Remember, even those people who always seem to have smiles on their faces do not live and work without difficulties. They, too, have hurdles to navigate. The difference is that they’ve learnt to manage those tough times and to be more resilient.

This is not even close to being finished! I hope you’ll join us for Loubna’s final instalment in this article series, How to Bounce BackIn it, she’s sharing the traits that resilient people all have in common.

Would you like to meet more resilient people? Take advice from them, bounce ideas off them, share your hopes and fears with them? There are so many of those types of people in the Brand Builders Club, and they’re waiting for you! Join a Thinkubator today. It’s your chance to share headspace with the most resilient people on earth!

What Could Go Wrong? with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

When you ask yourself the question “What could go wrong?” does your mind go to all the bad things that could happen, or to the best possible scenario?

There are two ways to ask that question, and if you’ve been using it only to list the worst-case scenarios, you could be doing your business (and yourself) a disservice.

Hello and welcome to the final instalment in this series about success, optimism, avoiding burnout and more!

The entire article series has been taken from the Brand Builders TV episode, How to Set Yourself up for Success (Part One) with Loubna Zarrou. You may view that entire episode below, or just keep reading for the last article in this series.

What? You haven’t read articles #1 and #2? That’s easy: Just go to The Definition of Success and Work Smarter not Harder to read the foundational elements that will lead up to the helpful exercise you’ll find here.

Reintroducing Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Co-host of the Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast, certified and award-winning pro public speaker, strategic mentor, Women of Contribution ambassador and transformation leader, Loubna Zarrou is also an accomplished author and mentor known as The Exponential Hero.

With Loubna Zarrou, motivated entrepreneurs learn to multiply their productivity and make it fun. When you work with her, you will learn to define your unique brand of success—and then use that to work smarter, rather than harder. Ideas will be strategically implemented and you will move closer to your definition of success.

Now Loubna is going to tell us, in her own words, all about “What Could Go Wrong?”

We’re going to learn it, model it and get shit done!

Optimism is a Muscle

Optimism is one of the foundational elements of attaining success. It is a practice, so only getting this information and doing nothing won’t make a change for you. I’m committed to supporting you in facilitating that transition. That’s why participation and implementation are so important.

To get your practice of optimism started, take out your pen and paper. We’re going to play a game, making it fun so your brain doesn’t go into fight/flight/freeze mode.

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you have many projects and tasks to do. For this exercise, think about one of those projects. It might be to create an online course, write a speech or prepare for an interview. Whatever you have going on right now in your business, think about that one project.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Now think about the goals for that task. For instance, if you want to incorporate online courses into your business, your goal might be to launch those courses in two months’ time. Whatever it is for you, keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Now grab that paper or get your phone, tablet or laptop. Draw a line down the middle, so you have two columns. Thinking about that project, write all the things you can do to mess this up in the left column. This isn’t about what other people can do, but ways you can mess it up. Spend the next minute writing.

Maybe you can mess things up by sleeping too late, by procrastinating, by getting distracted, etc.

Then move to the right column. Write down everything you can do to make this project a success. You might be thinking there’s nothing you can do, but you’ve got to trust and believe that there are ways you can make this project a huge success.

An example might be hiring a VA. But it’s not about what that person will do to make it successful; it’s about what you can do.

You can come back to this list any time you want and register more things.

How Do You Interpret "What Could Go Wrong?"

Take a look at your list. What do you notice? Do you have more things written in the left or the right column? Maybe you see possibilities you hadn’t seen before. Maybe you can’t see anything and this has overwhelmed you into believing this project will never be a success.

Whatever you’re thinking and feeling right now, notice it. Take stock. Be aware of what you’re feeling because your state will determine your performance. It’s time to work on the muscle called Optimism. Be aware of where you are today in order to do that.

All the things you wrote down are things you have influence on. Someone with a pessimistic attitude toward life and world events might believe that it all happens to them. They do not believe they have influence over anything…whether that’s success or failure.

But you do have influence. All of the things you’ve written down are things you have influence over, and that’s what optimism is all about. The more you train your optimism muscle, the more you’ll be able to mobilize yourself to take action.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

What Optimism Teaches Us

You might be looking at that to-do list and thinking I’m never going to be able to do this, I’m just going to give in and give up.

I don’t want you to do that because I believe you can achieve the success you want by embracing optimism.

This will not make you immune to stress or worries. It does not mean that negative things won’t happen, or that you won’t be challenged in business and in life.

What optimism teaches us is how to see what is wrong, look at the challenge and embrace it with the hope that it can turn out positively.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that optimism changes the way our minds and bodies work. It could be a healthy immune system or increased happiness and productivity. It’s that important.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Start Changing the Way you Ask, "What Could Go Wrong?"

The way you view the world affects the way you respond to it—and the way it responds to you.

If you’re finding yourself creating a smokescreen of busyness, or running around like a headless chicken trying to get it all done, then you might be losing focus. It’s time to get back to the reason you’re in business in the first place. It’s time to enjoy what you’re doing, and to have an impact with meaningful action, rather than with busy work.

I can help you to experience success without all the busyness, without the overwhelm or the burnouts. In fact, that’s my specialty.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook, to browse The Exponential Hero website and Facebook page, to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to peruse the selection of books I’ve authored. I hope you see that my goal—my definition of success—is to help you realise your own, and then reach it.

