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Management Training with Tracy Anne Barker

Brand Builders TV Tracy Anne Barker Management Training

In this first of a three-part series, Tracy-Anne Barker is going to explain her process for maximizing business performance with management training that breaks the mould.

It has been proven time and again that a good manager can help your team and maximize your business performance, helping the business to thrive and survive, leading to a sustainable business. But what happens if you are the manager, the owner, the cleaner and everything else in between?

The content here has been created using a transcript of Tracy-Anne's Brand Builders TV show. You can watch the full episode, Did I Break the Mould or Follow the Herd?, here or scroll down and read on to hear all about management training, in Tracy-Anne's own words.

Management Training with Tracy-Anne Barker

Brand Builders TV Tracy Anne Barker Mangement Training

Who am I? I am The Manager’s Mentor. I’ve worked in many different sectors, for more than 20 years. I broke the mould, and I’m going to talk about how you can do that, too. I’m also going to talk about not following the herd.

I've been in the supply chain sector for 18 years, and for the last 12, I’ve been mentoring, coaching and training managers just like you. What I’m doing now is building a global community of managers who are supported, energized, knowledgeable and skilled at leading their teams to maximise performance.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training

So what’s this all about? I’ve never followed the herd myself. I’ve always tried to break the mould. Management, management training, management coaching, management mentoring…are no different. And I hold the philosophy that it needs to be practical.

There are lots of theories and academic thinking out there about management, but for me, it’s about making it much more practical for you, as a business owner or manager within an organization.

The community I’m building is aimed at giving business owners, executives and entrepreneurs the ability to be skilled at leading their teams. I’m going to share ideas, hints and tips to support your confidence, knowledge and skills to help you maximise performance as a manager or business owner.

Because if you work for yourself or you’ve got a small business and you’re looking at growing your team by bringing people on for the first time, you might not be that familiar with managing people. Instead of making mistakes, you can learn hints, tips and tricks to help you manage people in your business.

Management Training to Remedy Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

Traditionally, as a country and a culture, we do well with management training, except that we often wait until we have a problem before we think about coaching, mentoring or training. Taking proactive steps can help you as a manager.

I think many of us would agree that being a manager can be a lonely place. I’ve certainly experienced that over the years. It can lead to things like self-doubt and the imposter syndrome.

There are lots of great articles out there to help you; in fact, I’ve recently published one on my website, tabarkerassociates.co.uk, and across some social media channels, called 7 Tips to Help with The Imposter Syndrome.

The imposter syndrome and self-doubt can be really difficult for a manager to deal with. What we’re trying to do is help you gain new skills and increase your confidence…really help you with that level of self-doubt.

Our community also looks to share challenges and successes, so you’ve got that safe and supportive environment. I advocate for you to be the best version of the manager you want to be.

Why the Best Managers Don’t Follow the Herd

My reason for not following the herd is engrained in me as an individual, but from a management perspective, what I’ve learned is that we can be quite reactionary. 

We don’t necessarily give managers training when they become managers. When you get that promotion, you’re often expected to know all the answers. We often don’t know those answers.

That’s why it’s really important to allow yourself to grow as a manager and gain those skills as you go through. Don’t get caught in that trap of reactive actions. Upskill yourself. Become much more proactive and preventative so you know what you need to do.

Help yourself grow, help yourself increase your role, help yourself expand as a person and increase your confidence. That’s really, really important.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training

So what do I mean by “reactionary?” For me, it’s very much about reacting to a situation, perhaps a negative thing happening in your organisation or with one member of your team.

Let’s take a performance issue, for instance. Perhaps you haven’t had to deal with this before and you don’t have the skills or know what to do. This member of staff is not performing and they’re causing you issues.

I’ve had to deal with this. I received a promotion, and what became clear very early is that a member of staff had not been performance-managed. I knew I needed to address this early on and quickly. I worked with the HR manager and went through the processes necessary for addressing those performance issues.

This had gone on for quite some time before I had arrived at that organisation. It had cost them a lot of money in terms of what needed to be done, but also in terms of the loss of business. Other staff issues had resulted regarding attendance and performance.

This caused a lot of problems. That manager was not addressing the issues, and neither had the previous manager, who didn’t have the skills, the knowledge or the ability to do anything about it. It had gone unchallenged.

Brand Builders TV Tracy-Anne Barker Management Training

I worked with the HR manager, and resolved the problems. Long term, the company was able to turn around what had happened and it was resolved. But they could have addressed it a lot earlier. They could have saved themselves money and a host of challenges.

I advocate for proactive action--skilling yourself so you know how to address and handle those types of challenges.

Have you experienced or witnessed people in a business (yours or someone else’s) with a performance issue that went unchallenged? Often, organisations will pass those people around, and when difficult people get moved, that can cause more issues and areas of concern.

If you’re a small business owner or manager and you’re looking to take on staff, it’s important that you think about this subject. When that first or second member starts, if there are performance issues and you don’t address them, it will directly hit your pocket. It’s going to directly affect your business.

That’s why I want to build a community of managers who feel supported. And that’s why I feel it’s important that managers have the tools, tips and tricks they’ll need to think in a proactive manner.

We’re just getting started. Join me for Management Coaching with Tracy-Anne Barker, where I’ll take you through a visualisation exercise that will help you to start being the best manager you can be…immediately. Then you’ll be ready for Top Nine Management Training Tips with Tracy-Anne Barker—a short article to help you build trust and become a better leader in a matter of minutes.

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Tracy-Anne Barker is a highly skilled operations manager, helping individuals to increase their business confidence, skills and knowledge…all whilst maximizing performance. Her services include coaching, mentoring, staff development, management training, networking, Corporate Social Responsibility integration and much more.

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