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Stress Relief Meditation Part 2 with Sally DiCesare

Stress Relief Mediation Sally DiCesare_Part 2

Were you able to catch my Brand Builders TV episode, Do You Want a Blissful Life? If you missed it, no worries! I am sharing the entire stress relief meditation video with you, below.

But first, let’s talk about how we’re going to roll. You will learn about the three most important relationships you can ever have, then we’ll go into a meditation, so you can have a tool to use daily, to keep that conversation going. And, since you and I both know that when you want to be calm, you don’t have time for meditation, I’m sharing a video with stress-relief techniques you can use when you need them. No one will even know you’re using them. Just go to yourblissfuljourney.com/stress-relief/ for access to that video.

Who is your most important conversation with? It’s with yourself. How about you get to know Me, Myself and I? Your Body, Mind and Spirit? Because when you’re out of balance, it’s like a three-legged stool…kind of wobbly and life can be unstable, with huge ups and ginormous downs.

I’d like to ask you a few questions. Who has trouble with a busy brain? Maybe when you’re trying to fall asleep at night, your brain won’t let you go. Maybe your body has aches. What do you do with those aches? Do you try to tamp them down or do you pay attention? What does your heart really want? What do you long for? Not just short-term, but the big picture? Do you know?

What if you could quiet your mind? What if you could understand what the pains mean? And what if you really knew what you want? How would your life be different?

Take a moment and write down a couple ideas on that, so you have something to investigate as we move along.

Why is this the most important conversation you can have? If you have ever walked your dogs (or have seen someone walking their two dogs), one dog wants to go one way, the other wants to go the other way, and the person is either stuck in the middle or trying to drag them along. It’s not easy. How do you get everybody on the same page?

If you have The Dog Whisperer around, that’s helpful. You can say, “Hey, we’re going this way.” Maybe you have a treat to entice the dogs. But if everyone is already on the same page, then you’re going in the same direction. Everybody can have a good time. Nobody ends up with sore arms or legs, or feeling out-of-sorts. And that’s the goal.

So without further ado, let’s get into that meditation! You can watch and listen, in the video below, or you can read the transcript in the article Stress Relief Meditation with Sally DiCesare.

A Stress Relief Meditation Follow-Up

I would suggest meditating in this way on a regular basis. Write down your experiences on a separate gingerbread man every time, and save them so you can look back and remember where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.

Again, your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. This stress relief meditation is a great way to work on that relationship.

I would love to continue the conversation about the ways you can offset the pains, strains and stressors that can litter your high-powered path. Visit https://www.yourblissfuljourney.com/ regularly. Like and Follow the Your Blissful Life Facebook page. Subscribe to the Brand Builders TV YouTube channel for more of my episodes (as well as episodes from other professionals). And don’t forget to Like and Follow the Brand Builders TV Facebook page for notifications, so you can participate in future live broadcasts!

Stress Relief Meditation Part 1 with Sally DiCesare

Stress Relief Mediation Sally DiCesare_Part 1

In today’s article, Sally DiCesare is going to take you through a stress-relief meditation you can use any time you need to feel more grounded, more nourished, or more in touch with what your body is trying to tell you.

The relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships you will ever have, and this meditation will help you to improve upon that relationship.

So get comfortable. You’re about to embark upon a short, but life-giving, journey. You may choose to watch the Brand Builders TV episode in which Sally talk you through the meditation. Or, if you prefer to read rather than listen, the transcript of the entire meditation is included below.


Meet Sally DiCesare

Following a lengthy career in the field of dental hygiene, Sally learned to care for herself and teach others to do the same. She has developed techniques for finding peace, balance and healing to help anyone enjoy a Blissful Journey.

No matter your industry, you will benefit from Sally’s stress remedies. Her techniques, tools and solutions will not only help you to achieve your goals, but to fully appreciate and experience the living of your passion.

The following are Sally’s own words, taken directly from her Brand Builders TV episode, Do You Want a Blissful Life?

A Stress Relief Mediation for Your Blissful Journey

What we’re going to do today is give you a resource you can go to in order to be on the same page.

To help with the meditation, get a sheet of paper and draw a gingerbread man. If you have colored pencils, that would be great, too. Or you can just use your pen and write. Put the date at the top so you know where you were and how far you’ve progressed. It’s just nice to see those things.

Now take a few deep breaths. I like to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.

This is a stress relief meditation to check on yourself. You’re just saying hello. It’s like going on a first date. You’re just getting to know each other. A lot of us don’t pay attention to what our bodies are doing. We’re in our heads a lot because in society, that’s where we’re taught to be. We’re not really listening to our hearts because we were told, “You have to have this job because it’s going to give you ________ or make you _______,” and we push down those desires that we had.

But now, it’s time to pay attention to what you have. We came here with a body that’s supposed to carry us around, a mind so we can see, investigate, evaluate and appreciate this beautiful world. And our soul is what directs us into our higher purpose. It gives us that goal that’s bigger than ourselves.

So again, take a few breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice how that feels, taking time to breathe and noticing how the breath works.

Let’s play with what it would feel like if your feet had roots. If your feet had roots that could go down into the earth. Notice what those roots look like and feel like to you. They can be different every time. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. It is what it is.

Maybe you don’t see roots. That’s okay. Just pretend. Say, “I wonder, if I had roots, what would that feel like?” If you think this is crazy and will never happen, maybe you can say, “Maybe I never will, but just this once, I will be open to the possibility and actually feel what Sally is talking about. I’ll actually sense it. I’ll actually hear.” Use all your senses.

