Whether you are at the start of your business journey,
or you’ve been in business a while and want to make
an impact much faster, let’s do this together.

We invite you to take the leap of faith we did many years ago, learning mistakes along the way
you don’t need to make. Let us show you the shortcuts to building a successful Global impact
without cutting corners, saving you all the time, money, stress and energy that it will take
to learn this on your own the hard way. We’ve already invested hundreds of thousands
to learn all the things you are going to learn over just three days.

Say YES to 2020 being the best year of your life in every way
and secure this date with your destiny now...

Fri 6th December

Pre-Event Drinks, Registration
and Networking In The Bar

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Join Sammy, Jamie and the team for pre-event drinks, registration and networking in the bar of the hotel. This is a great opportunity to meet all of the amazing speakers, thought leaders and attendees that travel in early before we kick-start your exponential impact strategy for 2020 and beyond!

Sat 7th December





VIPs Take Your Seats With The Speakers At The Front


Doors Open


You're Fired!



On Day 1 you are going to walk away with clear goals, the start of your 2020 plan and a new support network to help you achieve it. Today you are going to lay the foundation of your growth, so you can complete your plan on days two and three. Here’s an insight into your speaker team on Day 1 - VISION...

Bob Doyle
Feature Teacher from The Secret
The Secret Sauce To Building Sustainable Success

​Sammy Blindell
The Brand Builder
Workshop - Your Vision, Your Voice, Your 2020 Plan

​​Paul Dunn
The Movement Maker
Workshop - Birthing Your Idea... Get Out Of The Way!

​​Loubna Zarrou
The Exponential Hero
Workshop - Building Fun, Flow & Freedom Into Your Strategy

Penny Power OBE
The Accidental Entrepreneur
Workshop - Are You Mentally Fit To Be A Changemaker?

​​Penny Power OBE, Thomas Power & Cheryl Bass
Your Apprentice Panel
Teamwork - Your Mission Is...

Sun 8th December



Yoga (optional)


Ask The Experts Private Audience Q&A Session


Doors Open


Event Finishes So
You Can Get Ready
For The Red Carpet!


VIPs ONLY - Champagne
Networking Reception


Doors Open For The 2019 Brand Builders Club Awards Dinner



Today you are going to work on a plan that gives your brand a voice, turning your message into the messenger so you can be everywhere, without you actually having to be there! This is about you being the brand you want to see in the world, but not at the expense of yourself or your health. These workshops will enable you to achieve more by doing less. Here’s an insight into your team on Day 2 - VOICE...

Bob Doyle
Feature Teacher from The Secret
How To Build Your Own SECRET Style Movement

​​Gayle Edwards
The Personal Brand Maximiser
Workshop - Branding Your Voice As The Leader Of Choice

​​​Woon Tan
The Profitable Podcaster
Workshop - Profitable Podcasting For Exponential Visibility

​​​Gosia Gorna
The Impact Illuminator
Workshop - From Invisible To Invincible... How To Transform
Your Greatest Fears Into Your Greatest Successes
Let’s face it... it’s pointless doing all of this work and
then being too scared to get it out into the world!

​​​Keith Leon
The Publishing Profitizer
Workshop - The Perfect Launch Plan For Global Exposure

​​​Sammy Blindell
The Brand Builder
Workshop - Your 2020 Content Creation Strategy

Mon 9th December



Yoga (optional)


VIPs ONLY- Ask The Experts Private Audience Q&A Session


Doors Open


Event Finishes

On this final day we are going to help you create a plan that drives as much visibility to your business as possible, using the best low cost and no cost tactics and strategies that really work in today’s world. Here’s an insight into your team on Day 3 - VISIBILITY...

Bob Doyle
Feature Teacher from The Secret
How To Livestream Effectively To Transform Your Business

​​​Jamie Gilleland
The Membership Monetizer
Workshop - How To Create A Compelling Hook, Story & Offer To Catapult Your Visibility Strategy

​​​​Sam Druce
The Facebook Wealth Creator
Workshop - How To Drive The World’s Most Targeted Traffic To Your Products (Not all clicks are created equal!)

​Wendy Yorke
The Platform Pathfinder
Workshop - Develop Your Writing Habit; What; Why; Who; and How?

​​​​Daniel Halenko
The Sovereign Leader
Workshop - Stepping Into Your New Self As Human5.0

​​​​Sammy Blindell
The Brand Builder
​Workshop - It’s Time To Take Your Movement To The Masses

Here’s what is included in your ticket...




*The livestream ticket includes a digital PDF version of the workbook for you to print at home 🙂