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What Could Go Wrong? with Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

When you ask yourself the question “What could go wrong?” does your mind go to all the bad things that could happen, or to the best possible scenario?

There are two ways to ask that question, and if you’ve been using it only to list the worst-case scenarios, you could be doing your business (and yourself) a disservice.

Hello and welcome to the final instalment in this series about success, optimism, avoiding burnout and more!

The entire article series has been taken from the Brand Builders TV episode, How to Set Yourself up for Success (Part One) with Loubna Zarrou. You may view that entire episode below, or just keep reading for the last article in this series.

What? You haven’t read articles #1 and #2? That’s easy: Just go to The Definition of Success and Work Smarter not Harder to read the foundational elements that will lead up to the helpful exercise you’ll find here.

Reintroducing Loubna Zarrou

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Co-host of the Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast, certified and award-winning pro public speaker, strategic mentor, Women of Contribution ambassador and transformation leader, Loubna Zarrou is also an accomplished author and mentor known as The Exponential Hero.

With Loubna Zarrou, motivated entrepreneurs learn to multiply their productivity and make it fun. When you work with her, you will learn to define your unique brand of success—and then use that to work smarter, rather than harder. Ideas will be strategically implemented and you will move closer to your definition of success.

Now Loubna is going to tell us, in her own words, all about “What Could Go Wrong?”

We’re going to learn it, model it and get shit done!

Optimism is a Muscle

Optimism is one of the foundational elements of attaining success. It is a practice, so only getting this information and doing nothing won’t make a change for you. I’m committed to supporting you in facilitating that transition. That’s why participation and implementation are so important.

To get your practice of optimism started, take out your pen and paper. We’re going to play a game, making it fun so your brain doesn’t go into fight/flight/freeze mode.

As an entrepreneur, I am sure you have many projects and tasks to do. For this exercise, think about one of those projects. It might be to create an online course, write a speech or prepare for an interview. Whatever you have going on right now in your business, think about that one project.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Now think about the goals for that task. For instance, if you want to incorporate online courses into your business, your goal might be to launch those courses in two months’ time. Whatever it is for you, keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Now grab that paper or get your phone, tablet or laptop. Draw a line down the middle, so you have two columns. Thinking about that project, write all the things you can do to mess this up in the left column. This isn’t about what other people can do, but ways you can mess it up. Spend the next minute writing.

Maybe you can mess things up by sleeping too late, by procrastinating, by getting distracted, etc.

Then move to the right column. Write down everything you can do to make this project a success. You might be thinking there’s nothing you can do, but you’ve got to trust and believe that there are ways you can make this project a huge success.

An example might be hiring a VA. But it’s not about what that person will do to make it successful; it’s about what you can do.

You can come back to this list any time you want and register more things.

How Do You Interpret "What Could Go Wrong?"

Take a look at your list. What do you notice? Do you have more things written in the left or the right column? Maybe you see possibilities you hadn’t seen before. Maybe you can’t see anything and this has overwhelmed you into believing this project will never be a success.

Whatever you’re thinking and feeling right now, notice it. Take stock. Be aware of what you’re feeling because your state will determine your performance. It’s time to work on the muscle called Optimism. Be aware of where you are today in order to do that.

All the things you wrote down are things you have influence on. Someone with a pessimistic attitude toward life and world events might believe that it all happens to them. They do not believe they have influence over anything…whether that’s success or failure.

But you do have influence. All of the things you’ve written down are things you have influence over, and that’s what optimism is all about. The more you train your optimism muscle, the more you’ll be able to mobilize yourself to take action.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

What Optimism Teaches Us

You might be looking at that to-do list and thinking I’m never going to be able to do this, I’m just going to give in and give up.

I don’t want you to do that because I believe you can achieve the success you want by embracing optimism.

This will not make you immune to stress or worries. It does not mean that negative things won’t happen, or that you won’t be challenged in business and in life.

What optimism teaches us is how to see what is wrong, look at the challenge and embrace it with the hope that it can turn out positively.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that optimism changes the way our minds and bodies work. It could be a healthy immune system or increased happiness and productivity. It’s that important.

Brand Builders TV What Could Go Wrong Loubna Zarrou

Start Changing the Way you Ask, "What Could Go Wrong?"

The way you view the world affects the way you respond to it—and the way it responds to you.

If you’re finding yourself creating a smokescreen of busyness, or running around like a headless chicken trying to get it all done, then you might be losing focus. It’s time to get back to the reason you’re in business in the first place. It’s time to enjoy what you’re doing, and to have an impact with meaningful action, rather than with busy work.

I can help you to experience success without all the busyness, without the overwhelm or the burnouts. In fact, that’s my specialty.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook, to browse The Exponential Hero website and Facebook page, to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to peruse the selection of books I’ve authored. I hope you see that my goal—my definition of success—is to help you realise your own, and then reach it.

And do you know where else I’d like to connect? In the Brand Builders Club. It’s a place where entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world meet to exchange feedback, ideas, experiences, hold each other accountable…and publish episodes on Brand Builders TV. You can join without obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Until then, remember to define what success means to you, know that happiness comes before success, that optimism makes all the difference, and that we can always remind each other to stay positive, for the best possible results.

What Could Go Wrong?: A Whole New Perspective

Sammy here! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article series by Loubna Zarrou, and that you’re now thinking about all the ways you can define success, work smarter instead of harder, and focus on all the things that could go right.

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