As your roots are going into the ground, notice what the soil feels like. It can be like the soil of your environment or it can be something like you are in the mountains, or on sand. Just notice how that feels. Be curious, because that’s the open emotion. It allows possibilities. It allows for something to be different, instead of expecting the same things.

Your roots may be scattering shallowly, near the surface. You might have one root that goes way down into the earth. You could have a combination. The cool thing about the earth is that it has everything we need. It has a magnetic current. Our hearts and bodies have magnetic currents. It has all the minerals that created our bodies, and it’s there to support us. The earth has never had judgement of humans. It is what it is. She is always there for us.

As you notice how it feels to have your roots in the ground, take note of how your feet feel with these roots—roots that are bringing up nourishment…all the benefits of the earth.

You can ask yourself, “What would feel so good to me right now?” You don’t even have to know what you need because your body and your soul (and your mind on a certain level) know. Invite what you need to pull in through your feet. Look at your feet and notice maybe they’re not the same size (in your mind’s eye…in your imagination). Maybe one is not as firmly planted as the other, even though both are flat on the floor.

As you breathe, draw in more nourishment from the earth. Let what you need from the earth fill your cells, your capillaries, your bones, your toenails…all the way out to the ends of each strand of hair. Feel your ankles and your heels. You might be noticing a color. Notice where it’s easy to accept this nourishment, and where your body is more resistant to it. It’s okay. Whatever happens is perfect because you’re doing it. It is what it is.

As you pull this energy up, you can go as fast or as slowly as you want. You’ll pull it up past your ankles, which have been filled with a color, a vibration, a knowing…in your joints and your joint fluid. Draw it up your shin bones, filling all the muscles of your calves. Your legs are amazing. Your body is amazing.

Even if you happen to be missing an organ or body part that I mention, know that the energy of that is still with you. Play with this and have a good time. Because this is play.

Pull that up with another breath in. Fill your knees. If there’s something aching in your knees, pay attention to that. Don’t ignore it. Your body is telling you something you need to know. Ask, “Tell me more about that pain,” or, “Tell me more about that creak.” “Where am I creaking in my life? What can I do to support you?”

As you move up, you’re still communicating with your body because you’re noticing. Pull up all that beautiful energy from the earth into your thigh bones. Oh my gosh, the history that your thigh bones have! Your bones turn over the most slowly in your body, and these thigh bones work on your body’s immunity by creating the cells that will become blood and immune cells. Fill those and nourish that. Nourish that part of your body and thank it for doing its best.

Pull it up into your bum. Feel the energy, the color, the vibration.

What would feel most nourishing to your back right now? “How can I most support my body, mind and soul?” Let that energy fill your pelvic bowl, all of your organs. Breathe up your spine. Feed all those nerves in your spine because they innervate every part of your body. Your spine’s health is so important.

Notice the areas that are easy to fill, as well as the areas where it’s not so easy. These will be things you’ll be writing on your gingerbread man. So pay attention to this, and to any ideas that come to mind. Your body has such a great memory. And if it’s coming up, it’s ready to be looked at. It’s ready to be evaluated.

As you breathe even deeper, fill your torso with that energy. Fill your ribs. Allow that energy to flow around into your ribs and your breastbone. Let it settle into your lungs and your stomach. Breathe in.

Shout out to our thymus. Because we all want to stay healthy and in our best-ever shape.

Breathe over your shoulders. Notice how it feels to have this energy. You might feel coolness, or you might feel warmth. Take note of how that feels to you. Do you like it cool? Do you like it warm? You can be asking, “What is my soul trying to tell me it needs?”

Behind the thymus and breastbone is your heart. Rest in your heart. Breathe in your heart. Pull up oxygen. Pull up the energy of the earth to support your heart even more. If you need to re-ground—recheck your roots—go right ahead. Take all the time you need.

Breathe into your throat and your jawbone. And your teeth (when we’re stressed, they can take quite a beating). And the muscles in your face; let them be nourished by the earth. The bones in your head, your ears and your nose. If you have trouble with allergies or congestion in your sinuses, just notice what they look like, in particular. What would they like to feel like? In this space—this energy—just ask the earth to get that for you. Maybe your sinuses feel kind of gray, and they need pink. “I wonder what it would feel like to have pink in my sinuses?”

Feel your eyes; they work so hard, especially watching videos and zoom calls all the time. And your brain. I’d say it has slowed down a little bit, but there’s always something else the brain needs. Be curious. Ask what it needs to be at its best. Maybe it’s more water. Maybe it’s more time outside.

Now ask, “What does my soul want to reach for?” Expect an answer. You may not get the answer today, but keep expecting it. The fact that you want something means you deserve it, and it’s out there for you. Take one more nice deep breath in and allow the energy of the earth to flow out the top of your head and down over the outside of your arms; down into the earth. And with another breath, breathe into your shoulders  and down your arms, filling those bones—your elbows, wrists and all the joints and bones in your hands.

Just be curious. Let that energy flow out your fingers and down into the earth. You sit there for as long as you’d like, but I’m going to let you go now. I’d love to hear what you like about that and what you feel you were missing, because this is just the beginning of the conversation.

Wiggle your fingers and toes. Rotate your ankles. Rotate your neck. Write down what you experienced on your gingerbread man and promise to visit yourself regularly.

I’d love to know how it goes, and I want to thank you so much for joining me. It’s been my pleasure to share. I love this exercise.

After Your Stress Relief Meditation

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your time with Sally DiCesare, relieving stress, nourishing your body and enhancing your relationship with yourself. Be sure to visit Sally’s Your Blissful Journey website. Sally’s Stress Relief Meditation in Brand Builders TV article is a great place to start).

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