And do you know where else I’d like to connect? In the Brand Builders Club. It’s a place where entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world meet to exchange feedback, ideas, experiences, hold each other accountable…and publish episodes on Brand Builders TV. You can join without obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Until then, remember to define what success means to you, know that happiness comes before success, that optimism makes all the difference, and that we can always remind each other to stay positive, for the best possible results.

What Could Go Wrong?: A Whole New Perspective

Sammy here! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article series by Loubna Zarrou, and that you’re now thinking about all the ways you can define success, work smarter instead of harder, and focus on all the things that could go right.

Of course, please follow the links that Loubna shared above for Brand Builders TV. But I'll ask you to also consider the difference you could make with One Drop. Not sure what that means? Check out Ripple Fest for more information.

Work Smarter not Harder, with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV Work Smarter Not Harder Loubna Zarrou

Welcome back, to the second in a series of three articles about success, optimism and strategies to help you work smarter, not harder. In this series, Loubna Zarrou, The Action Accelerator and The Exponential Hero, is teaching us that happiness comes before success, that working behind a smokescreen of busyness is only going to result in burnout, and that optimism is a main component of success (however you define that).

If you haven’t already read instalment #1, please do so at The Definition of Success, with Loubna Zarrou. Then you will have the foundation for moving into this instalment, all about how Loubna not only avoided burnout, but how she became a model for enjoying her work.

If you’d like to watch the entire Brand Builders TV episode (How to Set Yourself up for Success, Part One) from which this content has been extracted, please do so here. Or simply keep reading to experience Loubna’s wisdom in her own words.

Before we proceed, let’s learn a bit more about Loubna, and then we’ll dive right in!

More About Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV Work Smarter Not Harder Loubna Zarrou

Loubna Zarrou is a multi-award-winning author of numerous books, and you will find her working online as The Exponential Hero. She is a strategic mentor who is also a certified, awarded professional speaker and co-host of the Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast.

Loubna works with motivated entrepreneurs, teaching them to work smarter, not harder. She helps each one to define success, and to then implement their ideas strategically. Loubna Zarrou uses a number of proven strategies to teach entrepreneurs how to multiply their productivity—and have fun doing it. As a transformational leader and ambassador for Women of Contribution, she is making great strides in helping people to realise success without burning out in the process.

I’ll bet you want to hear what else Loubna has to say, so here she is, in her very own words.

Let’s learn it, model it and get shit done!

Working Harder is Not the Answer

Positivity did not come naturally to me. We all have a negative device. We remember negative things better than anything else. I had to train this. I used to think the only way I could be successful is to work hard, focus on all the things that could go wrong and concentrate on those things I’m not good at.

Little did I know that would mean working really hard, giving it lots of effort, to maybe make a little bit of improvement. That was not success to me. For me, success is making a positive impact.

My "Work Smarter not Harder" Wakeup Call

I’m reminded of an event that was the biggest wakeup call in my life, many years ago. I was raised to believe that success can only be achieved through hard work. My father said to me I would have to work twice as hard because I’m a minority in this country. He said I needed to prove that I was worthy of being here.

That’s what I carried with me for many, many years. Now we know that if you keep that up, you’re likely to end up in a burnout.

My wakeup call was seeing one of my colleagues enter burnout. This person was the deputy director at one of my jobs. She was one of my mentors. I wanted to model her because I loved how she showed up and the impact she wanted to have. She had drive and energy in the work we did.

One day, the director told us she wouldn’t be coming back to the office. That was bad enough, but when he told us she’d been diagnosed with a burnout (which kept her home for nine months), it was a horror scenario for me.

Brand Builders TV Work Smarter Not Harder Loubna Zarrou

I’m driven by impact and making a difference, so the idea of staying home and doing nothing for nine months to recharge and recuperate was the most horrific thing imaginable for me.

I still remember being in that moment as if it were yesterday. I decided there had to be other ways to achieve what I wanted to achieve—without sacrificing and without working so hard it would be a detriment to my health and social relationships.

My Colleague's Burnout Would not be Mine

That triggered me to discovery. I read and studied everything I could find on personal development. I experimented with different strategies and with various ways of working to achieve success (and “have it all”) as I defined it.

After much trial and error, experiments, falling and getting up again…I found myself in a new situation. On a daily basis, people noticed that I only did what I enjoyed doing. They would ask, “Why are you so relaxed? You have a deadline coming up.” Or, “You have an event happening tomorrow that you’ve organized. How can you be so relaxed?” “I’d be running around like a headless chicken.”

Well, that’s not how I want to work. That’s not how I want to show up. That’s not how I want to achieve the success I want.

People started asking me to teach them how to work like that.

Brand Builders TV Work Smarter Not Harder Loubna Zarrou

You too can Work Smarter, not Harder

Have Loubna’s words struck a chord with you? They have with me. I suffered a massive burnout myself. I was working in my business every day, for too many hours, to the detriment of my relationships and my health. I had to quit in order to save myself.

I never want you to have to go through that. As motivated entrepreneurs, we tend to get sucked into “doing it all.” We think we can attain massive success by doing more. And then something comes along to teach us otherwise.

You can avoid that altogether by adhering to Loubna’s advice. You don’t have to be running around like a headless chicken in order to make a difference. In most cases, it’s far more productive to sit back, take it all in and think strategically. Often, the answer is easier than we think.

Now, for the next and final instalment in this series. Head over to What Could Go Wrong? where Loubna will take you through a quick exercise to identify those things you have control over…so you can compound your optimism and your success.

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Don’t waste another minute careening toward burnout. Start learning to work smarter, not harder. You deserve better, and so do your clients.