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Raise Awareness with Quick Tips from Trish Carr

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Raise Awareness Quick Tips

Anyone who’s building a business wants to know how to raise awareness about their brand and make more connections that sell, right? No one knows this better than Trish Carr. In this second instalment of her three-parts series, she is showing us how going live every week with three-minute quick tips can completely transform the way your business performs.

If you haven’t already read Business the Bruce Springsteen Way, with Trish Carr, do that first. Then come back here so she can introduce you to her Presentation Profitizer Formula and advice for quick tips.

If you’d like to view the entire Brand Builders TV episode (How to Turn your Mouth into Money (Part One) with Trish Carr) from which this article series is originated, you may do so below. Or, simply keep reading for part two.

Let’s learn more about Trish and then hear from her, in her own words.

Learn it, model it and get shit done! Let’s go!

Get to Know Trish Carr

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Raise Awareness Quick Tips

Also known as The Results Revolutionary, Trish Carr owns Revolutionary Results, Inc. From there, she offers entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople...training, coaching and consulting to increase profits and productivity.

For more than three decades, Trish has been showing her clients how to implement her sales strategies, which incorporate behavioral science in repeatable formulas. She speaks internationally, propagating these formulas for success around the world.

Now I’m going to hand it over to Trish.

The Power of Quick Tips

The easiest way to start being “known before you’re needed” is to get on live broadcasts (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and provide your followers with quick tips.

The best kind of tip is a quick tip. It grabs people’s attention and gives them information, in just a short window of time.

I love formulas because A+B always equals C. 1+1 always equals 2. I want to be able to plug and play my formula. I want to be able to plug in information like A) this is the tip I want to share, B) this is how I’m going to share it, and C) this is the outcome I want. Then, every time, I can guarantee that outcome.

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Raise Awareness Quick Tips

And that’s why I’m so excited to share my five-step formula for quick tips with you.

Quick Tips are Warren-Buffett-Approved

Warren Buffett taught us than in order to increase our net worth by fifty percent, we just need to get really good at communication. I have a formula for presentations. It can be a presentation that’s one-on-one, on the phone or in-person. It can be in writing, on a landing page or in a blog, for instance. Maybe it’s from a stage, either virtual or in-person.

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Raise Awareness Quick Tips

I want you to have this high-level formula to use for presentations and for quick tips.

Go to speakingforfunandprofit.com. There, you will see the Presentation Profitizer Formula. This is the formula you can use one-on-one, in writing and from the stage. That’s the way you plug and play so every time you want to influence people to buy from you, you’ll know what you’re doing. You’ll be comfortable in knowing you’ve put in the right things to give you the winning success you’re looking for.

Now let’s talk about the formula.

1.  Introduce Yourself and Quickly Grab Attention

That would be something like, “Hello, this is Trish Carr from Women’s Prosperity Network. People often ask me…” Or, “A question I got yesterday is…” Maybe something like, “I received an email about…”, or, “One of my clients ran into this…”

I can already hear you asking, “What am I going to talk about?” That’s actually the easy part. If you think about what questions people ask you when you tell them what you do for a living, then you’ll have plenty to talk about.

After I introduce myself to people as, “I am a speaking expert, an influential communication expert with the goal of a sale,” they ask a number of questions. “How do I say the right thing?” “How do I make sure I don’t sound salesy, or come across as pushy?” “How can I avoid getting so nervous when I’m onstage?”

Those are some of the things I hear all the time.

So think about the problems people have around what you do. What problems do you solve for them? If you’re a health coach, you probably hear, “Wow, I’d love to fit into my skinny jeans.” Or, “I have so many pieces of clothing in my closet and I can’t wear any of them.” Maybe you’re an image consultant and people say, “I just don’t know how to put colors together.” Or, “How do you know what length skirt I should wear?” Maybe they ask, “Is pantyhose still a thing?”

So just consider the things people ask you. That’s what you’ll speak or write about.

If you can just come up with four of those questions every month, you’re ready to go with a weekly tip. And if you can think of four problems and four solutions for each problem, then you’ll have sixteen tips!

Brand Builders TV Trish Carr Raise Awareness Quick Tips

For every problem, there are four solutions. Think about that. It’s not as challenging as you think. It’s just a matter of remembering that you know the problem people have.

The other thing you can do is ask your mastermind groups, “What problems do you run into with this particular thing?” For me, it would be, “What problems do you have closing a deal?” Or, “What problems do you have bringing in new clients?” Perhaps, “What do you want to happen when you get up on a stage and speak?” Everybody’s going to say, “I want to convert clients,” and I can give them some tips on that.

So introduce yourself and then get to the point of what you’re going to talk about. For me, that might be something like, “Hi, I’m Trish Carr from Women’s Prosperity Network and I just got an email yesterday from a client, asking me how I remember what I’m going to say when doing a Facebook Live or when I’m on stage.”

2.  Give their Problem/Challenge/Desire Some Context

For this, you might say something like, “This is especially important when you’re on the stage and you can’t use a PowerPoint, or when you’re using PowerPoint and it goes out on you. How do you remember what it is you want to say?”

For you, that context might be, “Especially now, during the situation we’re dealing with…” Things are so different for your clients and customers right now, so you’ll run into this more and more.

“This issue is especially important when dealing with…,” or, “….when this happens…”, or, “…when you’re feeling…”, or, “…when you’re having to…”

So just give them some context so they can understand that what you have to say applies to them.

The Formula for Quick Tips Doesn’t End There

Are you starting to get some ideas for how you can use quick tips to not only compile a body of work that you can market later, but to make the types of connections that will result in sales?

You’ve come this far. You can’t stop now. Head over to A Formula for Making Connections, with Trish Carr to get the final three parts of the formula.

This is a formula that Trish uses for all her presentations (one-on-one, over the phone, in writing, at speaking events) and you should too. It’s a no-fail formula that relies solely on consistency and your skill in delivering it. And the more you do it, the better it gets!

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