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A Formula for Making Connections, with Trish Carr

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Making Connections

If you had a failproof formula for making connections that would result in sales on a consistent basis, would you use it? If you could rely on a simple, repeatable process to take you through every type of presentation, would you use it?

I believe you would, and Trish Carr has that formula.

Making connections is critical to starting the relationships that will grow into profit for your business. In this, the final instalment of Trish Carr’s three-part series about content, presentations, quick tips and making connections, she is going to wrap up the last three parts of her Presentation Profitizer Formula for us.

If you missed parts one and two, you’ll want to go back and read them at Business the Bruce Springsteen Way and Raise Awareness with Quick Tips. Otherwise, you’ll miss the very important first parts of the formula.

If you’d rather view the entire Brand Builders TV episode, How to Turn your Mouth into Money (Part One) with Trish Carr, you may do so below. Or just keep on reading to close out this article series.

Let’s learn more about Trish Carr before we dive into the final points of that formula.

More about Trish Carr

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Making Connections

Trish Carr, owner of Revolutionary Results, Inc. and known as The Results Revolutionary, is a 30-year veteran of the sales industry. She’s bringing what she’s learned, and the formulas she’s developed, to sales forces, business owners, sales managers, entrepreneurs and salespeople around the world.

Trish’s proven strategies increase productivity, profitability…and ultimately, the success of individuals and businesses. Her formulas are based in behavioral science and she’s sharing them through international speaking engagements, social media…and here, with Brand Builders TV.

Now let’s get on with the rest of that formula, in Trish’s own words.

Making Connections has Never Been so Simple

For steps #1 and #2, see Raise Awareness with Quick Tips.

3.  Give the Solution

This could be as simple as saying, “Here’s an easy way to solve that,” or, “Here’s what you can do about that,” or, “Here’s how you can make that happen,” or, “Here’s how to avoid that problem.”

For me that might sound like, “Hey, it’s Trish Carr from Women’s Prosperity Network. A question I often get is, ‘How do you remember what it is you want to say while you’re onstage?’ This is especially important when you can’t use a PowerPoint to keep you on track or you can’t have anything in front of you. Here’s what you can do. Obviously, practice is a way for you to remember, but there’s another thing you can do that’s really simple. That is use a fill-in-the-blank handout. You hand this out, email it or put it up on a screen. This gives you the opportunity to actually hold your notes in your hand. They don’t know. They think you have the same fill-in-the-blank handout they have—but you’re actually looking at your notes, which are helping you remember what you want to say.”

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Making Connections

So that’s step number three—share your solution. That’s something you know how to do.

4.  Encourage People to Work with You

Encourage people to connect with you, because you want to be known before you’re needed.

It might be something like, “I have this tip available for you at speakingforfunandprofit.com. Be sure to go there and get your copy of the Presentation Profitizer Formula.”

Or, it might sound like, “Go to my website for more information,” or, “Like the Brand Builders TV Facebook page,” or, “Join the Women’s Prosperity Network Facebook group, which includes thousands of people you can connect with,” or, “Keep coming back every Tuesday for more.”

Brand Builders TV Making Connections Trish Carr

Whatever it is you want them to do in order to connect, make sure that’s listed in your comment or description related to your post.

5.  Invite them to Comment

You’ll want to create traction on your social media page(s). A post with nobody watching doesn’t do much for you. So work to get people to connect with you, by commenting and giving their opinions (which everyone loves to do).

Ask them a specific question and request that they give their opinion in the comments. Ask something like, “When was the last time you had a situation like this and what did you do?” Or, “When was the last time you dealt with this, and what solution fixed the problem?” You can also simply say, “Give me your opinion in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.”

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Making Connections

And with every comment you get, make an individualized comment back. You’ve got to say, “Great idea,” “Thank you for the feedback,” or anything that fits the conversation. Give them something back. It can’t be just one, “Thanks everybody for the comments.” And be sure to tag the person in your response so they see it.

Using this Formula for Making Connections

I hope this has given you the formula you need for the confidence to go ahead and do this. It’s one thing to learn, it’s another thing to do it. They say knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is power.

When you take what you learn and put it into play, that’s when things will happen for you. I can tell you that when I was doing the Tuesday Tips for eighteen months in a row, I exponentially grew my database. I moved people to going to my website to get something for free. Every time, it was, “Come back next Tuesday,” “Go to my website,” or, “Be sure to connect with me below.” And then I managed those relationships. You’ve got to talk to the people. Take it offline. Send them a direct message. Say something like, “I’d love to get to know you more. Do you have some time to have a conversation?” It doesn’t matter if that conversation takes place on the phone or on Zoom. It needs to be an actual interaction. I’m so into conversation. In fact, my bestselling book is called It’s Just a Conversation, which is about what to say and how to say it in business.

Here’s the thing: everything is just a conversation. If you think about things in that context, it becomes easier and easier to do a quick tip.

The goal is a quick tip for about two or three minutes, keeping people’s attention. If you’re going to talk for 15-20 minutes, that’s great, but keep their attention and be sure to intersperse quick tips. You won’t be known before you’re needed if all you’re giving them is a full plate every time.

Attention spans are so short, and when people see something they can watch in two or three minutes, they will. They check to see how long the video is before they get too involved. If they see it’s 20 minutes long, they might think they can only watch it for a couple of minutes—until they know you.

After they know you, they’re going to eat up everything you have to say and they will invest 20 minutes in watching a video. But until then, two or three minutes is what they’re looking for.

Be known before you’re needed. Go to speakingforfunandprofit.com and get the Presentation Profitizer Formula, which will give you the entire formula for making presentations that make people say, “Oh my gosh, I have got to work with you!”

Making Connections has Never Been so Crucial

Trish has some great advice for us, right? I think we can all agree that in these strange times, making connections with people who can push our business forward is more important than ever.

For many of us, live speaking engagements have been slashed, people are feeling less likely to connect because they’ve been socially isolated, and overall, budgets have been cut.

But you know what? A Facebook Live broadcast costs nothing for you or your followers. It’s barely even a time investment—just three minutes. And, you can use Trish’s formula to forge the relationships that will keep you top-of-mind (and your followers ready to convert) when things are closer to normal.

I hope you have enjoyed this, another series from Brand Builders TV. We are working to bring you the most useful information from foremost thought leaders. If you would like to appear in a Brand Builders TV episode of your own, then join the Brand Builders Club. There, you will make connections with other entrepreneurs from around the globe. You’ll exchange ideas, share feedback and hold one another accountable for success.

Every day that passes is another day that you’re not making connections. Together we can change that!