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Top Nine Management Training Tips with Tracy Anne Barker

Brand Builders TV Tracy Anne Barker Management Training Tips

In her recent episode on Brand Builders TV, Did I Break the Mould or Follow the Herd?, Tracy-Anne Barker spoke to her fellow Brand Builders—as well as all managers and business owners wishing to improve their leadership and management skills with management coaching tips.

This is the final instalment in a three-part series. If you haven't yet read parts one and two, you can do that now at Management Training, with Tracy-Anne Barker and Management Coaching, with Tracy-Anne Barker. Doing so will provide you with the information you need to slide through these nine management training tips. 

This is all about being proactive, avoiding reactionary behaviours, and visualising yourself as an effective leader.

Tracy-Anne is going to share the nine steps necessary to becoming a great leader, a great manager…and gaining the trust of your team--all in her own words, below.

If you'd like to watch the entire half-hour Brand Builders TV episode, you may do so here. Or scroll down a bit to read about those nine steps.

But first, let’s learn a bit more about Tracy-Anne.

More About Tracy-Anne Barker


Along her journey as a massively skilled operations, manager, Tracy-Anne Barker has gotten a real thrill  from watching people grow into effective managers and trustworthy leaders—and how they accomplish it all with the help of targeted management training.

With Tracy-Anne’s guidance, those managers become more confident, acquire skills and procure the knowledge necessary for helping them to maximise their own performance, as well as that of their teams.

Now let’s hear about those Nine Management Training Tips, in Tracy-Anne’s own words.

Management Training Tips that Break the Mould, in Nine Simple Steps

I’m going to take you through my nine steps to help you break the mould, gain real clarity and communicate effectively.

Communicating with clarity will really help you interact with those in your business, in your team and other people in your business network. This is so important, as we all know, and gaining clarity about what good communication looks like will help.

Being a great leader and manager is about building trust within your team and with others around you.

Step 1: Have an Open-Door Policy

Be prepared to talk to people. This encourages engagement and positivity.


Step 2: Be Crystal Clear

Set expectations and be very clear about what those things are. Don’t allow any ambiguity to cloud the situation.


Step 3: Use the Same Language

If you’re in a sector that uses a lot of terminology, abbreviations or jargon, or if you’re in a technical industry, make sure your team understands the language. If they comprehend everything you’re saying, your message will be better received.


Step 4: Use Proactive Communication

Make sure you’re the one who goes to them, particularly if there’s a challenging situation at hand. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Really be clear about the message you need to impart.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Coaching

Step 5: Keep Communication Positive

You’ll need to have some challenging, difficult conversations. But as a whole, keep it positive. If someone is doing a good job, tell them. Don’t be too frightened to say, “Well done!” That positive reinforcement is important.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training Tips

Step 6: Become a Good Listener

Hear what the other person is saying, instead of assuming you know. Repeat back what you think they’re saying to you, in order to gain clarity.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training Tips

Step 7: Smile

Be friendly and empathetic. This will go a long way and help you as a manager.

Brand Builders TV Tracy Anne Barker Management Training Tips

Step 8: Use People’s Names

Say their names out loud, because we all like to hear our names. This will aid your communication.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training Tps

Step 9: Be Mindful of Body Language

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of folding our arms or avoiding eye contact. Open your body posture.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training Tips

Take a few moments to see which of these nine steps resonate with you the most. Which of these could you implement in your business, starting today?

I want to help you gain clarity, to avoid following the herd and to become a more proactive manager with management training tips. I hope you’ve got some practical ideas to take away, and that this has helped you to gain clarity, confidence and knowledge in your role.

Nine Management Training Tips for Every Manager

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, all about management training and coaching (with tips), with Tracy-Anne Barker as much as I have.

If you missed the first two instalments of the series, I encourage you to read Management Training with Tracy-Anne Barker and Management Coaching with Tracy-Anne Barker—both short articles extracted from her full-length Brand Builders TV episode.

Plus, if you’d like to participate in future live Brand Builders TV episodes, simply Like and Follow the Brand Builders TV Facebook page. Or to view past episodes, subscribe to the Brand Builders TV YouTube channel. We look forward to adding more brilliant Brand Builders to our group.