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Management Coaching with Tracy Anne Barker

Brand Builders TV Tracy Anne Barker Management Coaching

In this management coaching article, which is the second part of a two-part series, Tracy-Anne Barker is going to walk you through a visualisation exercise that will help you become a better manager, immediately. It will reduce self-doubt, increase self-confidence, enhance your management coaching and even help you to combat The Imposter Syndrome.

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Let's see what Tracy-Anne has to say about management coaching, in her own words. 

Management Coaching Visualisation, with Tracy-Anne Barker

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Coaching

The first step you can take as a manager is to visualise what you want to be within your organisation or business. So let’s do a visualisation exercise.

I want this to be a breaking-the-mould exercise for you. Perhaps you don’t do much visualisation in relation to management, but what I want you to do is focus to gain some clarity and confidence, to help you increase your knowledge.

Really think about what I talked about in Part 1…about being a more proactive manager, rather than reactionary. I think we all know that when you become reactionary, it increases your stress levels. It can also cause low self-confidence, conflict, and productivity and performance issues.

Start to think about improving your performance management skills. If you’re managing a business, or if it’s your own business, think about what you can do to move your management abilities forward and improve your skills.

Seat yourself comfortably and plant your feet on the ground. Read through these next few paragraphs and then close your eyes and envision what I’ve described.

First, take ten slow, deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth…or however you find breathing most comfortable. Slow down your thoughts from the day. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

We're going to visualise what you see as a manager. As we start this process, imagine that you’re confident. You’re an informed and knowledgeable manager.

You may have conflicts and challenges to deal with, but you have great confidence. You know how to deal with it the right way. You are enjoying your job. You’re supporting your team. You’re receiving really positive feedback.

Your targets and work are being achieved. The company and your team are performing well. You don’t dread going to work, and you don't get that negative Monday-morning feeling.

You are ready and prepared for challenging conversations. You can do this. You’re becoming the best manager--a manager you want to be.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Coaching

Hold that image of what you’d like to be. Hold that image of positivity.

Begin another ten cycles of breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Hold that thought of positivity, of confidence…of how you’d like to be.

Slowly open your eyes. Become accustomed to the light. Have a wriggle.

How do you feel? Were you able to visualise some positivity? Did that work for you?

Hold in that thought of positivity. Hold in that thought of the confidence you want to grow into. You want to increase your skills and confidence.

Using positive affirmations and visualisations can help us all to increase confidence in how we manage things, as we oversee our own confidence levels and next steps.


That’s one exercise you can use, and I encourage you to try your own visualisation, especially if you’re not feeling confident about any challenges ahead of you.

For the next part of the session, I want to take you through some practical steps. As the manager’s mentor, I advocate practical solutions—practical, solution-focussed actions that you can implement within your role.

So head over to Top Nine Management Training Tips with Tracy-Anne Barker, where I’ll take you through my nine management coaching steps to help you break the mould, gain real clarity and communicate effectively.

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Until Next Time,


Tracy-Anne Barker has worked in a number of industries, and is a highly skilled operations manager. She’s gets a real “kick” out of seeing people grow and develop into trustworthy, effective managers and leaders with targeted management training. She helps managers and business owners to increase their confidence, skills and knowledge to help them and their teams to maximise performance.

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