Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could work less and earn more?

What would you do differently with more free time to do what you love with the people you love?

What if you could positively impact on thousands of lives every day and make a greater difference?

And what if you could 10 x your income without investing thousands to learn how?

Imagine this… You wake up with the sun streaming through the window of your dream home. Your face is warmed by the heat of the sun and you smile as you stretch out in your lovely, warm, cosy bed. Argh you don’t want to get out of bed… Oh but hey, you don’t have to get up today, or tomorrow, or the day after. Your business, your marketing and your cash-flow is now running itself without you! You are financially secure and have nothing to take care of other than yourself and those you love.

It’s a luxury you earned by learning how to work smarter, not harder. You invested in yourself and your business, creating plenty of spare cash to invest in other things. You are finally enjoying your freedom and you are blessed that you learned how to systemise your business and create abundant cash-flow from Global leaders who have consistently proven how they themselves do this in their own businesses over 20+ years, before they invited you to step up and learn how to do this too.

Building your business to run sustainably and profitably without you having to be there all the time is what most business owners dream of. But how do you do that without losing touch with your customers, or dropping in your levels of customer service and quality delivery? We are going to show you how to expand and get you laser focused on what steps you need to put in place to create a well oiled business machine, including new strategies that can be implemented efficiently, cost effectively and immediately. This excellent training will give you what you need to put in place, ready to expand over the next 12 months.


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5 Step Mini-Course – ‘How to Systemize Your Marketing For Consistent Cashflow’

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Sammy Blindell – International Branding & Visibility Coach

Having spent 23 years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, Sammy went on to build six more companies in the business growth sector. After 12 years of relentless drive to make millions of pounds, dollars and euros for her clients, she burned out, becoming seriously ill through stress. She had to find an alternative solution to do what she loves, with less stress, more time freedom AND get paid well for it!

After two years of traveling the world and more than £168,000 invested in complex training, coaching, mentoring and personal development with the World’s leading experts, she had learned all there was to know about strategically building, systemising, marketing and scaling a business. In 2014 she launched, taking it to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks, using FREE marketing strategies to prove what can be achieved for a small business with no budget. She’s now on a mission to show you how to do it the easy, cost effective and heart centred way.

10 Vital Questions To Prepare You For Scaling

Jamie Gilleland – The Sales Automation Expert

For as long as she can remember, Jamie has been growing businesses. She made a fortune selling computer systems three decades ago, so it’s only logical that she would combine her love of technology, scaling, and selling into processes that systemize nearly every action in a growing business.

The results are impressive – using her personal experience with franchising, longtime mentorship with Michael E. Gerber, and an in-depth understanding of software systems like Infusionsoft, Jamie shows her clients how to scale up their businesses. Processes and systems, automation and information…

ALL of these have played a part in the success rate that Jamie and her clients have enjoyed. Her secret? Simple. Understand the Vision and Mission that her client is developing and then identify the best processes to be developed and deployed to achieve real results as the company grows and scales. When entrepreneur’s take the time to understand HOW their businesses work, they can understand the perfect solutions needed to scale and grow their businesses. As Jamie says, “No scale, no sale!” 

How To Build A Profitable Organization While Growing Your Business

José Pieterson – The Architect of Business Clarity

With a passion for people, interest in individuality and a love of literature that attracted hundreds of customers daily to her bookstore in Amsterdam, José Pieterson is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurial women in the heart of the Netherlands.

Born a natural investor in people with a gift for organisation, high level strategic thinking and structure, José has a rare combination of skills that saw her quickly build her bookstore to over 1 million in revenue. She built a loyal team of employees who stayed with her for up to 12 years, which is extremely rare in this fast paced world. After 28 years it was time for a new direction and focus. Now she is sharing her 37 years of experience as an entrepreneur by inspiring socially conscious entrepreneurs like you to build a stable, successful and scalable business by doing what they love.

The Top 5 Scaling Mistakes I Made That Almost Killed My Business

Jane Malyon – Owner of The English Cream Tea Company

Jane Malyon had an idea in 2011 that litereally took off overnight!

As a result, she had to quickly find sustainable ways of scaling her business and by 2013 her business was consistently achieving a quarterly increase of up to 500%.

Her business, The English Cream Tea Company now reaches thousands of customers every month and she is the proud winner of the 2013 Guinness World Record for the largest Tea Party delivered in one location!

As you grow and scale your business, there are going to be some BIG pitfalls ahead. Knowing them now could be the make or break of your business, so do not miss this session by Jane!

Your Essential 5-Step Marketing Plan For Successfully Scaling Your Business

Petra Iuliano, Business Strategist & Business Model Expert

Petra is an International speaker, best selling author and founder of The Network Of Purpose, the first Dutch Virtual Co-working Space, where smart entrepreneurs co-create to grow purposeful businesses and double their profit.

Having spent 20 years in marketing and sales in the corporate world, Petra assisted in building international profitable businesses before launching her own company. After finalising her Master in Marketing, she left the corporate world and developed a new marketing minor called Business Model Innovator for the Hogeschool Rotterdam, which received an official accreditation from the board of directors. In 2016 she published her best selling book ’50 Revenue Models’ and now supports start-ups, solo entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses to scale so they can at least double their profit with smart revenue models.

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You have nothing to lose with this package and EVERYTHING to gain!

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